Aug 7, 2011

[Fan Account] Super Junior MBC Music Core recording – Mr.Simple (HyukChul)

When the members came out, ELF kept shouting with the most strength they could. Actually we all thought Leeteuk will say things like “Thank you for waiting until midnight” these kind of words, but he didn’t, I thought his mood wasn’t fine, his expression is not really bright as well, and the point was, he spoke nothing at all! My friends said was it because the old man (Leeteuk) was woken by his dongsaeng at the middle of his sleep so he was moodless.

When members came out, the stage scene was not fully done yet. The boys stayed at a side looked here and there, then they saw a facility above them was shaking and started to make many noise, screaming dangerous!!After they fooled around like that, they went down the stage. When they were going down the stage, Heechul hugged Eunhyuk around his shoulder and told him “Caution, friend!”

The other members talked a lot. They posed at first, then one chattered to another, one replied to another, the boys really had a lot to talk about! But I can’t hear whatever they’ve said clearly.. During the first rehearsal, everyone kind of simply danced, their dance moves were not big enough too.

The second rehearsal, where they started to pre-record a bit Donghae sang his part wrongly. Before third pre-recording, Heechul told ELF to clap louder, so they can perform well. The third recording came out really well then. Sungmin was the last to leave the stage, when he was about to go down, he took off his jacket a bit..

They recorded the fourth time. After the fourth recording, the members bowed to the fans and staffs below the stage, and said everyone had worked hard. That was around 2AM. The stage scene took around an hour to finish, while the recording took 30 minutes.

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