Aug 7, 2011

Dynamic Duo discharged from the military

We recently reported that hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo (Choiza and Gaeko) would be discharged from the military, as two years had passed since they had begun their required two years of mandatory military service in 2009.

Apparently, the two had served as public relations officers during their time in the service. On their day of their discharge, August 7, they saw a crowd of over 300 fans greeting them. Their comeback event included bouquets, masks, animal costumes, and a limo. Dynamic Duo thanked their fans for waiting for them so patiently.

Making their debut back in 2000 under the group name CB Mass with Curbin, Choiza and Gaeko disbanded in 2003 after it was discovered that the other member had been embezzling money. The two soon united to form Dynamic Duo. Dynamic Duo will now begin preparations for their 10th anniversary album.

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