Mar 27, 2009

How to automatically login to Windows XP Computer?

Just suppose you have several users in Windows XP computer and you are the only user who is using the computer. So each time you start your Windows XP computer you have to select the user ID, and type password at welcome screen of Windows. When only one user is using the machine then giving password and user name is of no use. You can make this process automatic then there will be no need to select user name and password each time you start your windows XP PC.

Here are the steps to configure Windows XP to auto login.

1. Click Start then Choose Run from the menu. Run Dialog box will be appeared on the screen.
2. Type in control userpasswords2 into text box in the Run dialog box.control-userpasswords23. User accounts dialog box will be displayed on the screen. There you may see list of all Windows XP users.4. Select the user that do you want to auto login.
5.Then uncheck the option "Users must enter a user name an password to use this computer".user-accounts-dialog-box6. Then press OK button.
7. Automatically Log On dialog box will be appeared on the screen. Type in username and password for the user that will be automatically logged on and then press OK button.automatically-logon-to-windows-xp-computer8. Now restart Windows XP and you are done.

Next time Windows XP will not prompt to input username and password.
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I attentively listen to you


This photo can be often be seen hanging on the wall of many otorhinologist's offices as a poster. It was shot by photographer Jack Bradley, and depicts the exact moment this boy, Harold Whittles, hears for the very first time ever. The doctor treating him has just placed an earpiece in his left ear. Date unknown.
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Protest meetings in the different countries of the world.
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Mar 26, 2009

How to clear run history in Windows:

Generally we use Windows run option to open programs. Just suppose you are sharing your PC with many users, so other users of the PC will easily know that what programs you have used by Run history in run dialog box. To delete the run history we have to use Windows registry editor tool. Follow the steps to clear run history.
run-history-of-windows-xpNote: Take backup of registry before doing this. Doing anything wrong with registry, you can corrupt the operating system.

1. Click Start Menu then select Run. Run dialog box will be appeared on the screen.
2. Type regedit in the text box of Run dialog and then press Enter key to start registry editor.
3. In registry editor Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU.
4. On the Right pane of the registry editor, you will find all the programs names that you have used using Run command.Right click the desired program to delete and then select delete.
6. Then click Yes to confirm delete process. By this way you can delete all the desired programs.
7. Now close registry editor.
8. Restart Windows.

Now you have successfully deleted run history.
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The young photographer

The young photographer
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Mar 24, 2009

How to create a shortcut of My Computer?

My computer is used very frequently by the all Windows computer users to access floppy drive, CD/DVD drive, USB pen drive, Phone browser, Blue tooth, Camera or any removable drives or it may be used to browse data from hard drives. So it would be so easy to access My Computer if you have a shortcut of it on the computers desktop. To do so follow the steps below.

1. Click Start Menu. It will open start menu as shown below.
start-menu-of-windows-xp2. Now dshortcut-of-my-computerrag My computer and drop it to the desktop, it will create a shortcut of My computer on the desktop. Now you can easily access My Computer by desktop shortcut that you have created.

You can also assign a keyboard shortcut key to access My computer. To do so, follow the given steps below.

1. Right click My Computer icon on the desktop.
2. Choose Properties from the menu.
3. My computer properties windows will be appeared on the screen, On shortcut tab of the window, input a shortcut key for example (K) from the keyboard at shortcut key text box. Shortcut key automatically includes Ctrl+Alt for you.shortcut-key-of-my-computer4. then press Ok button.
Now you can access my computer by pressing Ctrl+alt+K from the keyboard.
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Mar 20, 2009

You think they the Chinese gymnastics are engaged?

Falling tower
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No comments

No comments
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Military secret

Enemies both

Unique archive of medical photos and the illustrations belonging to army of the USA and being in National museum of health and medicine of the USA, it becomes fast entirely it is free of charge accessible on Flickr according to licence Creative Commons.

This earlier not published archive contains more than 500 000 unique images — from them approximately 225 000 on the approach and prepare for publication this year.
All numbering and the publication was executed by Mike Roud, the main employee of archive.

Working in the evenings, Mike with colleagues has selected almost 800 photos from archive and has laid out in the Network (they are on a hyperlink above), without the special permission from military men. "People pay taxes", — Mike, — "And here speaks your photos. You should have possibility them to see."

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Mar 19, 2009

Configuring tally.ini file to automatically load companies:

If you are using Tally accounting software to manage accounts of multiple companies and frequently use some of them. So every time you start Tally you have to open all those companies to work with. You can configure tally.ini file which is resides in Tally folder to automatically load required companies when you start Tally. Here is the process to do so.

Step 1: Start Tally.

Step 2: Press F1 (Select company option) and note down the company numbers, which do you want to open automatically when you start Tally.
(Tally manages companies by unique company number. It is a four digit number such as 0001, 0002, 0003 and so on).

Step 3: then Go to My Computer.

Step 4: Open Tally Folder.

Step 5: Open Tally.ini file. It looks like the picture below.default-company-in-tallyYou find the line "Default companies=Yes". This line says that Tally will load default companies at Tally start up. You may see a list of default companies below this line.


it means tally will load the default company 0001. If you want to load more company at tally startup. you can add more lines.


Step 6: Save this file and Start Tally, Tally will automatically load the desired companies for you.

If you don't want to preload a company in Tally then remove the related load statement of the particular company.
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How to get rid of beep sound in Tally?

how-to-stop-beep-sound-in-tallySometimes while making bulk voucher entries in Tally, the beep sound of save confirmation alert, irritates me while saving the voucher. I find the solution to this problem is when the cursor is at the narration field press Ctrl+A (To save the voucher without prompting) key from the keyboard to save the voucher. It will not prompt to save the voucher and obviously beep too won't generate. By this way you can get rid of annoying beep sound while making voucher entry in Tally accounting software.
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The Russian ice-cream "Duet"

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Numerical NOT advantage

NOT advantage
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The Obama Deception

Texas active worker Alex Johns opens a real face of the mister of the president in new film The Obama Deception. Especially it is pleasant to admirers of film Zeitgeist.

p. s. By the way, Europa on an old age of years has picked up a political correctness virus: "The EuroParliament was deleted from the dictionary of clerks of expression "by the mister" and "the madam". It, according to deputies, breaks an equality of sexes. Also in the black list of not politically correct expressions there was also a number of other words. The instruction with new requirements extends on all territory of the European Union."

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Mar 18, 2009

How to rewrite a company data in Tally:

If due to some reason (power failure, hard disk crash or OS crash) data of a company in Tally get corrupted and the company is not getting opened. You can rewrite the company in Tally. In this process Tally deletes the inconsistent entries and creates a Tally.rew file in Tally folder. Tally writes the information of deleted data in this file. You may open this Tally.rew file in any text editor and come to know that what entries or data tally deleted.
Here are the steps to rewrite a company in Tally.

Note : Always take a backup of your data before rewriting any company.

Step 1: Start Tally.
Step 2:
Press CTRL+ALT+R at company info menu.rewriting-a-company-in-tallyStep 3: Tally asks to select the company to rewrite. Select the desired company to rewrite and then press Enter key.asking-tally-to-rewrite-a-companyStep 4: Rewrite confirmation will be appeared on the screen, press "y" to start rewriting process.rewrite-confirmation-in-tallyStep 5: After rewriting the data Tally creates Tally.rew file in Tally folder. open it in any text editor and go through it about the corrupted data.rew-file-in-tally
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How to copy narration in Tally (tips):

Purpose:Faster Data Entry in Tally

If you are doing voucher entry in Tally and typing the same narration for each voucher entry again and again. It must be quite time consuming. You can save your data entry time in Tally by copying the narration through Ctrl + R key combination from the keyboard. Follow the given steps to do so.

Step 1: Make a voucher entry and type the narration you required and then save the entry.

Step 2: Make second entry, when cursor at the narration field you can copy previous voucher narration by pressing Ctrl+R key from the keyboard. When you press Ctrl+R , narration of previous entry will be displayed at narration field then you can also modify the narration if required. By this method you can copy narration of all of your entries.

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In case of an attack of vampires

attack of vampires

In a threshold of the beginning of television show True Blood in Oklands, New Zealand, promoters have placed wooden displays in case actions will be beyond a set … Well, or for advertising...
To tear off and stick directly into heart!
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The double standard

The double standard
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Mar 17, 2009

How to copy masters to another company in Tally:

copying-ledgers-to-another-company-in-tallyIf you have masters (Masters means ledgers and groups in Tally) created in a Tally company and want the same ledgers and groups for another company so creating from scratch is a tedious and time consuming job. You can save your precious time by copying them to another company by following the simple step by step procedure to do so.

Step 1: Select both of the companies (the company from where ledgers are to be copied and select the company where ledgers will be copied by pressing F1 key at Gateway of Tally).

Step 2: Open the ledger in alteration mode, which is to be copied (by Gateway of Tally - Account Info - Ledgers - Alter)

Step 3: Now press F3 and select the company where this ledger will be copied.

Step 4: Press Ctrl+A to save the ledger in target company.

By this way any number of ledgers and groups can be copied to another company. This can save heavy burden of creating lots of ledgers and saves the time as well.
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Mar 16, 2009

Hope revival


Such name was at mission of the United Nations in Somalia, since December, 1992. On a photo the child dying of hunger, in those days hunger has carried away lives of 300 thousand persons.
The United Nations have entered peace-making forces for protection of workers of the organisations (responsible for distribution of the humanitarian help) from local commanders of military groups.

In a consequence this African state has turned to already very known base of pirates of Indian ocean. It is one of several photos which simply pour in you in an event reality.
"I witnessed also these photos my indications. Events which I have written down, should not be forgotten and should not repeat!" — James Nachtwey.
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Mar 15, 2009

But I'll be damned if I'm ever gonna give up my BLACKBERRY!

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I have selected Dr. House

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Gorbachev has urged the American president to repeat reorganisation in America

GorbachevClearing of prisoners Guantanama — accident or law? Destruction of vineyards in California — of what does not remind? And turns in food shop of Seattle? The analysis of these and other data unequivocally speaks — to the USA at full speed there is a reorganisation.

Former Soviet leader Michael Gorbachev hopes, that new US president Barack Obama will undertake reforms and will essentially change the American policy. Already now, for the promised changes in the country, some name Obama "the American Gorbachev"...

"Own reorganisation" is necessary to America, — Gorbachev in interview to news agency Associated Press has declared. With it some ill-wishers of mister Obama agree also: they recollect, that after Gorbachev's liberal reforms in 1991 Soviet Union has collapsed, and wait, that policy Obamy will lead to the USA to crash.

ObamaGorbachev, however, is convinced, that strong America is necessary to the world, and financial crisis has clearly shown it. The ex-president of the USSR has urged Washington to use the influence on the blessing of all planet.
"That is bad for America, is bad for all world", — he has noted.

Earlier Gorbachev already declared, that only by means of new reorganisation it is possible to win world financial crisis, and also asserted, that the future US president should change seriously a former course to restore balance on a planet.

Now Gorbachev has added, that many world leaders, including heads of Russia and Iran, aspire to improvement of relations with Washington, and has urged the president not to miss this possibility.

He has suggested a policy to reconsider the decision on placing of systems ABOUT in Poland and Czechia. Making comments on threat of president Dmitry Medvedev to place a short-range missile in Kaliningrad, Gorbachev has noticed, that it was not attempt to check up on durability of the new US president.
— It was simple an echo of the past epoch, — he has declared.
— If you will make it to us, we will answer you the same...
— It it is not necessary To us.

PutinSpeaking about, whether Vladimir Putin can return to the Kremlin by early election, Gorbachev has told: "To tell the truth, I do not think...
It all the same that the United States initiate new elections right after these". He has added, that many Russian consider Putin as stronger leader, but has underlined, that Putin and Medvedev is one command. "To Russia a tandem, a normal tandem, it does not represent danger", — Michael Gorbachev has calmed.

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