May 31, 2009

The great joker


Norman Thompson, 79 years, was extremely the professional, than has deserved high honours from colleagues on shop.
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Unsuccessful joke

joke obama

May Obama follow in the footsteps of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley & Kennedy!

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The initiative is punishable

Notre Dame

On Sunday, on May, 17th, US president Barack Obama has made speech at university I Notr-will give the State of Indiana, considered largest Catholic university of the country.

Obama has risen on a tribune in a professorial cloak as has honourable scientific degree. Speech of the president, basically has been devoted a problem of abortions.

In beginning Barack Obama has called supporters and opponents of abortions not to be so irreconcilable to the point of view of the opponents, to respect each other and to aspire to mutual understanding. Speech has been apprehended extremely emotionally: while supporters interrupted time and again the president with an applause, opponents were not kept from barrackings "Abortion is a murder!", "Cease to kill our children!"

On the eve of arrival of the president to criticism Notes-ladies called a management I Notr-will give to cancel the appointed event, however their appeal has been ignored.

"I do not consider, that discussions on an abortion problem should be stopped, — has declared Obama. — Everyone will be and to protect henceforth the point of view, passionately and with conviction... But let's work together reducing number of the women daring at abortion. Let's reduce number of not desired children. We will assist also support to the women bearing the child". By approximate calculations, to the Mr. of the president listened not less than 12 thousand persons.

Some students have decorated the hats-konfederatki with a symbol of the protest against abortions — a cross and traces of children's legs.

Supporters of the American president could be noticed on inscriptions on headdresses — "Viva Obama".

During speech of the president the protesting scanned outside of an audience: "One, two, three, four. Throw Obama out the door!". The police has detained, on different data, from 22 to 27 persons expressing the disagreement with a position of the American leader.

It is necessary to notice, that about half from 60 million the Catholics living in the USA, agree with the right of the American women to abortion. Approximately 42 % insist that abortions should be outlawed.

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May 26, 2009

All of you still dream of equality?..

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Safety on road

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May 24, 2009

China as the world centre

To begin with I suggest to look at a picture in the big permission.Chinese servants
There is such Chinese artist Lui Liu which is known enough in China. In particular, the picture «Chinese servants» — gives very good understanding about world system in understanding of Chineses in which centre of the Universe without fail settles down Celestial. For the interested China far not a secret, that Chineses the nation haughty though Chineses will not say directly to you it.

Plot strange enough. Naked and not so naked white aunts in the foreground, some sit on the earth. And Chineses also it is not visible, only are looked through somewhere on a background. At once there is a question on the picture name. Where, actually, servants. It is known, who the Chinese language is extremely rich on symbols and hints that promoted a wide circulation of allegories not only in the literature, but also in the Chinese art as a whole. I do not speak about riches of the numerology, leaving in an extreme antiquity.

For understanding of a plot of a picture, it is necessary to mean, that it is written in the beginning of 2009 when the world crisis generated by the USA, has captured a planet.

China, the unique country which crisis has avoided and on which, the West rests hopes, that China will pull out them from an economic crisis.

Therefore three plates up to the top filled with meal, it is possible to consider as a hint — guzzle the western barbarians, China is rich enough not to allow to die with hunger and you. Clear business, that at barbarians cannot be any culture of meal. They do not own the sticks, therefore the best for them is hands and like a dog from the earth.

Any country in the world has no the history comparable on duration with history of China. Any nation has no the number comparable to number of Chineses. Now supervises over China Hu Jintao. Pay attention to the Chinese on a background and compare to photo Hu.

Hu Jintao in image Chinese the hard workers which fruits of works feed also the western rabble in the foreground which in any way does not appreciate it, spilling meal on the earth.
Hu JintaoPresident
By the way, about the USA. Quite probably, that the grown fat aunt in the picture centre, just also is image of America.
Interesting analogies are traced and with other silhouettes.
One more hint contains in the form of the poured stain. Compare a stain to a USA map.

The broken egg too is simple so, it symbolises the broken financial system of America.

USA, map

I think, that in a picture weight of other allegories which to the western sight simply are not clear. Thus the picture name sets thinking — who will be actually the servant in this world?

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May 23, 2009

Scam 419

Scam 419
I will tell history about so-called Scam 419. This international damnation is obliged by the name to article of the criminal code of Nigeria with the same name. Scam 419 or Nigerian letters has begun — you will not believe! — still in the early eighties. To the middle 90 it cost to trustful people (basically to Americans) more than five billions dollars. Today anybody does not conduct calculations, however, under the most modest quotations, the general loss has passed for a long time for 10 billion.

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May 20, 2009

Talkative joker

Joe BidenRecently in Washington the annual public dinner — "Gridiron Club dinner" on which there were representatives of political elite of the USA and the press has taken place.
During a dinner, vice-president of the United States Joe Biden known for the verbal oversights has managed to blab out a site of the confidential bunker in which should be, what, in case of nuclear attack of the White house to incur powers of the working president.
As it became known, the "confidential" bunker to be under residence of vice-president Naval Observatory where during an attack 9/11 previous vice-president Dick Cheny disappeared.
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Doubtful beauty

Aged 23th years Evelyn McHale has written a note — "He is much better off without me... I would not make a good wife for anybody", and it was threw out about 86 floors Empire State Building.
Beautiful suicide
Andy Warhol has devoted to this photo one of the works.

On the one hand surprising history and a tremendous photo, with another — sick mentality and a corpse. And how to look at this "beauty"?

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Politics tricks

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May 18, 2009

Two crises

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Protection against a wind and the sun

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Father Of The Year Candidate

Father Of The Year
And so... Applicants for a rank of applicants of parents of year.
Father Of The Year Candidate
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I love...


I love hemp!


I love New York!


I love Obama!


I love pig!

And what you love, my dear readers?

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May 17, 2009

The star president

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Building in space


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May 16, 2009

Lesbi armed forces

Pink soldier
In Afghanistan the American soldier has entered fight with the Talibs, dressed in underwear - pink boxer shorts, a red T-short and bedroom-slippers barefoot, informs British The Times.

It is informed, that the concerned soldier called to parents being afraid, that if the photo in pink pants together with the newspaper gets on a table to Barack Obama, the president will deduct from army.

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Fresco of the leader

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Shade of father Hamlet

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May 15, 2009

Not bias

On YouTube there is a channel of the young British by name of Doug 'QualiaSoup'. Doug one of fighters for common sense and the scientific, logic approach by a life. These videoclips very much like me.

Though many also put the British in one number with militant atheists, videos from QualiaSoup differ a sober explanation of ordinary stereotypes, false logic judgements and science misunderstandings, instead of attack to religion or myths. Doug supposes existence of any opinion and struggles only with blind belief and misunderstanding.

P.S. Doug has received from YouTube the offer on cooperation, but has soon frozen the project and has refused, because the site administration has closed without the prevention such channels, as Cozmikzen and Adamatheatheist.
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Sensuality at the airport

Airport eroticStruggle against terrorism in the USA gets more and more menacing scales.
Here is narrated that at 19 airports of the country new devices of scanning have put. Now they not only "smell" the person and luggage, but also projects on the monitor of the security guard the image of a naked body of the person. Certainly, meanwhile, judging by the image, the sensuality is far from perfect, but it, so to say, the first step.
Devices use technology of scanning on millimetric waves. At first it has been conceived to use this equipment on especially suspicious people but who knows who knows...
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How to stop the squirrel

The lover of the nature from Chicago Nicole struggles with the squirrel which steals meal from the bird's feeding trough. In an arsenal at Nicole a protecting plafond and vaseline. Last means, it is necessary to tell, it is rather popular in this hard struggle.
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Technical services of the Olympic Games in Rome

technical regulations

On October 1st 1956, the Technical Section was formed and placed in the hands of Mr. Virgilio Tommasi. Acting on the basis of directives received, the Section worked out a general programme of work, the salient points of which may be summarised as follows: setting up of sports committees; work­ing out of a sports programme and timetable; drawing up of technical regula­tions, entries to competitions; preparation and formation of juries; selection and purchase of competition equipment; employment of personnel in sta­diums; technical equipping, both internally and externally, of sports and training venues, flag requirements and displacements; timekeeping services.

In order to create an efficient organisation for the various Sports included in the programme of the Rome Games, one of the first problems to be dealt with was the selection and recruiting of persons considered suitable for their organisational capacities, technical competence and experience.
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She has started talking

It has come true on May, 10th, 2009 in the USA in 20th series of 20th season.
And who could think, that she will start talking Jodie Foster voice.
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May 14, 2009

Yoon Eun Hye [윤은혜], Fashion Photoshoots

Yoon Eun-Hye, shooting in the early 2008's fashion advertising photos part 1

Yoon Eun Hye
Yoon Eun Hye Yoon Eun Hye
Yoon Eun Hye Yoon Eun Hye Yoon Eun Hye Yoon Eun Hye Yoon Eun Hye
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