Jan 20, 2010

The pawn becomes the King

Inpress Hakuhodo have shown real prospects of development and growth in advertising of building corporation i-Rise.

Innovative architecture in the United Arab Emirates

Building in the United Arab Emirates — the branch, developing mad rates. All most courageous design and architectural decisions find an embodiment here. The company i-Rise, engaged in design & architectural designing, invites to work of arrogant and talented experts.



Unusual glass

Powerful shade

Stylish prints of the company display work prospects in i-Rise: the figures having small value, reject much more powerful shade.

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The agency on employment Monster continues to develop a theme "wrong job".


Prints develop subjects "wrong job". On posters the hairdresser and the stomatologist which talents have found not quite true application are represented. To the stomatologist the trade of the assembler is would obviously more, and the hairdresser should search for a vacant place of the butcher urgently.



The stomatologist-assembler

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People-lamps fascinate all world

DPZ Propaganda has thought up fine ideas for the Brazilian competition of advertising.

Important only quality of your idea

«The good idea is capable to win any» — a slogan of prints of the international competition of a print advertising "the World award of publicity" opens idea of competitions: not important from what you the countries and as long you work in advertising — the main thing, are how much good your Idea.

Print advertising competition «Premio de Propaganda o Globo» is founded in 1996. The committee from nine judges which number includes the most known advertisement makers of Brazil, selects winners in nine categories.

Acquaintance to parents

Run away bride

Argentina fan

The excellent idea is pleasant to all!

Prints inform on value of good idea and conclusive appeal to any person. The Argentina football fan with good idea (a burning bulb — the international symbol of idea) drinks beer with the Brazilian fans. The Motorcyclist-idea withdraws the girl directly from under a wreath. The nice girl acquaints with the father ugly (but "ideological") the guy.

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The brought up dogs defecate apologising

Advertising of school for training trains dogs of politeness.

The brought up dog it is real!

Prints of school for training of dogs tell idea that any dog can be brought up. And even if the dog cannot cease to write on a wall let at least will learn to apologise for it.

I am sorry

I am sorry...

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Telescopes Orion see all

Superpossibilities of telescopes Orion from school of advertising Texas Creative.

Very entertaining details

Texas Creative tell the message that by means of 800x increase in telescopes Orion in the star sky it is possible to see very entertaining details. For example, an inscription «Made in China» on the American flag strengthened on a surface of the Moon by the first trailblazers.


made in China

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Agency Zig of Toronto urges to love itself stark naked

Television channel W Network transforms female lacks into advantages in transfer advertising about beauty lessons.

Pear-shaped figure it is attractive

Traditional female lacks, such as a pear-shaped figure and the magnificent forms actively imposed by the industry of advertising and a fashion, are intentionally underlined in advertising prints of a female telecast «How to Look Good Naked Canada».

Learn to love itself!

Pear-shaped form

Sweet ass

Naked woman

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Cydcor — the leader and the philanthropist

CydcorCydcor is established as an independent company in 1994, Cydcor growth is conducted under the leadership of President Jim Majeski and Chief Executive Officer Gary Polson. This growth has been substantial, and Cydcor ability to profitable joint ventures to establish, to deliver measurable results through significant market share increase from Cydcor customers and a variable cost model.

LeaderCydcor is named among the «Best Places to Work» by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal for the second year in a row and ranked №14 for area mid-sized companies. It serves the people bringing the voice of a strong commitment to workplace excellence as the leading provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams.

Cydcor donates gift boxes to US Army

Face-to-face sales firm Cydcor announced that is has donated 28 boxes of items to U.S. soldiers through Any Soldier, a philanthropy group that helps American armed service members receive packages and letters from home.

Members of the Cydcor Community helped fill the boxes at the company’s Westlake Village, California headquarters, and Any Soldier mailed them off to soldiers serving in the field, along with special letters from loved ones.

US Army

«Our troops are making sacrifices for all of us and we felt it was very important to help them as much as we could,» — said Gary Polson (chief executive).

Cydcor has donated time and resources to a number of area philanthropy groups in recent years, including the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and Casa Pacifica in Camarillo, California. More than 220 company sales representatives have donated more than 220 hours to 16 organizations to date.

Participation in a life of the US soldiers

«We’re proud to have had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these soldiers,» — said Vera Quinn (vice president of operations).

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Jan 14, 2010

I change a brilliant for a battery

Thin hint on thick circumstances in social advertising from DeVito/Verdi, USA.

Water is more important than a brilliant!

The water bottle, lantern, batteries — the usual things, which people do not appreciate in a daily life. But in force majeure these subjects become in literal sense "worth its weight in gold" or, in this case, on weight of brilliants.



Water bottle

Social advertising of the American Ministry of Emergency Measures

Something reminds? Not only reminds: prints Office of Emergency Management one in one copy decorating of prints DeBeers.

Idea of such "plagiarism": elegant disclosing of a slogan of the American Ministry of Emergency Measures: "in critical circumstances some things can become more valuable".

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For some men of the woman — only a vagina

The social advertising created by Malaysian branch DDB International, is touching enough — though and in the literal sense beats the spectator below a belt. A print — a part of one of set of advertising campaigns against house violence in South East Asia. Also asks the elementary question «that for the man — the woman?».

Identical sockets

Variants are presented in the form of sockets, each of which is rather originally signed. Signatures characterise the relation — the "friend", "favourite", "concubine", "partner". Under last where a certain plug is thrust, "vagina" appears. Here so, categorically. A slogan «How some men treat women».

Oral : Vagina : Anal

Oral Vagina Anal

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Toy Hollywood

In the plots created Volcano Advertising for a toy shop, it is easy to guess known films.

The cinema classics

Without restraint popular thanks to the effective marketing policy the network of toy shops Toys R Us represents to the USA to attention of target audience the media department. Shops Toys R Us in which computer games, and entertaining DVD are on sale not only toys, but also, now has filled up the counters with cinema classics.

Pink rabbit

Toy bear

Toy lion

Toy film masterpieces

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The well-known football players in advertising Puma

Football players have accepted characteristic football "pleasure poses": Buffon shouts "yeah!", rejoicing to a victory, Heinze is proud of the won cup, and excentric Trochowski rejoices to the hammered goal.

Celebrate. Anytime. Anywhere.

Here only surroundings around absolutely not football so habitual gestures are looked, to put it mildly, ridiculously. Slogan Puma: "Celebrate. Anytime. Anywhere." It urged to reflect advertising idea of "an eternal holiday", a condition of soul which does not depend on time and circumstances around.




Football stars exult in advertising Puma

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Let will be mine for ever!

Prints Neonode N2 maintain one of the most popular images of mobile phones: phone-fetish. Slogan of phones Neonode "Don't think. Feel" urges not to think, feel. The idea of the Swedish founders from Publicis Stockholm which embodies this plain motto, consists that it is not necessary to choose that friends and sellers cellular impose you phone.

Relic phone

It is necessary to choose that grasps your feelings. The new model of mobile phone Neonode N2 appears in a role of an amulet habitual for luxury phones, a talisman, an ornament...

Telephone piercing

Black beauty

Call me

Suntanned man

On posters the agency has shown the black beauty who uses phone as an ornament, the girl who "has built in" a mobile phone in the hand. Perhaps, the most expressive print is series — a poster with the man which veins, similarly phone set, are stretched from Neonode to ear-phones.

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I will be your furniture!

In a series of prints for school of design George Patterson Y&R have reflected creative flight of thought of young graduates.

News Limited Award School presents...

The Australian school of advertising and design News Limited Award School again advertises the graduates, more precisely, their final works.

Coffee table


Impressive pose

Embodiment of design & fresh creative thought

The design school informs on release of the new catalogue on which newly-baked designers worked. On idea of founders of posters, graduates Award School is an embodiment of design and fresh creative thought.
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Shave, unhook piercing and a bra!

Wax Mr. Zogs Sexwax for surfings-boards exaggerates the viscosity in a series of advertising prints.

Very sticky wax

As is known, it is necessary to grease surfing-board for good coupling with a body. Wax Mr. Zogs so sticky, that to a board hair about breasts or piercing from nipples will stick even.




Wax for surfing

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Business cards for your business

Business cards

The card is the first on what partners and clients look at acquaintance to the representative of the company. For this reason manufacturing of cards should be carried out by professionals, and the design of cards is obliged to be harmonious and modern. Possibilities of modern digital printing of cards allow to make representation production in deadlines.

Business cards is your reputation

Printing of business cards — one of the most offered services in the market of operative polygraphy. Practically each small printing house, each print-salon include manufacturing of cards in the list of the services. Cards are that production without which any company does not manage.

The corporate style of any enterprise includes business cards. And where as not at manufacturing of business cards to clear up imaginations in a scope of various grades and kinds of papers. Printing of business cards widespread enough service among printing houses.

Online printing of business cards

PsPrintCompany «PsPrint» offers services in design and printing of business cards: experts of the company are ready to develop both unilateral, and the bilateral card and also to apply non-standard decisions on manufacturing of cards. As well as any production of company «PsPrint», business cards can be ordered through the Internet, that considerably will save your time.

Business card

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