Jan 25, 2008

About Me

Hi, I am Nitin Kothari, doing research and development work for many years. I took electronics as a hobby since my childhood. My R&D work is well appreciated & acknowledged by India's most popular IT magazines such as IT (Information Technology), LFY (Linux for you). Many of my articles find a place in these prestigious magazines.

I have expertise in Software, Hardware, Electronics, Networking, Telecommunications, Embedded Technology, MICRO CONTROLLER programming etc.

Many BE student approach me to enhance their technical skills from distant places.

"Coming together is the beginning
Being together is growth
growing together is success"

I have been doing blogging since 2006.

Happy Blogging !

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Jan 24, 2008

mp3 players

If you are planning to purchase electronic items : such as TV, DVD Player, Laptop, Battery, mp3 players. Household Items : such as kitchen, furnishings, fixtures, garden, pets and domestic animals etc. Electronic games such as Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Gameboy DS, Sony Playstation 3, Sony PSP, Microsoft Xbox 360. Sports material such as sport equipements and sports wear and many more. So If you are planning to purchase anything and you have selected what to purchase but prices are too high. So you would like to compare prices.

Savebuckets provides you online facility, you tell them what do you want to purchase on what budget. They will mail you when your desired product is availabe at your price. Isn't it nice to hear, it is nice to deal with it too.

When you goto this online site you will find a big search box that you may use to find a product of your choice and savebuckets will find the best price product for you. simply you have to type in your desired product in search text box and then press Go Find button followed by it and you are done, product of your choice will be before you at best price.

You can also add savebuckets search bar to your search bar by clicking "Add to your search bar" button. Before purchasing anything why don't give savebuckets a try and find the best price for your desired product you have ever find.
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Jan 12, 2008

Watch Video On TATA Nano CAR Launching :

Recently TATA has launched Rs. 1 lakh car. It is known as People's car. Dream of TATA became true and it is also known as "Chunnu Munnu Ke papa di Gaddi" Means The car of father of Kids.

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Jan 1, 2008

Asian Series

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What is New in New Year It comes every year :

I don't think that something is new in new year it comes every year. Every year we celebrate new year by arranging some party, disco, wearing

good cloths, dancing, drinking and by enjoying. On 2nd Jan it becomes old and life becomes as usual. So what is new. Here I am describing

something by that way you can make new year really new. On New year if you make follwing things

1. New Planning for the year
2. New Ideas
3. New Invention
4. New thinking
5. Doing Innovative things

and take a oath of doing something new entire the year. You will see that entire year will be as fresh as 1st Jan. Today is 1st January (New year)
I wish Happy New Year all of you and hope to see you doing something new.

Thank you !

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