Apr 27, 2010

Supernumerary cars Daihatsu

Advertising agency Dentsu (Brussels) underlines a practicality of cars of mark Daihatsu.

Full integration

On prints it's shown, how cars can imperceptibly be integrated into a life of the usual European woman.

Compact car Daihatsu


Compact car Daihatsu

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Apr 26, 2010

Amazing blow of chilli-sauce

Leo Burnett Singapore has shown shock power of Tower Mas Extra Hot Chilli Sauce.

Brings down on the spot

Blow in a jaw

Crushing blow


Powered blow

Singapore Leo Burnett has shown amazing blow of imaginary sauce.
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China's Las Vegas in Macao

Chinese Vegas

In China will be created the new gambling zone — China Vegas. In this gambling zone plan to place not only a casino, but also luxury hotels, conceptual exhibitions, fashionable showrooms, striptease clubs, theatrical and concert halls, 3D cinemas, and also golf courses and tennis courts.

The 2nd Vegas, or is better?..

Casino in MacaoOn similarity of the American Las Vegas, many buildings will superficially resemble the most well-known and cult sights of the largest megacities of the world. In press release of World Travel Market is informed — China Vegas will appear in the Inner Mongolia and will take places in territory of 100 km2.

China having one gambling zone — special administrative area Macau, is surrounded by the countries where gambling's are resolved.

The Chinese players annually spend in a casino over $40 billion, filling the budget not only Macao, but also frontier cities of Myanma and Laos. Special gambling zones which also will involve tourists, in 2010 should appear on Philippines and in Singapore.

Chinese Gambling Trump

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