Sep 30, 2010

Romeo Must Die (2000)

Cast : Jet Li, Aaliyah, DMX
Genre : Action, Romance
Category : China - West Movie
Release : 2000

subtitle English

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Kungfu Cyborg / 机器侠 / 機器俠 (China) 2009

Cast : Jun Hu, Betty Sun, Lik-Sun Fong
Genre : Action, Comedy
Category : China Movie
Release : 2009

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The Last Samurai (2003)

Cast : Tom Cruise
Category : Japan - West Movie
Release : 2003

Subtitle English

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Sep 27, 2010

My Tutor Friend 2 (Korea)

Cast : Lee Cheong-ah, Park Ki-woong
Genre : Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Romance
Category : Korean Movie
Release : 2007

Download Movie and Subtitle
Movie : cd1 | cd2
Subtitle English

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My Tutor Friend / 동갑내기 과외하기 (Korea) 2003

Cast : Kim Ha-neul, kwon Sang-woo
Category : Korean Movie
Release : 2003

Subtitle English

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Sep 25, 2010

Meat Grinder (Thailand)

Cast : Mai Charoenpura,Duangta Tungkamanee,Ratanabanlung Toesawat
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Category : Thailand Movie
Release : 2009

Download Movie and Subtitle
Movie : part1 | part2
Subtitle English

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How to speed up Mozilla Firefox starup:

Mozilla Firefox supports lots of plugins, generally we install many of them and sometimes we see that Mozilla Firefox takes longer to startup. To speed up its startup a free utility called Firefox Preloader should be used. It boosts performance of its startup.

How Firefox Preloader Works ?

As the name implies it loads some parts of Mozilla Firefox when computer boots up and obviously it is before you start Firefox. So when you start Firefox it takes less time. I have tried it and feel that It really speeds up the performance of startup. Yes it is amazing !. It also creates a tray icon of Mozilla Firefox Preloader. If you want to get rid of this tray icon because you already confused with lots of tray icon read this article How to change behavior of the tray icon in Windows-XP.

Where to download Firefox Preloader ?

You can easily download it, here is the link Download Firefox Preloader

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Jenny Juno (Korea)

Cast : Sun-yeong Ahn, Nam-kil Kang, Hye-sung Kim, Ja-ok Kim, Eung-kyung Lee, Dong-jin Lim, Min-ji Park, Min-jung Seo, Eun-jin Sim
Genre : Comedy
Category : Korean Movie
Release : 2005

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7 Tips how to use online alarm clock:

Tips on how to use online alarm clock to wake up in time without any hassle.

#1: First set your computer clock time because if it is wrongly set then you can not wake up in time.

#2: Set Alarm and double check that also confirm am/pm.

#3: Choose your alarm sound/video.

#4: Test sound before you go to sleep.

#5: Set speaker volume at desired level or high enough.

#6: Also check that your computer doesn't go into sleep mode after some time if it does then alarm will not be played.

#7: Also check that your computer system will not go into hybernate mode while you sleep.
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Sep 24, 2010

Shaolin Girl (Japan)

Cast : Kou Shibasaki, Kitty Zhang Yuqi
Genre : Action, Comedy, Sport
category : J-Movie
Release : 2008

Download Movie : cd1 | cd2

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Our School E.T (Korea)

Cast : Kim Soo Ro, Lee Han Wi, Kim Seong Ryeong, Baek Seong Hyeon, Lee Min Ho, Park Bo Yeong, Moon Chae Won, Kim Hyeong Beom, Lee Chan Ho, Kim Gi Bang, Park Jin Taek
Genre : Comedy
category : Korean Movie
Release : 2008

Subtitle English

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5 Best Diwali SMS websites that you will really like

On the ocassion of Diwali generally people wish there friend, family, relatives and near and dear ones by Deepawali greetings or by sending diwali messages by e-mail or Diwali SMS by their cell/mobile phone. I have collection of good links there you may find Diwali SMS.

1. Diwali Greeting SMS

2. Diwali SMS

3. Best Diwali messages

4. Collection of Depawali messages

5. SMS collection for Diwali messages

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5 Best Rangoli websites that really give you design ideas for this Diwali:

On this ocassion generally people make Rangoli. For Rangoli designs ideas here are a few links that will reallly help you to make your rangoli experience better.

1. Colourful Rangoli Designs

2. Diwali Rangoli Patterns and Designs

3. Flowers Rangoli Designs

4. Rangoli Designs Images

5. Rangoli Ideas for Diwali

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Click (2006)

Cast : Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
category : West Movie
Release : 2006

Download Movie

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Cashback (2007)

Cast : Emilia Fox, Sean Biggerstaff
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Category : West Movie
Release : 2006

Download Movie

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11 Best Free diwali greetings websites/resources:

Diwali is the festival of lights and celebration. It is marked by fun and fireworks. It is an occasion to offer your prayer to Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity and happiness. We decorate our home with Rangoli and Diyas. And also wish our friends, family, relatives, colleagues. By using internet we send e-greeting card and that is free too. So for you, here I have collected 11 best websites for dipawali greeting cards to send family, friends, near and dear ones.

1.You can Send free Diwali Greetings Cards and Deepavali Greetings to all your friends and loved ones. Here all Diwali Greetings are absolutely free!

2. A sparkling Diwali greeting to glow up your loved ones' festive celebrations.    (Chakri/ Rocket diwali)

3. A sparkling Diwali greeting to glow up your loved ones' festive celebrations.  (Sweet heart diwali)

4. TheHolidaySpot have arranged for the best Diwali greeting cards and Diwali greetings for you, so that you get the best Deepavali greetings to send to your near and dear ones.         

5. Deepawali Greetings :

6. it is also a time to embellish your homes with lighted Diwali lamps and Diwali diyas and to greet your loved ones with the most beautiful of Diwali greetings . So go ahead and choose the best of Diwali cards for conveying your best wishes for your cherished ones on this Diwali.

7. As the name suggest, here you can find some funny diwali greeting cards for you.

8. Deepawali e-greeting cards

9. Orkut Glitters : A Collection of glitter graphics/images for myspace, hi5, orkut and other social networks.
(for orkut scrap or comments Just copy and paste code)

10. Sparkling Diwali - Scraps and Graphics Codes for Orkut, Myspace, friendster, Hi5. It provides free scraps, graphics, greetings, glitters, messages and comments for your Orkut profile and scrapbook. Send Sparkling Diwali scraps to your friends and familys. A collection of orkut Sparkling Diwali Scraps.  (Can Sent by email/Orkut Scrap)

11. Free Diwali Hindi e-cards, Hindi Diwali scraps.  Send customized diwali greetings with personal messages to friends and relatives and wish them a happy Diwali there. Diwali Scraps for orkut and websites you may find there.
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Sep 23, 2010

How do I know that my website/blog is indexed by Google or not:

There are various methods to check it. Here I am showing you two of them.

First Method:

There is a manual way to check that a website or blog is indexed in Google or not. Just suppose I want to check my blog and my blog URL is so i will type in site: in Google search and then click searh button. If search result page displays blog URL with some content it means blog/website has been indexed by Google and if not then blog/website not indexed.

Second Method :

Visit and type in your URL there and click Go button. It will say Yes if your blog/site indexed by Google. and If it is not then It will say Sorry. It also displays cache URL.

How it Works?

Sometimes Google indexes pages with "www" in front, and sometimes without it. You may need to search Google both ways to make sure your page is indexed. saves you time by checking both versions with Google.

You can check individual pages and posts as well.
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Mother / 마더 (Korea) 2009

Cast : Kim Hye-ja, Won Bin, Jin Goom, Yoon Je-moon
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Category : Korean Movie
Release : 2009

Movie : cd1 | cd2
Subtitle English

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The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Cast : Dennis Quaid,Emmy Rossum
Category : West Movie
Release : 2004

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Sep 22, 2010

How to make Windows XP system tray clutter free:

Watch this video tutorial to see above process in action :

You must be familiar with Windows-XP system tray. At times there are lots of icons in the system tray and make very confusing situations. In this tutorial I am going to show how you can you make Windows XP system tray clutter free. There are many icons in the tray at the bottom right corner of the Windows XP desktop. Some of them may be active and some of them are inactive. So you can customize this to set to hide inactive icons or even you can hide unwanted active icons too. Here is the process to achieve this.

Step 1: Right click on empty area of the taskbar.

Step 2: Choose Properties from the menu.

Step 3: Taskbar and Start Menu Properties windows will be appeared on the screen Select the Hide inactive Icons check box (This setting will display only active icons in the system tray)

Generally Windows XP displays active icons, urgent notification icons in system tray and hides inactive icons you can change this behavior. The default setting for these icons is Hide when inactive you can change this settings to Always hide or Always show.

Step 4: Click Customize button of the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window and then change the behavior of the current items as Hide when inactive, Always hide or Always show.

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Sep 20, 2010

Eragon (2006)

Cast : Ed Speleers, Jeremy Irons
Category : West Movie
Release : 2006

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Sep 18, 2010

All About Steve (2009)

Cast : Sandra Bullock, Thomas H, Bradley Cooper
Genre : Comedy
Category : West Movie
Release : 2009

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Doomsday (2008)

Cast : Rhona Mitra, Caryn Peterson
Genre : Action, Thriller
Category : West Movie
Release : 2008

Download Movie

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Sep 10, 2010

Online Alarm clock websites that you really want to use :

Generally we use alarm clock to wake up in time. Now there are wide varieties of alarm clocks are available on net like analog alarm clock, digital alarm clock, loud alarm clock, radio alarm clock, simple and with many features in it. However they are made to wake you up in time.

1. Online Clock: 

This online digital alarm clock has many features. You can set different background colors from the top right corner. There are options for the colors Blue, Black, Silver, Green, Orange. You can choose one of your choice.

At the left corner there are options for adjusting the size of this digital clock such as Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

You may see a small clock icon at the top left there you may find various types of clocks such as Clock Radio, Video Alarm Clock, Military Time Clock, Analog Alarm Clock, Countdown Timers,Online Timer, Countdown Generator, Popular Countdowns, Online Stopwatch with Alarm, Stopwatch Games, Fun Clocks such as Binary Clock, Space Clock, Barcode Alarm Clock, Morse Code Clock etc.

2. Kuku Klok:

It is simple and easy to use online digital alarm clock and just designed to wake you up in time. It is very simple to use, just set the time when do you want to wake up by given (+) (-) buttons and then set the sound of alarm.

There are different sound you can set.
  • Classic Clock
  • Electronic
  • Slayer Guitar
  • Military Trumpet
  • Cockerel   (My favourite one)

and then click Set Alarm button and you are done.

It once loaded in your browser this alarm clock will even work if Internet connection is down.

3. Sleep.FM:

Here in this online alarm clock website you can set two alarm sets for different time set 1 and set 2.
Also you can choose your alarm type. There are different alarm type such as

  • Current whether
  • Today's forecast
  • Current and Today
  • Time
  • Day and Date
  • More alarms
 It provides you with voice alarms and you can choose voice of male/female which is you prefer.

You can set alarm directly by typing this :
& so on

You can bookmark alarm times to easily save and set your sleep.FM alarm!

4. Online Video Clock:

This Online Video alarm clock website allows you to set video alarm so that you can wake up in the morning with your favorite video clip. You can choose this video clip from Youtube there you may find Meditation, Nature and relaxation sound videos. There are four video alarm suggestions, you can choose from them too. It also has snooze feature. You can set snooze time too. If there is a problem in internet connection this website provides you with a buit-in emergency alarm sound which will be activated automatically.

5. Music Alarm Clock:

It provides two types of alarm, one is music or melody and another one is radio station. So you can choose from music or melody alarm or your favourite radio station. You can also test sound before setting the alarm by clicking Test Sound button. It is easy to use and just three steps process.

Step 1: Set the alarm time.
Step 2: Select the alarm sound, melody or radio station.
Step 3: Enable Alarm.

and you are done.

6. Klokoo:

It is a simple online alarm clock. There are different alarm sound in the drop down list box like Rooster sound, Beep beep sound, Electro, Hip hop, Rock, Trance and French songs. You can also test the sound before setting it. So if you are searching for rooster sound alarm clock, Klokoo is the good one.

7. Online-Stopwatch:

This  website provides you with varieties of clocks and timers such as Egg timer, Chess Timer, Cash Clock, Countdown Timer, Online Alarm Clock, Digital and Analog alarm clock, Metronome, Interval Timer, Online Calculator, Split Lap timer. I like analog alarm clock very much.

8. metaclock

This online alarm clock website provides easy to use alarm just set the time and add some additional features such as opening a website or you can open your mailbox to check for new incoming message when you wake-up and then click Set alarm button. You can also add some notes there.
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Sep 6, 2010

"Life in a day" Gallery now open for all to explore on Youtube:

On July 24 people around the world submitted their videos in Life in a Day (an experiment to create a documentary about a single day on Earth. Now many of these videos are available on Youtube to explore in Life in a day channel.

  • 80,000 video were submitted to this experiment.
  • Videos from 197 countries are submitted.
  • Many of these videos are now available to explore in the gallery of  Life in a Day Channel
  • Award winning director, Kevin Macdonald and his team will add more videos to this gallery after reviewing them.
  • Subscribe Life in a day channel for more updates.
  • You can browse videos by its categories 
READ MORE - "Life in a day" Gallery now open for all to explore on Youtube:

Sep 3, 2010

Shadowless Sword (Korea)

Cast : Hyeon-jun Shin, So-yi Yoon, Seo-jin Lee
Genre : Action
category : K Movie
Release : 2005

Subtitle English

READ MORE - Shadowless Sword (Korea)

Sep 1, 2010

Action Boy (Korea)

Cast : Sei-Jin Jeun, Jin-Suk K
Genre : Action, Drama, Comedy, Documentary
Category : K Movie
Release : 2008

Download Movie : cd1 | cd2
Subtitle English | Indonesia

READ MORE - Action Boy (Korea)

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