Dec 14, 2009

Fantastic noodles

Fantastic Noodles, the manufacturer of soups and noodles of fast preparation, has presented the new advertising campaign under slogan Pimp My Kettle, by analogy to popular television reality show on channel MTV «Pimp My Ride».

Pump My Teapot!

Prints for print advertising Fantastic Noodles were developed by Australian advertising agency Clemenger BBDO Adelaide.

Conceptual teapot

Hi-tech teapot

Red teapot

Mega Kettle

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Dec 10, 2009

Knifes Zwilling are able to cut is thin

BBDO BANGKOK advertises knifes Zwilling, showing as a knife it is possible to divide a small pie into some tens people.

In expectation of a miracle

A series of prints shows as the gathered people with expectation wait, when the tasty dish will be divided.

Super-sharp knife

Hungry children

Hungry soldiers

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The known transvestite in advertising Jawbone

One of the most known transgender representatives of bohemian New York, performed the first operation at the age of 15 years, Amanda Lepore became the new advertising person of campaign-developer of Bluetooth Jawbone.

Amanda Lepore loves Bluetooth

On the right strip of an advertising turn Amanda Lepore with the device for a mobile phone. On another — the plastic surgeon.

You become well-known!


Tagline: "People will speak".
The print has been noticed in magazine New Maker.

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Newspaper Standart — there, where news

Agency Mccann Kenya advertises newspaper Standart under a slogan "Where, where's news".

News from the 1st person

A series of prints of Kenyan agency represents as the newspaper there are in those events about which subsequently there will be news notes.

Always in epicentre of events

African runner

Dress code


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Jack Daniel's participates in presidential elections

If vodka brand Svedka was noted by the participation in presidential elections of the USA at a stage of rivalry Obama and Clinton Jack Daniel’s did not begin to spend gunpowder for pre-election debate and has presented the political views just now.

Political Whisky

Agency Arnold from Boston, the USA, has developed the whole series of "political" posters Jack Daniel’s which, in their opinion, reflect outlooks on life of the Jasper Newton Daniel, the brand founder.

Drink responsibly

Jack Daniels

The main slogan: "Socialize liberally. Drink conservatively" which sums up a brand platform:

1. Drinking champagne is a perfectly acceptable way to celebrate being elected president. Of France.
2. Jack supports all parties.
3. Vote responsibly. Drink responsibly.

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Dec 9, 2009

Ray-Ban: the Ball with a surprise

Cult brand Ray Ban

Ray-Ban And agency Cutwater San Francisco continue summer campaign "Colorize".

The basic offer of a cult brand of sun glasses in this season are multi-coloured versions of the most known sun glasses Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Colour palettes in a collection infinite set which Cutwater and Ray-Ban have tried to show at the first stages of campaign. In the end of March on YouTube there was a roller about improbable abilities of a chameleon to change colour under colours of frame Wayfarer.

Mockery at a chameleon

In new virus preview trailer Cutwater has concentrated on one colour of sun glasses — on red.
Two guys have thrown off a huge ball of red threads from the pickup. The ball has started to be unwound, going down on abrupt descents of streets San Franciscos and as a result has untangled the guy in red sun glasses Ray-Ban.

Red ball of threads

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Audrey Tautou — new person of Chanel №5

Audrey Tautou

The French actress Audrey Tautou embodying modern representation about the French elegance and refinement, became new person Chanel №5.

Audrey Tautou for Chanel №5

As well as all previous preview trailers of this brand, a new fairy tale on love have entrusted to remove not to the usual director, and eminent and besides traditionally having a cinema generality with the actress.

Elegant & graceful Chanel №5

One more remarkable fact — Audrey Tautou has played itself Coco Chanel in a biographic film "Coco avant Chanel".

Soundtrack: "I'm a Fool to Want You" Billie Holiday.

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The Tokyo Hermes

Hermes in Tokyo

The most recognised Japanese designer of present Tokujin Yoshioka has developed unique installation for the house of fashion Hermes in Tokyo.

Optical illusion in show-window Hermes

Small video the screen and a silk scarf in a show-window create effect of optical illusion, that the girl blows on a scarf.

Futuristic designer Tokujin Yoshioka

Studio Tokujin Yoshioka created in 2000, makes out interiors and exhibition spaces for Issey Miyake, Hermes, Muji and Peugeot, and also is actively involved in sphere of industrial design. Designer Tokujin Yoshioka is known all over the world for the experiments with furniture from glass, a paper and other materials.
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Dec 4, 2009

Louis Vuitton handbags for women

Louis Vuitton

Already throughout one and a half centuries of a bag louis vuitton remain a subject of admiration and true desire of women of fashion of all world. Louis Vuitton bags have won now the cult status among other brands.

Extravagant handbags for ladies

Luxury bagBesides, bags louis vuitton differ high quality and unsurpassed aesthetic appeal. Bags Louis Vuitton is both magnificent handbags, and road bags, and also suitcases. The purse Louis Vuitton becomes fine addition to bags Louis Vuitton.

Besides, Louis Vuitton handbags are considered today as the standard in the world of the accessories which quality is considered to be the standard to which compare production of other brands.

Louis Vuitton for luxury life

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