Aug 19, 2011

How to choose a right font/typeface for your work

Computer system already has lots of installed fonts and you can install more but While preparing some document, spreasheet, presentation, pagemaking, webdesigning, writing headlines, making some paragraphs, designing a greeting card or doing some graphics designing work, sometimes Finding a right font/typeface for such kind of work is might be difficult one. There is a solution for such kind of problem. There is a online tool called Noggin Box -Font picker , you can use it for best and most suitable font selection for your job. It displays all of your installed fonts and preview them in seperate boxes.

How to use Font Picker online:
1. It displays all fonts in seperate boxes so type your desired in any one of the box there for which you want to pick a right font, for example Happy Birthday. It Displays Your word "Happy Birthday" in all fonts in seperate box. There you can choose your desired font.

2. If you don't like some of the fonts then you can get rid of them by clicking x button at the right side of the box.

3. Click the tick next to a font to mark a font as a favourite (press tick again to deselect).

4. Click 'Clear' button to remove all deselected fonts.

5. Click 'Reset' button if you want to start from scratch.

By this way it is helpful for choosing a right font/typeface.

How to use Font Picker offline:
You can also download this tool for offline use. For this purpose you have to do the following taks.

1. Download and install Adobe Air  (Adobe air is required to run this web application in windows and Mac)

2. Download and install Font Picker 
Hope you enjoy this article !

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