May 31, 2011

THE KILLING, 1.10 – "I'll Let You Know When I Get There"

I think I'd have liked "I'll Let You Know When I Get There" if it had come earlier in the season, but considering the fact it's essentially an alternate-episode 4 (now the Bennet Ahmed dead-end has come to an end after a ridiculous half-season spent on it), I can't shake my frustrations with The Killing's narrative structure. It's also becoming more noticeable just how much DNA this show shares with Twin Peaks. The surface level similarities were obvious (small town in Washington state, dead teenager, ominous musical score), but this episode even ended with Linden (Mireille Enos) discovering the existence of a casino that immediately reminded me of One Eyed Jack's from Twin Peaks. Maybe it's just another coincidence, but I can't shake the feeling that this show is in many ways a remake of Twin Peaks--minus the overt strangeness.


  • Bennet's (Brandon Jay McLaren) beaten body was discovered and taken to hospital, where he's touch and go. Stan (Brent Sexton), realizing his mistake when he returned home to see wife Mitch (Michelle Forbes), turned himself into the police and was jailed.
  • Linden and Holder turn their attention away from Bennet now he's been proven innocent, with Linden making a special effort to see Richmond (Billy Campbell) and tell him personally that Bennet's been exonerated.
  • Richmond's political campaign received a much-needed jolt, as they can now promote the fact Richmond stuck to his guns and refused to believe an innocent man was guilty until proven so. A press conference was called, with Richmond denouncing the vigilante justice meted out to Bennet and resolving to reinstate the All-Star program that Mayor Adams shutdown. Later, Richmond made plans to reduce budgets in the City Council.
  • Linden returned to Regi's (Annie Corley) houseboat and heard that her son Jack (Liam James) has been misbehaving with friends, putting Regi in an awkward position. Angry and disappointed, Linden moves out of Regi's boat with Jack and into a motel.
  • Stan is interviewed in jail by Linden, who is now pursuing the theory his mobster past was somehow involved in Rosie's murder. Stan denies the possibility.
  • Holder goes to see Stan's best friend, Belko (Brendan Sexton III), who was also involved with the Kovarsky mobsters. Belko denies all knowledge of Stan's actions in attacking Bennet
  • Linden was called by a cab driver who has video-evidence of Rosie travelling from the Bennet house just after 10pm on the night she disappeared. Linden and Holder reviewed the cab's tape and saw Rosie arrive home at 10.37pm, before noticing a light in her assumedly empty house was turned off as she arrived—meaning someone was in the house when she came home.
  • Mitch's sister Terry (Jamie Anne Allman) revealed that Belko has keys to the Larsen home, so he became the new prime suspect. Linden and Holder investigated Belko's alibi that he was home with his mother by going to meet with her at his apartment. Inside they discover numerous photos of Rosie taped to Belko's bedroom ceiling and notice that Belko's mother dresses provocatively for someone of her age.
  • Belko is taken in for questioning and eventually admits that he helped Stan beat-up Bennet, and that he in the Larsen house when Rosie came home, but only hid because he was breaking Mitch's house rules by being upstairs. Belko doesn't confess to killing her, but instead reveals he heard her talking on the phone to someone, saying "Adela, I'll be there", before leaving again.
  • A City Hall intern found a video-clip of Richmond shaking hands with Rosie during his campaign, which Jamie (Eric Ladin) decides to bury in case it's used to link Richmond to her murder again in the eyes of the electorate.
  • Mitch received a phone call at the family business telling her a cheque has bounced and there's no money in their savings account to cover it.
  • The next morning, Linden is out jogging when she noticed a ferry called "ADELA", which has a departure time of 11.45pm which fits with the last movements of Rosie. She boards the ferry and soon notices a sign for the Wapi Eagle Casino with a logo that matches the key chain they found on Rosie's body.


  • I was getting worried we were going to spend another few episodes investigating Belko, before dropping him as a suspect, so I was glad they quickly moved past him. Mind you, it struck me as odd they just accepted his story. The guy's clearly got a fixation on Rosie, a childish bedroom (check out the wallpaper), and weird connection with the Larsen's. If this was a real investigation, I'm not convinced they'd have ditched Belko so quickly and moved into finding "Adela."
  • The Kovarsky mob were mentioned quite a few times, so it's still very possible they're involved here somehow. Was Rosie involved with the mob somehow? Did she learn something about them that meant she had to be killed? Do the gangsters run the Wapi Eagle Casino?


This was a good episode, reminding me of what I was enjoying about The Killing when it first started. It had some actual movement and momentum to it, and it was just a relief to move on from the interminable Bennet storyline—finally! I'm not particularly moved by Stan's imprisonment, mainly because that character hasn't been very sympathetic for a very long time. And it still really confused me that so many major clues are arriving very late in the game. Why has the cab driver waited over a week

It's also slightly annoying that the avenues of investigation here (Belko, Kovarsky) are suspects the viewers at home were allowed to consider weeks ago, meaning Linden and Holder feel like they're playing catchup with the viewers at home. They should be the ones leading us through this story, but I actually feel more informed than Linden--probably because I am, given how the TV show can let us see people and things she can't. I think there's a way to tell this story much better, basically—but I'm pleased we're close to the finish, as I can't deny being very excited to discover who killed Rosie. If we are going to be told this season, of course...

written by Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin / directed by Ed Bianchi / 29 May 2011 / AMC
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Poll: who's your favourite fictional investigator?

It's been awhile, so here comes another of those mega-polls that gives everyone a headache! This time, I'm after your favourite fictional investigator/detective. As usual, the poll's options below are extensive, but I'm sure I missed a great many.

In a change to the usual procedure, you can now select FIVE favourites. The "other vote" only allows for ONE answer, but you can actually add as many as you want by separating your answers with a comma (eg: answer 1, answer 2, answer 3). I will happily count five unique answers in the "other" field.

Feel free to discuss your answers in the comments below. This poll will close on 4 June @5PM GMT, with the results posted here shortly after.

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Tehelka Expose - Rs.700 Crore Scam by Dayanidhi Maran in relation with Maxis Aircel Complete Story

Tehelka Expose - Rs.700 Crore Scam by Dayanidhi Maran in relation with Maxis Aircel Complete Story

Mr. Maran, now Union Minister for Textiles, has threatened to sue Tehelka over this expose.
But Tehelka has not received any Legal Notice Yet.

Pursuant to Supreme Court’s order dated 8 December 2010 instructing the
CBI to widen its ongoing 2G probe beyond Raja and include all the licenses and spectrum allotments done since 2001, the CBI had registered a Preliminary Inquiry against unknown persons to look into possible criminal aspects in the telecom policy since 2001.

While doing the investigation Tehelka Team found out that
Much bigger than the A Raja-Kalaignar TV kickback is the Rs 700 Crore that the Maran brothers got from Maxis.

In November 2006, then Telecom Minister Maran granted 14 (UASL) for Aircel.
UASL (Unified Access Service Licenses)

The license, along with the startup 2G spectrum, was awarded at the same price at which later Raja gave away 2G licenses to Swan, Unitech and a host of other players in 2008

In 2001 Aircel paid Rs 1,399 Crore for 14 telecom circles, the price was arrived at through an auction process.

If the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) valuation of 2G licenses is taken as a yardstick, the value of Aircel licenses cleared by Maran would amount to approximately Rs 22,000 Crore. But Aircel paid just Rs 1,399 Crore.

As per the CAG’s valuation of 2G licenses, these 14 licenses could have fetched the government over Rs 22,000 Crore, if they had been auctioned in a competitive bid.

The telecom licenses to Aircel were awarded after about two years of ‘unwarranted’ delay on the part of the DoT headed by Maran at the time.

On 26 May 2004, Maran took over as telecom minister

May 2004 –

Aircel’s applications for new circles were pending since Maran’s takeover as
minister for communications and IT.

Owner of the company - the company was owned by C Sivasankaran, the chairman of Siva Group (earlier known as Sterling InfoTech Group).

On 1 June 2005, while Maran was in the saddle, Sivasankaran wrote him a letter alleging that his applications for new licenses were being sabotaged by “some powerful element in the ministry”.

Though he refrained from putting the blame on Maran, he wrote: “The Sterling Group are intrigued by the attitude of the DoT and we, who have been dealing with the DoT for a whole decade and more, have never had this kind of frozen feeling.

Unable to fathom why there is a complete lack of response from the DoT we brought the issues to your notice…. Yet there has been no progress in our matter, nor is there any difference seen in the attitude of the DoT.”

The letter further read: “In this situation we cannot help to conclude that some powerful element in the Ministry/Government seems bent on stifling matters relating to the Sterling InfoTech Group.”

While Maran was minister, DoT not only delayed the issuance of new licenses to Aircel, it also delayed the allotment of spectrum for the licenses that had already been issued before Maran became the minister. Justice Patil’s report has called this delay as unjustified.

SOMETHING AS small as the request for name change made by Sivasankaran
was also not cleared by Maran.

On 4 April 2005 Sivasankaran wrote to Maran:
“Consequent to change in the name of the company from Dishnet DSL Ltd to
Dishnet Wireless Ltd, we have made a request for effecting the change of the
name of the company in UAS licence.
This is pending for the last eight months.
Such a request is normally cleared at the lowest levels in the administration and

In the same letter, Sivasankaran further wrote: “I am bringing these unusual
occurrences to the Hon’ble Minister’s notice only to show how there appears to
be some unspoken convergence in the delays and denials.”

In October 2005, he received an ‘unsolicited offer’ from Malaysia-based Maxis Communications to acquire Aircel. Since the cap on FDI in telecom sector was 74 percent, the remaining 26 percent was picked up by Reddys of Apollo Hospital. On 30 December 2005, Maxis and Aircel signed the agreement

Siva Group formed another telecom company named S-Tel, which was granted licences for six circles by A Raja in 2008. S-Tel is now being investigated by the CBI for
suspected illegal gains

on 28 February 2006, Maran wrote a letter to Manmohan Singh and asked
spectrum pricing to be kept out of GoM’s purview.
same like Raja.

March 2006 –

Malaysian business tycoon T Ananda Krishnan bought 74 percent stake in Aircel.
T Ananda Krishnan is the son of SriLankan Tamils.

Krishnan paid Rs 3,390.82 Crore for 74 percent equity in Aircel.

After six months Ananda Krishnan’s takeover of Aircel, the ministry granted Aircel the much-vaunted licenses in 14 cash-rich circles.

This took Aircel from a small regional player to a pan-India operator.
Today, Aircel is the seven biggest telecom operator in the country with its net worth valued in the range of $7.5-$8 billion.

February 2007 –

The annual report of Sun Direct TV for the year 2007- 08 showed their aggregate revenue as Rs 61.16 Crore while its losses amounted to Rs 73.27 Crore.

four months after the licences were granted to Aircel, Ananda Krishnan through one of his group companies, South Asia Entertainment Holding Ltd (SAEHL) invested $150 million (roughly Rs 600 Crore) in a phased manner in Sun Direct TV Pvt Ltd by acquiring 20 percent equity in the company owned and run by Dayanidhi’s brother Kalanidhi and his wife Kaveri Maran.
The equity investment was cleared by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs.

Almost simultaneously, the Maran family was allotted about 12.6 Crore additional equity shares in Sun Direct TV to maintain their total equity at 80 percent.

But unlike the staggering rate at which the Maxis Group picked up the Sun Direct shares, the allotment to the Marans was made at par value of Rs 10 per share without charging any premium.

Between February 2008 and July 2009, the Maxis Group invested Rs 100 Crore more in another Maran family-owned company named South Asia FM Ltd which owns Sun FM radio network.

Maxis Group subsidiary South Asia Multimedia Technologies Limited (SAMT) invested Rs 50 Crore in equity of South Asia FM Ltd and Rs.43.9 Crore in preference shares of SAFL.

Maxis- Sun TV and Maxis-Sun FM deals qualify as quid pro quo on similar lines as
the Rs 200 Crore Balwa-Kalaignar deal?

The CBI has charged Raja for fraudulent implementation of the first-come-first serve policy of granting licences.

The question that arises is whether Maran was also guilty of a fraudulent implementation of first-come-first-serve policy in his alleged bid to favor Aircel, post Maxis buy-out?

This is the same case A. Raja and his 2G scam, in this also it is same give and take.

You give me license and I will see that your loss making unit survives and becomes profit making.

I will buy shares of your loss making company by paying premium price for each share but I will keep you owner of your loss making company.

Corruption is our religion Let us make corruption a fundamental right of every Indian.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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How Santa can find your house in a snow storm

We see you, camera man!
Researchers have discovered that the ultraviolet (UV) light that causes the temporary but painful condition of snow blindness in humans is life-saving for reindeer in the arctic.

Human beings are able to see light with wavelengths ranging from around 700nm, which corresponds to the color red, right through all the colors of the rainbow in sequence to 400nm, which
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31 Facts and complete details of Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet – Contender for the India’s MMRCA 11$ Billion deal

31 Facts and complete details of Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet
– Contender for the India’s MMRCA 11$ Billion deal

Eurofighter Typhoon is one of the bidders in the Indian MRCA competition, worth $11 billion, to supply the Indian Air Force with 126 "Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft".

On 27 April 2011
The Ministry of Defense, the Government of India announced that the Eurofighter and French Rafael are only in the Race for MMRCA deal.

Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet is built by British Aerospace, DASA, CASA, and Alenia.

The Eurofighter concept has been conceived since the beginning as a multi-role/swing-role platform that would meet the exacting operational demands of the air forces of Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The construction of the first Typhoon prototypes began in 1989
A programme milestone was reached in December 1997 when the Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) covering Production and Support was signed by the four defense ministers of Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom at Bonn.

April 1994 -
DA2 makes its first flight from Warton , England

March 1994 -
The first Eurofighter, DA1 makes its first flight from Manching , Germany

June 1995 -
DA3 makes its first flight from Caselle , Italy

August 1996 -
DA6 makes its first flight from Seville , Spain . This is the first two-seater version of the aircraft

December 1997 -
Euro fighter’s first flight with large external stores and the first missile test firing of a Sidewinder AIM-9L and the release of an AIM-120 AMRAAM Euro fighter’s first flight at Mach 2.0

The Defense Ministers of the UK , Germany , Spain , and Italy sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Bonn , covering Production Investment and Production and Logistic Support

January 1998 -
Eurofighter GmbH and NETMA sign the Production Investment, Production and Support contracts for 620 Eurofighter aircraft for the air forces of the UK , Germany , Italy and Spain

November 2004

Eurofighter Typhoon IPA 2 successfully completes the first night-time Air-to-Air refueling exercises.

Currently which Countries are using Euro fighter Typhoon jet?
1. Austria were Eurofighter Typhoon’s first export customer, ordering 15 aircraft plus training, logistics and maintenance.
2. Saudi Arabia bought 72 Euro fighter Typhoon Jet
3. Germany – 143 Jets
4. Italy – 96 Jets
5. Spain – 73 Jets
6. United Kingdom – 160 Jets

Following are the features of Eurofighter Typhoon jet.
Factsheet – Eurofighter Typhoon Jet

Brakes off to 35,000ft / M1.5 - < 2.5 minutes

Brakes off to lift off - <8 sec (Full Internals and Missiles)

At low level, 200Kts to Mach 1 - 30 sec

Supercruise capability and Dry Power Acceleration from Sub to >Supersonic

Maximum Speed -Max 2.0 -

Operational Runway Lengh - <700m(2,297ft)-

G" limits - +9/-3 "g' -

Height - 5.28m (17ft 4in)-

Power Plants 2 Eurojet EJ200, reheated tubofans max thrust each > of 90kn (20,000 lbs)

Wing Span - 10.95m (35ft 11in)

Wing Aspect Ratio - 2:205

Length (Overall)- 15.96m (52ft 4in)

Height - 5.28m (17ft 4in)

Wings (Gross)- 50.0m2 (538ft2)

Basic Mass (Empty)- 11,000kg (24,250lb)

Maximum - (Take-off) 23,500kg (51,809lb)

The EurofighterTyphoon has thirteen hard points for weapon carriage, four under each wing and five under the fuselage.

For air-to-air combat the standard weapon configuration is four BVRAAM (Beyond Visual Range) Air to Air Missiles, which are mounted in semi-recessed fuselage stations

two Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles, ASRAAMs, on the outer pylons

Air-to-air missiles: AIM-9 Sidewinder , AIM-132 ASRAAM,AIM-120 AMRAAM,IRIS-T,MBDA Meteor, in the future

Bombs:Paveway II/III/Enhanced Paveway series of laser-guided bombs (LGBs),Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM),HOPE/HOSBO

Air-to-surface missiles:AGM-65 Maverick,AGM-88 HARM,Storm Shadow (AKA Scalp EG),Brimstone, Taurus KEPD 350,Penguin,AGM Armiger, in the future

Eurofighter has the capability to carry a range of air-to-surface weapons, including the Brimstone and DWS 37 anti-armour weapons, three under each wing and one under the centre fuselage and laser-guided bombs.

An Armament Control System (ACS) manages weapons selection and firing and monitors weapon status.

The aircraft's electronic warfare suite, the Defensive Aids Sub-System or DASS, is accommodated within the aircraft structure and integrated with aircraft's avionics system.

The aircraft is equipped with a Forward Looking Infra-red, FLIR and an Infra-red Search and Track system, IRSTwhich provides passive target detection and tracking. The IRST sensor operates in both 3 - 5 and 8 - 11 micron spectral bands.

The aircraft is equipped with an ECR 90 multi-mode X-band pulse Doppler radar being developed by the Euro radar industrial consortium. The multi-mode radar has three processing channels. The third channel is used for jammer classification, interference blanking and side lobe nulling. Euro radar is led by the UK Company Marconi Electronic Systems with ENOSA of Spain, FIAR of Italy and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (DASA) of Germany.

The pilot's control system is a VTAS Voice-Throttle-and-Stick system.

The pilot's equipment specific to Eurofighter includes the helmet, a liquid conditioning suit, a pressure breathing anti-g-force vest, a full body nuclear, biological and chemical warfare protection suit and outer garments for various environmental conditions

The Eurofighter is equipped with two Eurojet EJ200 engines, each delivering very high thrust of 90 KN in full reheat and 60 KN in dry power mode.

Crew – One and 2 For Training

Watch the video of Eurofighter Typhoon Performing in Aero India 2011

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Contender for $10.4-billion tender for 126 advanced combat aircraft

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Ashleigh Brilliant: the game

"Life is the only game in which the object of the game is to learn the rules."

-- Ashleigh Brilliant
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Anybody know where to find ticker tape?

Lawrence F. Kaplan in The New Republic:

From Iraq, I boarded an “Angel Flight”—a cargo plane that ferried the dead—back to Kuwait in 2006. As the C-130 taxied away into the night, there was the consolation that the bodies of the American soldiers would be washed, well-tended, buried with honors, and, eventually, memorialized along parade routes. The living, too, would surely be greeted with
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Demi Lovato chat en vivo CAMBIO y sala de juegos

Demi Lovato ha participado en un chat en vivo en el pasado viernes. Abajo les dejo el video del chat en vivo y aquí algunas cosas que ella dijo a sus fans.

Demi dijo que estaba emocionada y un poco nerviosa de estar de vuelta en el chat en vivo con los fans y que pronto habrán muchos más: "En este momento estoy grabando nueva música en el estudio por lo que estoy trabajando duro, pero quería tener un tiempo para responder a sus preguntas, sé que mucha gente se pregunta en qué estoy trabajando".

En la actualidad, la canción favorita de Demi es "Save Me" de Nicky Minaj y las artistas que prefiere son Lady GaGa y Nicky Minaj, de hecho.

"La persona que me inspiró más en este momento es el escritor Cupcake Brown, autor de 'A Piece of Cake", libro que cuenta cómo su vida fue difícil, pero ¿cómo se las arregló para encontrar una manera de no darse por vencida?".

"Estoy unida al proyecto de la Fundación Jed ‘Love is Louder Than the Pressure to be Perfect’ porque cuando salí de la clínica me di cuenta de cuántas personas comparten mis mismos problemas y pensé que sería un mensaje de inspiración para mis fans".

Una curiosidad: las marcas de goma de mascar favoritas de Demi son Orbit por el sabor (menta) y Trident que es buena para los dientes. Así que ya sabes que goma de mascar ofrecerle.

"Yo no soy vegetariana. Lo era, luego empecé a comer carne, porque no dejo los alimentos comunes especialmente bueno".

"Estoy muy emocionada de estar de vuelta en el trabajo en el estudio, es divertido y estoy disfrutando de verdad. Cada día es una alegría para mí entrar en el estudio y crear música. He hecho mi single y lo podrán escuchar en dos semanas!".

"Me gustaría colaborar con Eminem, es mi artista favorito en la clínica, su música me inspiró mucho, porque habla de cosas reales".

"Mi diseñador favorito es Chanel, pero en general no sigo las tendencias. Me pongo lo que me hace sentir a gusto. Me encantan las bufandas y joyas cuando me pongo aretes".

"No tengo un país favorito de los que he estado de gira, me encantan todos, pero hay un lugar especial en mi corazón para América del Sur".

"Quiero ir de vacaciones en Bora Bora, me encanta la playa y el océano, me sentiría un poco como en mi casa en Texas".

"Me encanta ir de compras en Forever 21, el resto depende de las cosas que me gustan, he aprendido a pintarme los labios sin un espejo, me alegro de que el verano esté llegando, me gusta el frío, me gusta la comedia y me encantó Johnny Depp en Piratas del Caribe ... y soy parte del Team Edward!".

"Estoy planeando una noche de chicas el fin de semana con una de mis mejores amigas, Tiffany Thornton. Por cierto, he visto Qué Onda (el nuevo título de Sunny Entre Estrellas), los chicos son muy buenos y estoy contenta por ellos, no me olvido y los amo".

"Yo tenía un pequeño corazón en mi corazón "Stay Strong" pormis fans, que han estado cerca cuando estaba en la clínica. Yo siempre los recuerdo. Mi mamá tiene una en color rosa y también muchos de mis amigos".

"Mis actrices favoritas son Emma Stone, Amanda Seyfried y Nathalie Portman".

"Me gusta bailar, bailar en el coche al supermercado, puedo bailar ahora, e incluso bailar en la ducha, pero no quiere ver. Danza en el concierto ": Mrgreen:

"Mi día comienza con un gimnasio, ducha, trabajo en el estudio, voy de compras, estoy lista para comer, limpiar la casa y lavar la ropa, es una vida normal, es mi trabajo lo que es especial".

"Tengo muchas ganas de ir a Japón para dar mi apoyo y me gustaría ir a Australia, hay muchos fans que me piden que vaya allá".

"¿A quién le gusta escribir canciones?, les sugiero que escriban más de lo que pueden. También escribí siete canciones en una noche y mi padre me mandó a dormir".

"Quiero volver a actuar, ahora me siento nerviosa ante las cámaras, creo que me centraré en la música después de la gira y luego me gustaría hacer una película".

"La canción que más me gusta es ... mi nuevo single! Habla de los problemas que tenía y cómo me recupero".

Foto arriba: Demi sonriente después de ganar en una sala de juegos de Arcade. Fotos siguientes: cándidas de Demis con sus fans.

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Selena Gomez: Canciones Whe The Sun Goes Down

Selena Gomez ha publicado en Twitter la portada de su nuevo single Bang Bang Bang.

El nuevo álbum de Selena Gomez & The Scene, "When The Sun Goes Down", se publicará el 28 de junio, pero será precedido por el single Bang Bang Bang.

Bang Bang Bang estará disponible en iTunes desde el 07 de junio, no olvides esta fecha! Incluso en la portada del nuevo single, como en la del álbum, Sel tiene un look retro, aunque son de estilos y épocas diferentes.

Aquí el tracklist del nuevo álbum:
1. Love You Like A Love Song 2. Bang Bang Bang
3. Who Says 4. We Own The Night
5. Hit The Lights 6. Whiplash
7. When The Sun Goes Down 8. My Dilemma
9. That’s More Like It 10. Outlaw
11. Middle Of Nowhere 12. Dices (Versión en español deWho Says)
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Miranda Cosgrove Neutrogena por los adolescentes

Dándose a sí misma una salida nocturna, Miranda Cosgrove fue vista aventurarse por The Grove en Los Ángeles ayer por la noche (29 de mayo).

Junto con un amigo, la querida de "iCarly" lucía linda y casual en un top fucsia brillante mientras se dirigía a la sala de cine para captar el top de la taquilla "Qué Pasó Ayer 2" (The Hangover 2).

En otras noticias, Miranda ha unido fuerzas con la marca de belleza Neutrogena para crear conciencia y fondos para la investigación de cáncer de piel.

Una fuente reveló que Cosgrove asumió la causa para ayudar a los adolescentes a conocer los peligros y los posibles efectos nocivos del bronceado.

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Government wants Lokpal only for Namesake Government and Civil society disagree on all points in a meeting held on May 30, 2011

Government wants Lokpal only for Namesake Government and Civil society disagree on all points in a meeting held on May 30, 2011

Details of Lokpal Bill drafting committee meeting held on May 30, 2011

On May 30, 2011 Once again drafting committee members met and started their discussions on the draft of the Bill.

Drafting committee has two teams one team represents the politicians and other team represents you and me all Indian citizens who are the owners only for the name sake.

So exactly what happened in today’s meeting?

Point One – Prime Minister and Lokpal –

Government team representing politicians said that Prime Minister should not be covered under Lokpal.

Then civil society members said that a seven member bench of Lokpal would first hear that complaint and decide whether there was an adequate prima facie evidence against the PM. If there were none, the complaint would be dismissed. However, government did not agree.

In short government said that whatever may be complaint, complaint may be true or false
Prime Minister will not come under the Lokpal.

Point 2 – Judiciary and Lokpal

Government said that “Judiciary would be out of Lokpal.

Civil society said that against a Judge a seven member bench of Lokpal will decide whether an FIR should be registered against a judge or not.

Today only Supreme Court of India got this power.
Only Chief Justice of India has the power to give that permission. And despite so much evidence against so many judges in public domain, permission had been given only in one case in the last 20 years.

In this government said that Judiciary must stay independent it will not come under Lokpal.

In the meeting held on 7th May, Prashant Bhushan had even told Mr. Chidambaram how Mr. Chidambaram himself had sought permission to register FIR against Justice Sen Gupta of Kolkatta High Court. Permission was sought from the then Chief Justice of India, Justice Venkatachaliah, who is very well known for his integrity. However, even Justice Venkatachaliah did not give permission. Was the evidence against Justice Sen Gupta strong enough? The strength of the evidence can be gauged from the fact that Justice Sen Gupta was raided and arrested soon after he retired because after retirement, permission of CJI was not required.

However, the government did not agree saying it would compromise the independence of judiciary.
We said that the independence of judiciary was compromised under the present system which was encouraging corruption. Government said that judiciary should be dealt under Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill, which was pending in Parliament.

We told them that the said Bill was very bad and would end up protecting corrupt judges rather than punishing them. Also, interestingly, the said Bill does not even talk of punishing and prosecuting “corruption” of judges. It only talks of enquiring against their “Misbehavior”.

The government said that they would include corruption also in the said bill. Then we said, if you want to include judiciary’s corruption in that bill, let this committee decide on drafting that Bill also.

To that they refused. They said – you give your suggestions and we will recommend them to the Standing committee.

This means that the government wants to include judiciary in a weak and ineffective Bill and does not want their corruption to be dealt through a strong and effective mechanism.

Point No.3 – MPs bribery inside Parliament will not be covered

If a MP takes bribe to vote or ask questions in Parliament, which would not be covered under Lokpal. Only his conduct outside will be covered.

What does an MP do outside Parliament? Just recommend projects out of his Constituency fund.

There too, he merely recommends and the project is executed by the officers. Therefore, effectively, all MPs would be outside the purview of Lokpal. Purchase and sale of MPs is endangering the very foundations of our democracy.

They may be purchased not just by other parties but could be purchased by other countries or corporates.

Therefore, in order to save our democracy, it is extremely important that this is covered under Lokpal.

However, the Government said that the Parliament should be allowed to do “self regulation”. We told them that this self regulation had not worked and their corruption should be investigated by some independent body.
They simply refused.

Point No.4 –

All officers will not be covered under Lokpal : Only Joint Secretary and above will be covered. Who will deal with corruption at levels below that?

They said that the existing system would continue. But the existing system was not working.

They had no answers.

We said that the common man wants an answer to corruption in his day to day life – bad roads, corruption in PDS etc.

Who will deal with it? We said that the whole country had risen against corruption to seek solutions to corruption at all levels.

Point No 5 –

CBI, CVC and departmental vigilance will not be merged in Lokpal: Government said that let all these agencies continue.

Let Lokpal have its own machinery.
But why does the government want to keep a CBI under its own control?

It appears that the Prime Minister does not want to be investigated by an independent body but will get himself investigated by CBI, which is directly under his own control. Also, CBI has been misused by every successive government to arm twist politically inconvenient opponents. Government perhaps wants to continue doing that.

Point No.6 –

Public Grievances: Government agreed to the concept of citizen’s charter and that violation of citizen’s charter would be deemed to be corruption at some stage of up scaling of a grievance.

Justice Santosh Hegde asked the government – “Then who is covered under Lokpal? And what is the purpose of creating such a Lokpal?”

Effectively, the Lokpal would have jurisdiction only on Joint Secretary and above officers but not on the PM. There would be around 2000 such odd officers in Government of India. Are we creating Lokpal for investigating corruption of such a few officers? Was this the purpose of such a big anti-corruption movement in India?

Definitely government’s intentions are suspect. Please prepare yourself for the next huge movement in the country.

But if the government disagrees, we should be ready to take to the streets.

Reality views by sm –
Monday, May 30, 2011

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And behind each a face, and a life, and faces and lives around them.

The numbers of faces and lives awarded a Purple Heart because of injury or death in battle:

World War I: 320,518

World War II: 1,076,245

Korean War: 118,650

Vietnam War: 351,794

Persian Gulf War: 607

Afghanistan War: 7,027 (as of 5 June 2010)

Iraq War: 35,321 (as of 5 June 2010)
You can do something for them at the
READ MORE - Numbers


It's been a torturous year for fans of X Factor, despite the fact not a single episode of the show's aired since Christmas 2010. The speculation over the US version's judges dominated the showbiz headlines since New Year, and then Cheryl Cole was ignominiously given the boot after two-weeks in the prized job. Was it because of her Geordie accent? Or her lack of chemistry with the other judges? Maybe it was her downbeat attitude? It depends which news story you're reading, really. We'll probably never know for sure, because the matter's almost certainly going to be "spun" to ensure Cole doesn't look like a total fool, and Cowell and Fox likewise for taking a risk on someone who fell at the first hurdle.

With all eyes on the US version, the UK original has been in mounting crisis--faced with replacing its two most popular judges. There was the sudden possibility of Cole returning to the British show now she's been axed from the US remake, but she's allegedly been ignoring phone calls to that end. And, to be frank, it's hard to see how Cole could return to X Factor without it looking like she's run back home with her tail between her legs.

Regardless, ITV have now confirmed the judging line-up for this year's X Factor, which starts auditions on Wednesday. They are: Take That's singer-songwriter Gary Barlow, ex-Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland, N Dubz's lead singer Tulisa Contostavlos, and returning judge Louis Walsh. Dermot O'Leary will be back as host, having failed to secure the US X Factor gig (beaten by fellow Brit Steve Jones), while Caroline Flack and X Factor runner-up Olly Murs are replacing Konnie Huq on The Xtra Factor show.

So how secure do the X Factor's now appear? The US version has possibly been damaged by a public perception that it's an uncertain creative mess, but I'm pretty sure the "Cheryl Cole incident" will be a minor blip on the radar for Americans--as 97% of them have no clue who she was. The key thing is that the remake has its creator Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul (reuniting after American Idol) and L.A Reid, who may not be a household name, but his credentials in the music biz that put Cowell's to shame.

Cole's role has also been taken by ex-Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger, who proved her worth when she guest-judged on the UK X Factor last year, but who was initially hired to co-host the show. Welsh presenter Steve Jones, a total newcomer to Americans, will now have to face presenting this gigantic show by himself. I'm guessing he's handsome and intelligible enough to get the job done, but I still think he's a strange choice. Maybe he'll rise to the occasion, who knows. American presenters are painfully vapid, so Jones could pull "a Cat Deeley" and endear himself by virtue of exhibiting a real personality.

One thing that's come to my attention is how the US X Factor judging panel is incredibly ethnic: with Cowell the only white person. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it is an unusual quirk of losing Cole.

What about UK X Factor? Gary Barlow's a great signing, but he's so much of a nice-guy that I can't see him taking Cowell's role in spirit. Kelly Rowland's career isn't big enough to get you excited about her inclusion (did she have any other plans this year?), but she's still a global name and I can see her working nicely as an opinionated judge. Tulisa Contostavlos faces the biggest struggle for acceptance, perhaps, as she's seen as the direct replacement for Cole... but most people over-30 don't know who she is! N Dubz are no Girls Aloud, let's face it. However, having seen her in interviews and on a BBC3 documentary once, she could actually be a surprisingly effective judge. She's definitely more "street" than Cole ever was and, in my opinion, more intelligent, too. As for Louis Walsh--well, you just can't get rid of him, can you? Expect more "you remind me of a young..."-style appraisals.

I have a feeling the UK version will miss having a clear replacement for Cowell, however--in the same way American Idol's new panel (Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson) have failed to do much beyond offer misplaced praise and support... when a verbal kick in the teeth would sometimes be the kinder thing.

But what do YOU think? Are these trans-Atlantic X Factor changes going to work for their respective countries? Will the US version soar to success simply because of Cowell/Abdul? Will the UK version find a new lease of life with its three new judges, or will it to hit the same snag Britain's Got Talent has been caught on this year without Cowell: audiences WILL tune in because they love the brand, but everyone can see the new judges aren't as good and the show's worse for it.

We won't really know how successful all these changes will be until both X Factor's start airing episodes in a few months time, but what's your gut feeling about all this?

Here are a few words from the UK X Factor talent:

ITV's Director of Television, Peter Fincham:

"The X Factor is more than just a television show: it's by far the nation's biggest platform for emerging talent and I'm delighted to be confirming a line up of judges who have experience right across the music business to pick the stars of the future. As multi-million selling artists, songwriters and pop masterminds, Gary, Tulisa, Kelly and Louis have huge breadth of appeal with our audience and the ability to engage both the UK's next generation of music talent as well as ITV's viewers."
Simon Cowell:

"These four are totally up for it, each of them bring a different attitude. They have had a ton of hits between them and they are all committed to finding a star. I have a feeling Louis and Tulisa will have slightly different points of view as to what the next star should look and sound like!"
Director of Entertainment, talkbackThames, Richard Holloway:

"Each year we aim to grow and evolve the show. This year will be no different. All I can say is expect the unexpected!"
Gary Barlow:

"I'm extremely excited about working on The X Factor. I've always been a fan of the show and always enjoyed performing on it too. My one goal is to find a global super star. If I don't find one I won't have done my job."
Tulisa Contostavlos:

"I'm so excited to be the joining The X Factor and want to bring something fresh and new to the panel. I'm not going to be afraid to speak my mind and mix things up a little. I am hoping to find some hot new talent and mentor a winning category. It is also going to be great to get to know and work alongside the other Judges. Let the fireworks begin!"
Kelly Rowland:

"I am so excited to join The X Factor UK and be able to spend time in one of my favourite places in the world. The music coming out of the UK right now is incredible with artists like Adele, Jessie J and James Blake, so I'm confident this season of The X Factor will give me opportunity to hear a few diamonds in the rough. Being a judge is never easy, but I promise to be as sternly honest as I can and also encourage everyone who crosses the stage. I can't wait to meet the world's next superstar!"
Louis Walsh:

"I'm delighted to back for my eighth series of The X Factor, it's my favourite job in the world and I'm really excited this year to work with Gary Barlow and the rest of the new panel. I'm the last original judge standing and I'm determined to find an act that can win this year and show the others how it's done!"

May 30, 2011

In Flanders Fields

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Karim Morani director owner of Cineyug sent to 14 days Judicial Custody in 2G scam

Karim Morani director owner of Cineyug sent to 14 days Judicial Custody
in 2G scam

Delhi court, The Patiala House Court today dismissed bail plea of Cineyug Films Director Karim Morani in the 2G spectrum case.

CBI Special Judge O.P. Saini said: 'Accused Karim Morani's bail is dismissed. He should be taken into custody.'

CBI, in its second charge sheet in 2G case, had alleged Swan Telecom and Dynamix Realty Promoters Shahid Usman Balwa and Vinod Goenka channeled Rs 200 crore to DMK-run Kalaignar TV through Kusegaon Fruits and Vegetables Pvt Ltd and Morani's Cineyug Films Pvt Ltd.

The CBI said Morani took six Crore for facilitating this Rs 200 Crore transaction.

Now bollywood financer, owner of Cineyug and Director Karim Morani will go to Jail.

Now Karim Morani will file application in High Court for the Bail.

In another development The Comptroller and Auditor General, Vinod Rai, on Monday appeared before the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probing the 2G spectrum scam.

JPC chairman PC Chacko had asked Vinod Rai to explain how the government auditor quantified the losses in the spectrum allocation at Rs 1.76 lakh crore.

According to the chargesheet filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the loss to the exchequer is pegged at 30,984 crore rupees.

But CAG report said that government of India that is citizens of India, population of India
Lost Rs.1.76 lakh crore in estimated revenue because of 2G corruption scam.

Reality views by sm
Monday, May 30, 2011

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Albert Schweitzer: invest your humanity

"Therefore search and see if there is not some place where you may invest your humanity."

-- Albert Schweitzer
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Marilyn Ferguson: learn from fear

"Fear is a question: What are you afraid of, and why? Just as the seed of health is in illness, because illness contains information, your fears are a treasure house of self-knowledge if you explore them."

-- Marilyn Ferguson
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German Government decides to close 17 Nuclear Reactors by 2011 and close all nuclear power plants by 2022

German Government decides to close 17 Nuclear Reactors by 2011 and
close all nuclear power plants by 2022

Learning from the Japan Nuclear disaster Germany has decided to shut down all its nuclear reactors by 2022.

Germany on Monday announced plans to become the first major industrialized power to shut down all its nuclear plants.

On Monday Germany's coalition government agreed to shut permanently its 17 nuclear reactors.

Last March Germany closed its 7 nuclear reactors after the Japan nuclear disaster.

Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen said that six reactors will be shut down by 2021, while remaining will be kept open for one year till 2022 to ensure that there would not be any disruption to power supply.

Germany has 17 nuclear reactors on its territory, eight of which are currently off the electricity grid.
Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen said that majority of Germany’s 17 reactors would be offline by the end of 2011.

Mr. Rottgen said: "It's definite. The latest end for the last three nuclear power plants is 2022. There will be no clause for revision.

Currently Germany gets its 23% energy from Nuclear Power plants after 2022 Germany will get 0% power from the Nuclear power plants.

They will keep one or two reactors in a working condition which will help Germany to start production of energy in case of emergency need of power.

Suggested Reading
Comparison of countries ,Capacity of Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear fuel and liability.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

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TV Picks: 30 May – 5 June 2011 (Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask, Case Histories, Coast, Lead Balloon, Meet The Elephant Man, Popstar To Operastar, Talking Funny, etc.)

Pick of the Week: LEAD BALLOON - Tuesday, BBC2, 10PM

Horrible Histories (CBBC, 5.15pm) Return of the BAFTA-winning historical sketch show for kids.
Gory Games (CBBC, 5.45pm) Horrible Histories spin-off gameshow. Hosted by Dave Lamb.
Four In A Bed (Channel 4, 5pm) Series 2 of the show looking into B&B's.
Come Dine With Me (Channel 4, 5.30pm) Return of the culinary gameshow. Continues weekdays.
The Truth About Wildlife (BBC1, 7.30pm) Series looking at wildlife conservationism in the UK. Presented by Chris Packham.
Britain's Got Talent: Semi Finals (ITV1, 7.30pm) Live finals with Simon Cowell returning to the jury to pick this year's winner. Continues weekdays, with results at 9.30pm.
Springwatch 2011 (BBC2, 8pm) Return of the live wildlife series. Presented by Chris Packham & Kate Humble. (1/12)
Egypt's Lost Cities (BBC1, 8.30pm) Documentary using "space archaeology" (satellites with infrared cameras) to investigate the surface of Egypt.
Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask (Dave, 10pm) Comedy quiz show where players have to devise questions that will bamboozle their rivals. Guests include Griff Rhys Jones, Robert Webb, Dave Lamb & Katy Brand.

Storyville: Amnesty! When They Are All Free (BBC4, 9pm) Documentary on Amnesty International.
Lead Balloon (BBC2, 10pm) Series 4 of the sitcom about a miserable comedian. Starring Jack Dee, Raquel Cassidy, Anna Crilly, Sean Power, Rasmus Hardicker, Ingrid Oliver & Tony Gardner.
True Stories: Google Baby (More4, 10pm) Documentary about a business where people can order babies online.

Springwatch Unsprung 2011 (BBC2, 8.30pm) Sister show to Springwatch in the form of an audience debate.
The Men Who Won't Stop Marching (BBC2, 9pm) Documentary looking at the current state of Belfast's Shankhill Road marching bands.
Cumbria, One Year On (ITV1, 10.35pm) Documentary reflecting on the tragedy last May, when Cumbrian taxi driver Derrick Bird went on a rampage: shooting 12 people dead and seriously injuring 11 before committing suicide.

Andrew Marr's Megacities (BBC1, 8pm) Documentary series exploring how cities with more than 10 million citizens cope manage to feed, protect and transport the populace. Presented by Andrew Marr. (1/3)
Welly Telly: The Countryside Of Television (BBC4, 8pm) Homage to rural TV. Featuring Kate Humble, John Craven, Clarissa Dickson Wright, Bill Oddie, Bill Bryson, and more.
Meet The Elephant Man (Channel 4, 9pm) Documentary where scientists study the bones of Joseph Merrick; the disfigured Victorian gentleman best-known as The Elephant Man.
Bums, Boobs & Botox (Channel 4, 10pm) Documentary looking at a market leader in British cosmetic surgery.
Talking Funny (Sky Atlantic, 10.15pm) Special where Ricky Gervais chairs a meeting of top American comedy talent to discuss what's funny: Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK & Chris Rock.

Julia Bradbury's Canal Walks (BBC2, 9pm) Series exploring some of the UK's canals and towpath trails. Hosted by Julia Bradbury. (1/4)

The Classic Brit Awards 2011 (ITV3, 11.05pm) Annual awards ceremony.

The Royal (ITV1, 7pm) Series 8 of the hospital drama set in the 1960s. (1/9)
Popstar To Operastar (ITV1, 8pm) Series 2 of the singing contest where pop singers are trained to become opera singers. Hosted by Myleene Klass, with mentors Katherine Jenkins & Rolando Villazon. Celebrity contestants are Joe McElderry, Jocelyn Brown, Cheryl Baker, Midge Ure, Andy Bell, Claire Richards, Joseph Washbourn & Melody Thornton.
Case Histories (BBC1, 9pm) Crime drama about a private investigator who is asked to help find a woman who went missing 30 years ago. Starring Jason Isaacs, Amanda Abbington, Natasha Little, Fenella Woolgar & Kirsty Mitchell. (1/6)
Coast (BBC1, 9pm) Series 6 of the show exploring the unusual and picturesque coastal sights of the British Isles and its neighbours. (1/6)
Annie Nightingale: Bird On The Wireless (BBC4, 9pm) Documentary to commemorate DJ Annie Nightingale's 40th year in the music business.
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Victoria Justice: Look informal con Ryan Rottman

Victoria Justice es preciosa en cuadros cuando se detiene por el Farmer's Market en Studio City, California, con Ryan Rottman en la mañana del domingo (29 de mayo).

La actriz de 18 años de edad, y el actor de 26 años de edad, fueron vistos alrededor de Green Garmento y se detuvieron en un stand para un delicioso refrigerio.

Ryan y Victoria se conocieron en el set de Victorious, donde interpretó el papel de Ryder en un episodio reciente.

¿Ya viste el nuevo video musical de Vic?

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Buildex Pagales and DJP Trio of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 (PGT Season 2) Grand Finalists (May 29, 2011)

The singing trio known as DJP Trio got the highest text votes in the Week 5 of PGT Season 2's semi final round held May 29, 2011 at PAGCOR, Paranaque. DJP Trio of Negros Occidental got 47.36% of total votes, almost half of the combined total number of votes. The group looked elegantly stunning as they perform their own version and style of Beyonce's "One Night Only"

As what the resident judges said during the PGT Season 2 semi finals performance night, the week 5 group, so far is the best group.

Buildex Pagales, the "Bruno Mars lookalike" who sang "I think I wanna marry you" ranked second with 26.99% of votes and happened to be the judges' choice got it to the grand finals.

Buildex Pagales and DJP Trio will be the new addition to the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2's pool of grand finalists. Who will be the lucky winner? Let's all find out.

Meanwhile, here is the overall list of week 5's PGT Season 2 semi finalists and their corresponding text votes percentage:

1. DJP Trio 47.36
2. Buildex 26.99
3. Kenny Padalla 10.33
4. Karinyoso 6.75
5. Ariana 4.91
6. Jacqueline 3.66
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Emma Watson Luce Abdomen en Bra Deportivo

Emma Watson muestra su abdomen cuando se dirigía al gimnasio en un sostén deportivo color rosa el domingo (29 de mayo) en Pittsburgh, Penn.

La actriz de 21 años de edad, que llevaba el libro Chicken Soup for the Soul, está en Pittsburgh filmando su película The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Emma recientemente concedió una interesante entrevista a la revista Vanity Fair, de la cual le mostramos un extracto en un post previo. A continuación, después del "click para ver más fotos" puedes chequear la entrevista completa, donde habla desde su infancia hasta los posters que tiene en su habitación. ¡Revísala!

- ¿Cómo se siente estar de regreso en la ciudad que te vio nacer?

París siempre me pone nostálgica. Mi segundo nombre es Charlotte, una parte de mi familia todavía vive aquí, así que cada día es emocionante.

-¿Dónde creciste?

En el barrio de Marais, pero en ese momento no era el distrito fresco en el que se ha convertido hoy. La otra noche mi papá me llevó a cenar allí y lo sentía como un lugar completamente diferente.

- ¿Has conseguido dar un paseo tranquila?

Más que en Londres. Sólo los turistas me detienen aquí. Los parisinos se sienten un poco como celebridades así mismos, por lo que no se toman fotos conmigo.

- ¿Es debido a tu origen francés que Glamour UK te nombró la mujer más elegante del mundo?

(Risas) Tal vez. Me gusta mucho la moda, pero también veo en las calles una cierta subestimación que es típico de las chicas francesas. Mi estilo es una mezcla de estas dos cosas: tratar de ser elegante, sin tratar de buscar la atención a toda costa. Me encanta las cosas simples. Pocos accesorios, no mucho maquillaje.

- Ahora que has ganado este título, ¿no te estresas cuando te vistes por la mañana?

Oh, mucho más que antes! (Se ríe otra vez). Tan pronto como veo algo que me gusta, pienso: ¿este vestido me hace perder el título? Pero al final, acabo decidiendo las cosas yo misma.

- Por ejemplo, ¿cuánto tiempo te tomó para que puedas elegir este vestido?

Sólo un segundo, porque quería sentirme cómoda hoy. Tenía este vestido DVF y me lo puse.

- ¿Cuántas veces crees que lo vas a usar?

Lamentablemente, no muchas. Estos trajes son parte de mi trabajo, no puedo y es una lástima. Pero yo les doy a mis amigas, que siempre están contentos con eso. Periódicamente vienen a mi casa a limpiar mi guardarropa.

- ¿Dónde está tu casa?

Tengo una casa en Londres y en ciertos períodos me quedo en casa de mi mamá, en Oxford.

- ¿Y dónde te sientes más a gusto?

En casa de mi mamá.

- ¿Cómo es tu cama?

Muy pequeña. Yo vivo en una pequeña habitación a la que estoy muy unida, porque me siento segura y protegida allí. Grandes habitaciones de hotel me hacen sentir ansiosa. Si viajo con una asistente siempre voy y le pregunto para intercambiar habitaciones. Así que ella se queda en la suite y yo tengo una habitación normal.

- ¿Tienes algún póster en tu dormitorio?

Tengo un gran póster con todas las películas de Jean-Luc Godard,y algunas cosas yo misma he pintado. También pongo las primeras cartas que los niños me han escrito en los años que me han ayudado en los momentos más difíciles. Las leo y me siento mejor.

- En tu sitio web he visto la carta abierta en la que aclaraste que no fuiste intimidada en la universidad en Estados Unidos. ¿Porqué sentiste la necesidad de aclararlo?

Las personas son libres de especular acerca de mí, tratando de adivinar a qué universidad voy a asistir, que será de mi en mi próxima película o el color de mi vestido en una premier. Pero no pueden especular acerca de la honestidad de mis compañeros de estudios en la Universidad de Brown, que siempre se han comportado bien. Fue una experiencia fantástica para mí.

- ¿Qué es lo más difícil de sobrellevar?

Estar lejos de mi familia.

- Pero, también sucede que esta carta tiene fecha del 29 de abril, día de la boda de Kate y William. Estabas tratando de robar su atención?

(Se ríe mucho) veo que tienes el punto!

- Qué consejo amablemente le darías a Kate Middleton de esta cobertura mediática?

El único consejo que tengo es ser siempre verdadero contigo mismo.Nunca tiener algo que ocultar o perder. Esto se aplica a Kate Middleton y para todos los seres humanos también.

- ¿Crees que Kate es una chica con suerte?

En cierto modo, por supuesto, tiene suerte: está enamoradar y ella puede hacer bien al mundo. Ella tiene todo el potencial de ayudar a otros. Por otra parte, ya no tendrá ninguna privacidad más o libertad. Y siempre será un objetivo para la crítica y la presión.

- ¿Cómo reconocer a las personas en las que puedes confiar?

Tuve la fortuna de llegar a ser famosa cuando era muy joven, por lo que mi instinto, en ese sentido, se ha desarrollado desde el principio. Yo siempre sé lo que la gente quiere de mí, así que sólo sigo el juego.

- Tú pareces más madura que una chica de su edad. ¿En qué todavía te sientes como una adolescente?

Soy un poco estúpida a veces.

- ¿Alguna vez te has emborrachado?

Por supuesto. Creo que es normal a mi edad.

- ¿Cómo es tu estado de ebriedad?

No soy la mejor: me vuelvo aburrida y de repente me siento con sueño.

- ¿Tienes un perfil secreto en Facebook?


- ¿Chateas con personas desconocidas?

Casi nunca. Pero tengo una aplicación en mi iPad que uso para estar en contacto con mis amigos. A menudo les envío fotos algo tontas de mí.

- Si tuvieras una escoba de Harry Potter, ¿a dónde irías ahora?

Yo sin duda me quedo en París. Tal vez me gustaría hacer un viaje a los lugares que no conozco. Pero también me gusta estar aquí con ustedes conversando y bebiendo una taza de té.

- ¿Qué recuerdas de tu primer día en el set de Harry Potter?

Me sentí abrumada. La gente en todas partes. La primera escena que rodamos fue en el tren, y había un montón de animales. Demasiadas cosas interesantes para una chica 10 años de edad.

- ¿Estaba más contenta o preocupada?

Yo era una niña feliz.

- ¿Todavía lo eres?

Estoy tratando.

- ¿Recuerdas cuando firmaste tu primer autógrafo?

Claro. Yo estaba desconcertada: ¿qué va a hacer tipo desconocido con mi nombre y apellidos escritos por mí?

- ¿Qué recuerdas del último día en el set?

(Ella suspira y se queda en silencio)

- ¿Te sentiste revivida?

En realidad, yo estaba más aturdido que cualquier otra cosa. Y algo en el fondo me decía que no era realmente el final. Tal vez HarryPotter no tendrá fin.

- ¿Cuál fue la última vez que escuchaste de Daniel Radcliffe?

La semana pasada, me envió un sms. Me dio las gracias otra vez por ir a verlo en Broadway en Nueva York.

- ¿Cómo era él?

Brillante y divertido. No tengo ninguna duda sobre eso.

- Así que todavía están en contacto.

Por supuesto, somos amigos. También bebimos una copa después de su show, aunque estaba muy cansado.

- ¿Has encontrado en la vida real un amigo como Harry es de Hermione?

Claro. Tengo buenos amigos varones.

- ¿Están aquí ahora?


- ¿Cómo mantener una amistad si estás siempre viajando?

Siempre estoy en Skype, y también envió una gran cantidad de mensajes de texto: Soy la chica más rápida de todo el mundo en enviar mensajes de texto.

- ¿Qué tan difícil es conseguir que tu número de teléfono?

Lo suficiente.

- Entonces los chicos son bastante timidos para llegar a ti.

Es por eso que es muy difícil tener una historia de amor para mí. Soy una actriz famosa. Normalmente estoy rodeada de personas que cuidan de mí. Y soy tímida. Honestamente, no sé cómo salir de esta situación. Tan pronto como sepa, lo haré saber.

- Pero si ves a un chico que te gusta, ¿qué haces?

Nunca sé qué hacer. No dan el primer paso porque piensan que estoy super ocupada o fuera de su alcance. El resultado es que todavía estoy sola.

- Pero, seguro has tenido un novio en los últimos tres años.

Por suerte, sí. Pero no ahora.

- Vamos a hacer una excepción.

Ayúdame, por favor. (Risas)

- ¿Alguna vez has odiado a Hermione?

La odiaba sobre todo en la primera película de la saga, porque era un sabe-lo-todo, por cómo se vestía y por el cabello. Pero no todas las otras veces. Nunca la he odiado realmente.

- ¿Todavía piensas en ese personaje?

Creo que no me abandonará fácilmente.

- ¿Te sentiste culpable con ella cuando decidiste cortarte el cabello?

Sinceramente, no.

- Por lo menos nos dices el nombre de tu peluquero.

Su nombre es Rodney Cutler y tiene un estudio en Nueva York. Esmuy bueno, y en cada corte que me preguntaba si estaba segura.

- ¿Y qué respondías?

Yo le repetía: corta, corta todo.

Traducción por: Emma Watson - Fans Perú
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Why that clever come-back never comes

You have one of these.
Here's how your brain works, boys and girls.
The default brain network includes one of the busiest and most important structures in the entire brain, the hippocampus, which is responsible for processing memories. "Whenever you have to look something up or file something away, you ask your hippocampus to do it," says Jens Pruessner, an associate professor in the
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Iran Plans to Ban Global Internet and start National Islamic Internet No outside Internet Halal National Internet in Iran

Iran Plans to Ban Global Internet and start National
Islamic Internet
No outside Internet Halal National Internet in Iran

Iran is a Muslim Country.
As its very difficult to control and censor the global internet now Iran has decided to ban the global internet.
Iran is planning to start their own internet network limited only to Iran.

The internet will follow the Muslim Laws, will be Halal Internet.
Halal means compliant with Islamic law.
Halal means something which follows the Sharia Law.

Last February Reza Bagheri Asl, director of the telecommunication ministry's research institute, told an Iranian news agency that soon 60% of the nation's homes and businesses would be on the new, internal network.
Within two years it would extend to the entire country.

Ali Aghamohammadi, Iran's head of economic affairs, said that Iran's national Internet will be "a genuinely halal network, aimed at Muslims on an ethical and moral level,"

One of the reasons to start Halal [Muslim Limited] Iran National Internet is that it will stop the spreading of thoughts of democracy and freedoms and human rights and liberties which are above the religious books.

Currently all the computers use Windows Operating system few use Linux and Mac etc.
Majority people use Windows OS.

Now Iran is planning to introduce its own operating system and replace windows operating system.

Iran Government should understand that future is the democracy with or without Internet when kings and religious terror people will harass common man
one day common man will revolt.

Common man will take the law in his hands and he will destroy the evil minded people for his liberty and freedom of thought and speech.

Ban is not the solution.

To succeed in this Iran has to first disconnect Telephone connections from the outside world.
Every type of Telephone connection to outside world will be required to be baned to implement and start its own Halal Internet in Iran.

Otherwise Iran People will dial the Number and get connected to the Global Network.

Reality views by sm –
Monday, May 30, 2011

Keyword Tag – Iran Halal Internet Muslim Internet Ban Global Internet

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Joe Jonas - SEE NO MORE (Preview de 32 s)

Nuevo adelanto de SEE NO MORE, primer single del álbum solista 'Fast Life' de Joe Jonas que estará disponible en iTunes a partir del 13 de junio.

Lírica que se escucha: you walked away from me baby, i would have never done the same, you made me feel like our love was not threw it all away so

tú te fuiste de mi baby, yo nunca habría hecho lo mismo,
me hiciste sentir como que nuestro amor no fue real ... lo tiraste todo por la borda...


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Protect yourself online

A major hacker attack in April exposed the names and emails of millions of consumers to cyber criminals — and you might be on the list, Jane Bryant Quinn writes.  
As a practical matter, she says, you can’t get out of all of the massive data banks that hold your personal data. Even the names of people who opted out might be retained. But you can do your best to minimize your risk.
The latest
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May 29, 2011

David Archuleta en el Myrtle Beach Sun Festival

David Archuleta se presento ayer en Myrtle Beach como parte del anual Sun Fun Festival and Memorial Day, que tambien contó con la participación de Ariana Grande (Nickelodeon) y Emily Osment (Disney).
Como la atracción principal, David interpretó varios temas: Stomping the Roses, The Other Side of Down, A Little too not over You, My Hands, Works for Me, Touch My Hand, Something 'bout Love, Elevator, Falling Stars, Complain, My Kind of Perfect y Crush, A Thousand Miles y Gotta Get Through This. La novedad de la noche fueron los 2 nuevos covers que interpretó: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" de Tears for Fears y "Blackbird" de Paul Mc Cartney

Aquí les dejo algunos de los videos. Si quieren ver el resto solo denle click al nombre.






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David Archuleta en el Myrtle Beach Sun Festival

David Archuleta se presento ayer en Myrtle Beach como parte del anual Sun Fun Festival and Memorial Day, que tambien contó con la participación de Ariana Grande (Nickelodeon) y Emily Osment (Disney).
Como la atracción principal, David interpretó varios temas: Stomping the Roses, The Other Side of Down, A Little too not over You, My Hands, Works for Me, Touch My Hand, Something 'bout Love, Elevator, Falling Stars, Complain, My Kind of Perfect y Crush, A Thousand Miles y Gotta Get Through This. La novedad de la noche fueron los 2 nuevos covers que interpretó: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" de Tears for Fears y "Blackbird" de Paul Mc Cartney

Aquí les dejo algunos de los videos. Si quieren ver el resto solo denle click al nombre.






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State of the Blog: underlining & IT

This week: coding, IT at work, Twilight Zone

First, I'd like to openly thank longtime reader Alan Woodward, who helped me fix a long-running problem with DMD this week: the inability to underline links in blog posts. It's a minor thing, yes, but a tougher challenge than it would appear to be. Alan kindly spent a number of days re-coding DMD's template and, after some trial and error, I'm very pleased that links are now underlined in posts.

Alan also worked out why DMD's re-tweet buttons weren't displaying the full title of posts. For some reason the code hates the inclusion of apostrophes! Maybe we'll be able to fix that soon, but in the meantime I've ditched using apostrophes wherever possible in post titles.

So thank you, Alan! I'm very grateful for your time, effort and kindness this past week or so. *round of applause*

In other news, my IT problems have abated slightly, as I can now use the internet at work, but there's unfortunately no chance of Blogger and Disqus working for me. I'm stuck with IE6, which doesn't work with Blogger very well now, and the network people have blocked any access to Disqus. So you'll have to get used to most weekday updates being posted after 5pm GMT, although I'm trying to auto-post stuff from the night before (TV Picks, Jump the Blast, etc) just to tide things over. It's a shame--as there's less chance of me being first with a few UK TV news pieces, but that's how it goes.

I'm still planning to review episodes of The Twilight Zone in bite-sized form, remember. I've watched six episodes so far, and aim to release my first review of seven episodes later this week. It will primarily be a way to take up some slack here, as most US network shows go off-air. However, I'm not falling into the trap of assuming summer equals a TV drought--what with Breaking Bad, True Blood, Torchwood and many others airing new seasons. There will be plenty to be getting on with.

As always, this is the place to ask any questions, discuss something off-topic, bring something to my attention, or start a conversation about anything you like. Over to you!
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Light up your dad's life

Way too cool.

Flashlights. I suggest a minimum of one each.
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The Spirit of truth

From The Lectionary:
Jesus said to his disciples, "If you love me, you will keep my commandments. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, to be with you forever. This is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, because he abides with you, and he will be in you.

"I will not leave you orphaned; I am
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Socrates: a good reputation

"The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear."

-- Socrates
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Selena Gomez PROVOCATIVA con Justin Bieber

¿Selena Gomez provoca a Justin Bieber? Aquí vemos que la estrella de Los Hechiceros, hechiza sutilmente a su nuevo novio menor de edad, sacándose la ropa frente a él para quedar en un infartante y diminuto bikini rosa, en una de sus últimas salidas en sus vacaciones en Hawai hace un par de días.

Los expertos dicen que es Selena Gomez quien domina en la relación. Según la experta en lenguaje corporal, Dra. Lillian Glass, a pesar de Justin Bieber es quien parece estar encima de Selena, es ella la responsable de sus actos.

La Dra. Glass basa su conclusión en varias fotos donde Selena Gomez parece estar provocando a Justin Bieber. Ella de manera indirecta lo empuja para que él la agarre.

¿De acuerdo (COOL) o No-de-acuerdo (PASO)?

READ MORE - Selena Gomez PROVOCATIVA con Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez PROVOCATIVA con Justin Bieber

¿Selena Gomez provoca a Justin Bieber? Aquí vemos que la estrella de Los Hechiceros, hechiza sutilmente a su nuevo novio menor de edad, sacándose la ropa frente a él para quedar en un infartante y diminuto bikini rosa, en una de sus últimas salidas en sus vacaciones en Hawai hace un par de días.

Los expertos dicen que es Selena Gomez quien domina en la relación. Según la experta en lenguaje corporal, Dra. Lillian Glass, a pesar de Justin Bieber es quien parece estar encima de Selena, es ella la responsable de sus actos.

La Dra. Glass basa su conclusión en varias fotos donde Selena Gomez parece estar provocando a Justin Bieber. Ella de manera indirecta lo empuja para que él la agarre.

¿De acuerdo (COOL) o No-de-acuerdo (PASO)?

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Trace Cyrus, Brenda Song: Tatuaje Ancla Amor

El cantante Trace Cyrus, Brenda Song, Brandi Glenn Cyrus y un acompañante asisten a la fiesta de lanzamiento de la nueva T-Mobile Sidekick 4G en un local privado el 20 de abril de 2011 en Beverly Hills, California.

Tal parece que la relación entre Trace Cyrus y Brenda Song está mejor que nunca ahora que tienen tatuajes a juego!

Según los informes, Brace no sólo siguen juntos, sino que están más fuertes que nunca, e incluso han llevado su relación al siguiente nivel. Hace un par de días la pareja amante de la tinta tienen tatuajes a juego. Trace muy amablemente nos twitteó una foto del sutil ancla que adorna su rostro, escribiendo:

"Hola a mi nuevo y pequeño tatuaje de ancla. He estado esperando esto hace tiempo. Mi novia tiene uno igual! (pero no en la cara)". No podemos esperar para ver el revelador tatuaje en Song.

En noticias relacionadas, parece que Trace grabará una canción a dúo con su sister Miley, quien twiteó hace un par de días: "@TraceCyrus Can't wait to get in the studio with you. This song is the friggennnn shizzzzzzzz.".

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Cody Simpson INSEGURO en mall de Sidney

Cody Simpson toma el escenario en el centro comercial Westfield Miranda en Sydney, Australia, el sábado por la tarde (28 de mayo).

El cantante australiano de 14 años de edad, que sólo tenía tres canciones en su repertorio, tuvo que cancelar su sesión de firmas de autógrafos con sus fans porque le lanzaron algunos huevos cuando dejaba el escenario.

Según los reportes, "le arrojaron huevos desde un balcón arriba, pasando por la cabeza del cantante y cayendo detrás de él".

Cody Twitteó después del incidente, "Lo siento, el centro comercial es considerado ahora inseguro. No estoy autorizado a firmar autógrafos, pero gracias Sidney por venir. Espero verlos una próxima vez".

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Taliban Suicide Bomb Attack injures Gen. Markus Kneip, the NATO force's commander and kills top police commander injuring several

Taliban Suicide Bomb Attack injures Gen. Markus Kneip,
the NATO force's commander and kills top police commander injuring several

KABUL, Afghanistan –

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.
The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said the attack struck “a very important security meeting.”

Afghan Officials said that A Taliban suicide bomber entered wearing a police uniform blew himself up inside a heavily guarded governor’s compound in northern Afghanistan where top NATO and Afghan officials were meeting, killing several people there, including the highly regarded regional police commander, Gen. Daoud Daoud.
A suicide bomber wearing a police uniform blew himself up inside a heavily guarded compound
Suicide attack killed two senior Afghan police commanders and wounding the German general who commands coalition troops in northern Afghanistan.
provincial police chief Gen. Shah Jahan Noori, a secretary to the governor and one of Daud's bodyguards were killed in attack.

Gen. Markus Kneip, the NATO force's commander for northern Afghanistan, was among the injured

Two German soldiers and two other Afghans were killed in the blast.

Abdul Jabar Taqwa, the Takhar province governor who was at the meeting, suffered burns to his head, hands and back.

Nine other Afghans were wounded -- a cameraman working in the governor's office and eight Afghan troops.

Faiz Mohammad Tawhedi, a spokesman for the governor told that The bomber detonated his explosives-laden vest inside the governor's complex in Takhar province, where high-ranking Afghan officials were meeting with members of the international coalition.

The suicide attacker struck at 4:45 p.m. as top officials walked out of their meeting, a senior Afghan police officer told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to talk to journalists. There was a flash of fire and people started running in all directions, he said. After that, the room went dark and white smoke billowed from the compound.

Reality views by sm –
May 29, 2011

Keyword Tag – Taliban Suicide attack German Nato Commander Markus

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Maybe we are the center of the universe

The video below was captured by Stephane Guisard and Jose Francisco Salgado at the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile’s Atacama Desert.

What makes this time lapse particularly amazing--because we’ve all seen plenty of time lapse videos of the night sky--is the four telescopes in the foreground. Watching these instruments work against a black background would be
READ MORE - Maybe we are the center of the universe

DOCTOR WHO, 6.6 – "The Almost People"

Some two-part conclusions are intentionally different to their setups and take things to a whole new level (see: "Day Of The Moon"), while others are just concerned with fast-paced resolution and pay-off. "The Almost People" was definitely in the latter camp, which makes it a tough episode to review separately, as I've said all I wanted to say about this story's direction, writing, location filming, and performances in my review of "The Rebel Flesh" last week...

However, freed of exposition and with a better way to let audiences differentiate between the humans and "Gangers" (the latter tended to wear Chronicles Of Riddick uniforms), this episode was a far more satisfying jolt of action, drama and light comedy. I was still disappointed the characterizations remained thin for the guest stars, which didn't help when we were supposed to feel attached to Jimmy (Mark Bonnar) over his son's holographic message, but the story definitely moved into a higher gear to distract you from most of its problems. It also helped that, with the arrival of a "Flesh-Doctor", the episode could have fun with The Doctor (Matt Smith) interacting with himself, and everyone else's reaction to having two identical Time Lords around.

Amy (Karen Gillan) was understandably less warm towards the "copy", which was a prejudice both Doctors couldn't understand, and in general the episode did a good job exploring the concept of identity--as the duplicates are supposedly impossible to tell apart. If only writer Matthew Graham hadn't decided to give the Gangers the ability to contort their bodies like Stretch Armstrong, together with their tendency to revert back to their malformed, glassy facial features—both huge giveaways that they're very different beings...

The story escalated the sense of jeopardy well, helped by a countdown element as the factory started to disintegrate, and the revelations that the humans are far from innocent in their mistreatment of the Flesh worked well. (That pile of melted Ganger bodies was a strong nightmarish visual.) I also appreciated how the episode continued to give Rory (Arthur Darvill) something to do in his own subplot with Jennifer (Sarah Smart) instead of hang on Amy's hip making jokes. I can't deny there were still times when my head would spin trying to remember who's human and who's Ganger, which wasn't always intentional, and there were many times when split-screens and actor-doubles were noticeable and distracting, but in general things were handled nicely. Smith definitely relished the opportunity to play a darker version of The Doctor, when his allegiance to his Flesh brothers was tested, and I'm sure Whovians enjoyed the Flesh-Doctor's initial difficulty parsing 900 years' worth of memories and speaking in Tom Baker and David Tennant's voice ("would you like a Jelly Baby"?) I even liked the CGI for the spindly wax-insect Jennifer transformed into which looked particularly effective in moody lighting moving down a corridor.

It's just unfortunate for "The Almost People" that its denouement featured an entirely separate cliffhanger that eclipsed everything that's happened in the previous two weeks. It was like Steven Moffat stepped in to write the last page as a prelude to his mid-series finale, and simply stole the show in a heartbeat. For we learned that Amy isn't the real Amy, but a "Flesh-Amy" who's been placed aboard the TARDIS in her stead. The Doctor's finally figured this out, and my guess is the Flesh-Amy was substituted by The Silence when Amy was captured in "Day Of The Moon". The real Amy is actually in some unknown location, about to give birth under the supervision of "midwife" the Eye Patch Lady (Frances Barber), and it's now up to The Doctor and Rory to find and rescue her...

Inevitably then, the questions viewers will be asking as the credits rolled had nothing to do with this two-parter, and everything to do with series 6's mytharc and random predictions for next week. Why did Flesh-Amy have a psychic link to the real Amy? I assume the TARDIS' unresolved pregnancy test was because Amy is pregnant, but Flesh-Amy wasn't? And why do The Silence want Amy's child, if they're behind all this? Is Amy's child the little girl we saw regenerating in "Day Of The Moon"? And while it seemed very plausible the Flesh-Doctor could be the Doctor we saw killed in "Impossible Astronaut", he was himself vaporized in this episode--although The Doctor did suggest his duplicate could endure ("your molecular memory could survive this, you know... it may not be the end.") Is it still feasible The Doctor's death was actually his Flesh double sacrificing himself, perhaps as payment for 200 years of life with no regeneration?

Overall, "The Almost People" was a good resolution of an average storyline and concept, mostly succeeding because it had a stronger pace, more energy, and more successful humour than "The Rebel Flesh" managed. It's cumulatively still a fairly unremarkable two-parter, but not the colossal waste of time it was threatening to become last week. As I said, it's just a shame so many episodes are made to feel like distractions to Moffat's masterplan, as there's definitely been a feeling since series 5 that stories that are unconnected to the year's mytharc needs to be "juiced" with breadcrumbs (the Eye Patch Lady sightings) or include epilogues that, in the show's near-future, will feel as extraneous as those "cracks in time" from last year.

written by Matthew Graham / directed by Julian Simpson / 28 May 2011 / BBC One

Next time...

"A Good Man Goes To War" Prequel...

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