Mar 31, 2011

Premier de Soul Surfer

“Soul Surfer” llegará a los cines el 8 de April , cuenta la vida de la surfista Bethany Hamilton.
AnnaSophia Robb interpreta a Bethany Hamilton , Dennis Quaid y Helen Hunt, Ross Thomas, Jeremy Sumpter, Kevin Sorbo y Carrie Underwood .

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Premier de Soul Surfer

“Soul Surfer” llegará a los cines el 8 de April , cuenta la vida de la surfista Bethany Hamilton.
AnnaSophia Robb interpreta a Bethany Hamilton , Dennis Quaid y Helen Hunt, Ross Thomas, Jeremy Sumpter, Kevin Sorbo y Carrie Underwood .

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At 14 Hena Akhter a Muslim girl raped and publicly given 101 lashes which killed her

At 14 Hena Akhter a Muslim girl raped and publicly given 101 lashes
which killed her

Shariatpur, Bangladesh
villagers in Bangladesh's Shariatpur district passed harsh judgment on Hena Akhter a 14 year old girl.
She was raped but they found her guilty of adultery.
The imam from the local mosque ordered the fatwa, or religious ruling, and the punishment: 101 lashes delivered swiftly, deliberately in public.

But Hena dropped after 70 lashes and then Bloodied and bruised, she was taken to hospital, where she died a week later.

Hena's family hailed from rural Shariatpur.
Hena was the youngest of five children born to Darbesh Khan, a day laborer, and his wife, Aklima Begum.
They shared a hut made from corrugated tin and decaying wood

Hena's cousin Mahbub Khan came back to Shariatpur from a stint working in Malaysia. His son was Hena's age and the two were in seventh grade together.

Mahbub Khan eyed Hena and began harassing her on her way to school and back

Learning about this poor Hena's father complained to the elders who run the village about his nephew, three times Hena's age.

After few months Mahbub khan raped the Hena.
on a winter night, as Hena's sister Alya told it, Hena was walking from her room to an outdoor toilet when Mahbub Khan gagged her with cloth, forced her behind nearby shrubbery and beat and raped her.

Hena struggled to escape, Alya told CNN. Mahbub Khan's wife heard Hena's muffled screams and when she found Hena with her husband, she dragged the teenage girl back to her hut, beat her and trampled her on the floor.

The next day, the village elders met to discuss the case at Mahbub Khan's house

The imam pronounced his fatwa. Khan and Hena were found guilty of an illicit relationship.
Her punishment under sharia or Islamic law was 101 lashes; his 201.

The father and mother has no option but to watch their own innocent girl murdered by religious criminals.

Darbesh Khan and Aklima Begum had no choice but to mind the imam's order. They watched as the whip broke the skin of their youngest child and she fell unconscious to the ground.

the doctors responsible for Hena's first autopsy faced prosecution for what a court called a "false post-mortem report to hide the real cause of Hena's death."

A second autopsy performed at Dhaka Medical College Hospital revealed Hena had died of internal bleeding and her body bore the marks of severe injuries.

Police are now conducting an investigation and have arrested several people, including Mahbub Khan, in connection with Hena's death.

Is it not a religious murder?
Do you think Imam will be charged with murdering a young girl?

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HBO cancel 'In Treatment', sort of

HBO have cancelled In Treatment, after three seasons, in light of the psychotherapy drama's continually low ratings. The third season premiere only attracted 279,000 viewers. However, the phrasing from a HBO spokesperson is peculiar:

"It's true that we have no plans to continue with In Treatment as previously formatted. However, we are in continued conversations with the executive producers to find another way to continue telling these rich stories."
What does that mean? Will the show return, but with a more accessible format? Will Gabriel Byrne's character Dr Paul Westen be given a different show? We'll have to wait and see.

I'm very disappointed by this news. I've only seen In Treatment's first season on DVD, but it's one of my favourites purely from watching that box-set religiously every day for a month. In Treatment's second season is coming to Sky Atlantic very soon, with the DVD set for an October release. I assume the final season won't air in the UK until mid-2012.

Oh well. Its cancellation is understandable. In Treatment just didn't find a big audience, despite its critical acclaim and awards success (Dianne Wiest won the Best Supporting Actress Emmy in 2008, while Byrne himself got two Best Actor nominations.) It's just a pity the show's kudos and good reviews never equated to viewers. Maybe the show's unique format (a five episodes per week format, each half-hour focusing on a different, returning client) meant it was too hard for casual viewers to be drawn in once it had started.
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Samsung R series laptop – How to Remove StarLogger a keylogger spyware from laptop computer

Samsung R series laptop – How to Remove StarLogger
a keylogger spyware from laptop computer

Currently as per reports Samsung is selling R series Laptops pre-installed with commercial keylogger software StarLogger.

So if you are using Samsung laptop update your antivirus and get rid of this spyware.

Below is the method how to remove StarLogger a keylogger spyware from any laptop or say Samsung R series laptop

What is keylogger?
Keyloggers records everything you type, captures screenshots, logs what you fill in forms and sends all the information to the specified email address of a hacker.
After that hacker knows all your passwords, confidential information and he can rob you or even blackmail you.

Location of the Starlogger keylogger
Where the starlogger keylogger is stores on hard disk?
Task manger – check the process WinSLManager.exe
By default StarLogger will be found in this directory
C:\Windows\SL directory
And its executable will be running (path C:\Windows\SL\WinSL.exe).

If you do not antivirus updates then you can remove this virus manually.

How to open task manger?
Task Manager is opened by going to Start-Run and entering "taskmgr" (without the quotes).
Another method is to right-click on an empty spot in the Taskbar and then choose "Task Manager" from the context menu.
Third method is press Ctrl+Alt+Delete opens the Windows Security dialog box, which contains a Task Manager Button.
Another is ctrl+shift+esc

First of open your task manager
We have to stop the active processes of StarLogger running in the background.
Open Task Manager, find WinSLManager.exe and End that process.

Now open command prompt and Unregister the StarLogger DLL file by executing following command
regsvr32/u WinSLH.dll

Now open the registry editor by typing “Regedit” in Run command box
Now find search following term – winsl
Then delete registry key shown for StarLogger as below


Final step is to delete files found under C:\Windows\SL directory.

Thus you will get the rid of starlogger keylogger spyware.

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Talking Point: do you know anyone with a ratings box?

A tiny percentage of the population are given TV ratings boxes to chronicle their daily viewing. There are 16,000 so-called Nielsen families in America, and 5,100 British households given BARB boxes. The results of this minority's viewing are then multiplied to predict what the whole TV-watching nation were tuning into. For example: one BARB household equals 5,000 actual homes. Yes, it sounds ridiculous and antiquated, but it's the only viable system we have.

But have you ever been part of these families? Or do you know anyone who has? After decades of this system, you'd think we'd all know someone who had a ratings box -- but that doesn't seem to be the case. They do exist, right? And what are your thoughts on the way ratings are collected? How can the system be improved? Will there come a time when everyone has a ratings box, transmitting real-time information? Would that be open to widespread abuse? Is it too Orwellian?

Over to you!
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Beware Samsung pre-installs keyloggers onto computers laptops to know what user does

Beware Samsung pre-installs keyloggers onto computers laptops
to know what user does

Security expert Mohamed Hassan, who is the founder of NetSec Consulting when received his Samsung R525 laptop, he ran a full system scan and found a commercial keylogger called StarLogger.

StarLogger what starlogger keylogger will do?
It records every keystroke made on the computer, even on password-protected boxes, starting up whenever the computer starts up.
The software emails results at intervals to a specified email address and will even include screen captures.

After discovering keylogger in Samsung R525 laptop Hassan bought another laptop
But again he found a keylogger in second laptop which he bought
Hasan found starlogger keylogger spyware on second Samsung laptop, a model R540

Hasan said that "The fact that on both models the same files were found in the same location supported the suspicion that the hardware manufacturer, Samsung, must know about this software on its brand-new laptops,"

Hassan reports that at first Samsung Support personnel denied that they installed the software and directed him to Microsoft, but then eventually admitted that Samsung was responsible.

After this incident Samsung has started investigation into the matter
Samsung Electronics is investigating allegations that some models of its R Series laptops contain keylogging software that could be used to record anything typed on the laptop computers.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Samsung R series laptop – How to Remove StarLogger
a keylogger spyware from laptop computer

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Supreme Court agrees with loss amount found by CAG Orders CBI to Hire Top Lawyer to fight against rich and big companies

Supreme Court agrees with loss amount found by CAG
Orders CBI to Hire Top Lawyer to fight against rich and big companies

The CAG's estimated 2G loss figure of Rs 1.76 lakh crore has been found right by Supreme Court of India.

Presenting details of the CBI investigation, senior advocate K K Venugopal agreed with the bench comprising Justices G S Singhvi and A K Ganguly

Advocate K K Venugopal further said that CAG had found this despite not having the advantage of examining witnesses and documents at great length,"

It’s expected that CBI will file charge sheet on April 2.

Supreme Court Bench said that and asked the investigating agency to pay heed to engaging a competent senior counsel as special public prosecutor (PP), when the influential accused are sure to engage top lawyers for their defense.

When the bench asked him not to forget the public prosecutor aspect, Venugopal said, "All big lawyers have been retained either by the cellular operators or the accused in the case. We only have the list of CBI prosecutors to choose from."

Justices Singhvi and Ganguly said that and told CBI to try and engage a special public prosecutor. "Looking into the magnitude of the crime, a special public prosecutor will be appropriate

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2010 Honesty Award Goes to Comptroller and Auditor General
(CAG) of India

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Population of India 1.21 Billion Know 20 Important Facts from provisional 2011 Census report

Population of India 1.21 Billion Know 20 Important Facts
from provisional 2011 Census report

According to the provisional 2011 Census report India's population is now pegged at 1.21 billion, an increase of more than 181 million in the last 10 years

The Census 2011 is the 15th census of India since 1872 and conducted in two phases - houselisting and housing census (April to September 2010) and population enumeration (February 9 to 28, 2011).

The Census covered all 35 states and UTs and cost Rs. 2,200 crore. 27 lakh enumerators were involved in the exercise where 8,000 metric tonnes of paper and 10,500 metric tonnes of material moved.

India now accounts for world’s 17.5 per cent population.

China has 19.4 per cent of the world's total population; India has 17.5 per cent of the world population.

According to the Census report India's population is now bigger than the combined population of USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state and the combined population of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra is more than that of the USA.

The most populous district is Thane in Maharashtra. The Union Territory of Lakshadweep is the least populated at 64,429

The highest population density is in Delhi's Northeast district (37,346 per sq km) while the lowest is in Dibang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh (just one per sq km).

The latest child sex ratio in is 914 female against 1,000 male - the lowest since Independence. This again proves that we want male child not a female child. But nature will teach a lesson to Indians in future.

Child sex ratio in the Punjab and Haryana remains worst - 830 in the case of the former and 846 in the case of the latter.

The gap of 21.59 percentage points recorded between male and female literacy rates in 2001 census reduced to 16.68 percentage points in 2011

Literates constitute 74 per cent of the total population aged seven and above and illiterates form 26 per cent. But I do not agree with this learn to sign a document does not mean you are educated, educated is one who understands the working of government, educated is one who can accept the freedom of others.

The literacy rate has gone up from 64.83 per cent in 2001 to 74.04 per cent in 2011 showing an increase of 9.21 per cent.

Literacy rate for males rose from 75.26 to 82.14 per cent marking a rise of 6.9 per cent, it increased by 11.8 per cent for females to go from 53.67 to 65.46 per cent. Literacy rate improved sharply among females as compared to males.

Ten states and union territories, including Kerala, Lakshadweep, Mizoram, Tripura, Goa, Daman and Diu, Puducherry, Chandigarh, National Capital Territory of Delhi and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, have attained literacy rate of above 85 per cent

Kerala has the highest literacy rate at 93.91 per cent followed by Lakshadweep at 92.28 per cent.

Mizoram's two districts - Serchhip (98.76 per cent) and Aizawl (98.50 per cent) have recorded highest literacy rates while Madhya Pradesh's Alirajpur district (37.22 per cent) and Chhattisgarh's Bijapur district (41.58 per cent) recorded lowest literacy rates.

Bihar is at the bottom of the ladder with literacy rate of 63.82 followed by Arunachal Pradesh at 66.95

The Census indicated a continuing preference for male children over female children. The latest child sex ratio in is 914 female against 1,000 male—the lowest since Independence.

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BBC4 announce more 'Dirk Gently'

Following a well-received pilot last year, BBC4 have commissioned more episodes of Dirk Gently, the surreal detective series based on the character created by author Douglas Adams. Three hour-long episodes will be written by Howard Overman (Merlin, Misfits), reuniting actors Stephen Mangan, Darren Boyd and Helen Baxendale. The three specials are expected to be broadcast in 2012.

What do you make of this news? It's a shame we'll only be getting three episodes (a la Sherlock), probably because of BBC4's lower budget and the availability of Stephen Mangan and Howard Overman, but I'm just glad there's more to come. You?
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Mar 30, 2011

'Doctor Who': Series 6 Full Trailer

The BBC have debuted the official, full-length trailer for series 6 of Doctor Who online. This one-minute tease will make its television debut tonight at 8pm on BBC1. Behold! Doesn't it look awesome? I'm so pleased the quality of production design and special effects keeps improving. I always thought the Russell T. Davies era looked like a glorified kid's show, but Steven Moffat's ensuring it's more rich and stylish these days.

Scary clown! Pirates! Dolls! River Song!

"Fear me: I've killed hundreds of Time Lords"
"Fear me: I've killed all of them."
Excited now? Doctor Who returns on 23 April.
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Rico J Puno - Persona non Grata in Cebu for Joking Governor Garcia

Two of Cebu's Provincial Board Members defended their Governor by filing a resolution declaring the OPM Hitmaker "Persona non Grata" in the "Queen City of the South"; which they also retracted, according to reports. This incident happened in a local and national government officials gathering at Mandaue City which was attended by some prominent politicians like Gringo Honasan and Miguel Zubiri.

As summarized, Rico J allegedly commended Governor Gwendolyn Garcia's beauty while followed by an offending joke asking if she had cosmetic operations with Dr. Calayan or Belo.

However, Governor Garcia didn't deny this fact and admitted that she underwent thermage, a surgical procedure for removing facial wrinkles.

"Persona non grata" is a diplomatic term that indicates proscription against a person from entering a particular region, province, city or country.
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Mainlining TV: 'The Kennedys', 'Game Of Thrones', 'Mildred Pierce', etc.

Just a few words to say that I'm in the middle of a strange period of activity, where there are less regular shows to review suddenly (Chuck's on hiatus till 11 April, Fringe isn't back till 15 April, No Ordinary Family finishes next week), but my time's being taken up mainlining lots of shows for Obsessed With Film.

I recently watched the first 90-minutes of The Kennedys miniseries (primed for a review Friday) and Bored To Death's first season, while Game Of Thrones and Mildred Piece screeners are on the way. Plus, I had to compile the 20 TV Pilots We Want To See Feature.

So while it's been uncharacteristically quiet around here in March... I'm just as busy, if not more so! On the positive side, this means there will be a small explosion of fresh reviews over the next few weeks, starting with Starz's Camelot from this Friday. I've also been catching up with a few other things -- like my Caprica viewings (two episodes left!) and my infamously delayed Firefly review (860 words done!)

Anyway, that's how things stand right now. I thought you may like to know.
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Shiney Ahuja convicted for raping maid Mumbai Court found Shiney Ahuja Guilty of Rape

Shiney Ahuja convicted for raping maid Mumbai Court
found Shiney Ahuja Guilty of Rape

Updated Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja has been convicted for raping his domestic help by a Mumbai court.

Shiney Ahuja had earlier been granted bail by Justice A P Deshpande of Mumbai High Court on October 1, 2009 on a surety of Rs. 50,000 with a condition that he would stay in Delhi and report to the nearest police station regularly.

In 2009 Bollywood Actor Shiney Ahujas 18-year-old maid accused him of rape, when both of them were alone at his flat.
According to her statement to police, Shiney's wife and child had gone out when the incident happened.
The maid was employed at Abuja’s home since 45 days.
But reports mentioned that the complainant (maid) had been working at Ahuja's apartment for nearly a year.
She apparently told the police that she had come for domestic work to Ahuja's flat. The actor's wife was not at home. "He took me into his bedroom, gagged and raped me

The complaint was registered at Oshiwara police station
The actor has been booked under
Section 376 (rape),
Section 339 (wrongful restraint)
And section 506 (threatening to kill the victim) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The medical reports confirm that Shiney is guilty and that his DNA had been found to match the sperm found on his maid’s clothes.

Though the forensic report confirmed that the semen sample taken from maid’s body matches the star’s DNA

The trial was being conducted in-camera before the Sewri fast track court.
In-camera trial refers to a case where the court bars the media from reporting about the case as per section 327 of the CrPC, applicable in cases like rape.

Shiney Ahuja has been sentenced to seven years in prison.
From court, Ahuja was taken to jail.

The rape victim maid turned hostile in the case of Shiney.

Now Sessions Court has issued a notice to maid as to why no action should be taken for having filed a false report," the judge observed while delivering the verdict on March 30.

Sessions judge P M Chouhan pointed out seven circumstantial evidences to nail the actor in the crime that include semen stains on bed sheet and a nail injury on the actor's arm indicating that force was used on the victim.

Now Shiney Ahuja will appeal in the High court against this judgment.

Ahuja made his acting debut with Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, which was released in 2005.
Shiney Ahuja has acted in hit films like Gangster, Hazaron Khwaishen Aisi and Woh Lamhe.
He bagged the Kalakar award for ‘Best actor in 2008’ for Khoya Khoya Chand.

Updated Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shiney Ahuja filed an appeal in Bombay high court challenging his conviction by lower court.

The actor's appeal was admitted today and his plea for bail has been posted for hearing on April 27 by Justice A R Joshi.

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Philippines mourns after the Execution of 3 Pinoys in China

The whole Filipino nation is still mourning after the three Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking were executed in China today. Despite the public appeals made by the Philippine government and the various pleas from different international organizations, the Chinese government remained firm with its decision to subject the Filipino convicts to lethal injection.

In 2008, Elizabeth Batain, Sally Ordinario-Villanueva and Ramon Credo were caught smuggling several kilograms of heroin each in China where they have also been detained for a couple of years. Solid in its policy against illegal drugs, China as a communist country holds on to its law that the trafficking of at least 50 grams of any illicit drug is punishable by death. Fact is there have been many Chinese nationals and other foreigners who suffered the same fate. Thus, many believed that it was indeed a more hopeless case for the three Filipinos. And truly it was!

"It is a sad day for us, up to the last minute we were doing everything we can to postpone the execution," Vice-President Jejomar Binay said in a radio interview from Qatar. The Vice-President sent an appeal on Tuesday asking to keep the three Filipinos alive. However, his request was not granted. It could be remembered that he flew to Beijing in February and gained a brief delay of the death sentences.

The three suffered their execution today, March 30, 2011. Elizabeth Batain, 38, was executed by lethal injection at a prison in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Sally Ordinario-Villanueva, 32, and Ramon Credo, 42, were executed in the port city of Xiamen.

Earlier today, their family members were allowed to visit them as prayer vigils and masses were held in the Philippines.
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TV Ratings: 'Bored To Death', Sky Atlantic

HBO's comedy-drama Bored To Death premiered on Sky Atlantic on Monday at 10.15pm, but could only manage a staggeringly awful 50,600 viewers. I mean, that's just abysmal. It doesn't help that Bored To Death is now two years old (plenty of time for its natural audience to seek it out elsewhere), and it wasn't marketed very strongly, but it goes to show what kind of causal audience SkyA attracts after 10pm. I don't dare to imagine what future ratings will be like, considering Bored To Death's pilot is its worst episode and has probably ensured most of that 50k don't come back.

Is Sky Atlantic having problems because it's not the kind of channel viewers will drift to, in the hope of finding something to watch? Its schedule doesn't contain much "bubblegum TV" you can idly chew on, as the emphasis is on dramas that require your full attention, patience and commitment. Maybe SkyA is always going to struggle because of its position in the marketplace, beyond the seriously expensive HBO shows Sky will throw some marketing muscle behind (like Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Game Of Thrones.)

While I'm here, Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena remained a strong performer for Sky1, with 409,900 viewers tuning in for episode 2. That's a slight drop from the 482k who watched the premiere, but nothing to get concerned about.
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Coming Soon: 'Campus', Channel 4

Do you remember Campus? The comedy pilot produced for Channel 4's Comedy Showcase season way back in November 2009? If so, you may also recall that it was selected to be given a full series, and now it's finally about to broadcast! I reviewed the original pilot here, and quite enjoyed it, despite some reservations about its semi-improvised style (inspired by Green Wing, which shares many of the same writers) and its abrasive, bonkers tone.

If you're unaware, Campus focuses on the everyday events at the struggling Kirke University, with its staff of eccentric teachers -- such as the tyrannical Vice Chancellor Jonty de Wolfe (Andy Nyman) and womanizing English literature professor Matt Beer (Joseph Millson.) You can watch a three-minute clip below:

Campus begins its six-part run on Channel 4, 5 April @10pm. Will you be tuning in?

Sponsored post.
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Elizabeth Clenci Wins Bb. Pilipinas 2011 National Costume

Bb. Pilipinas 2011 primer was successfully held at Republiq in Resorts World, Pasay City last March 29, 2011. The forty gorgeous ladies of Bb. Pilipinas 2011 once again participated in this major activity as they displayed in the crowd their fabulous Philippine terno.

Present during the event were the organizers and people of Bb. Pilipinas Charities Incorporated (BPCI) as well as the former Bb. Filipinas beauty queens. Last year’s winners Czarina Gatbonton, Krista Kleiner and Ma. Venus Raj took part on the occasion while TJ and Borgy Manotoc joined Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner-Up Ma. Venus Raj as event hosts.

Elizabeth Clenci, candidate number 2, won the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 National Costume award. Whoever wins as Bb. Pilipinas-Universe will wear that winning costume in Miss Universe 2011 to be held in Brazil.

Predictions say that anyone from Mary Jean Lastimosa, Shamcey Supsup or Diana Arevalo will wear the said costume as they are predicted by pageant experts as the top 3 contenders for the crown.

The Bb. Pilipinas 2011 primer will be aired on April 3, Sunday via ABS-CBN

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AMC's 'Mad Men' returning in 2012

AMC have confirmed that Mad Men will return for a fifth season in early-2012. It's believed the delay in production this year has stemmed from AMC's intention to make the series more profitable by:

  • Including product placement in episodes.
  • Shaving 2-minutes off each episode, for extra advertising.
  • Axing two regular characters, to save money.
It's believed that creator Matthew Weiner has been in a standoff with AMC over these proposed changes. It's not yet know if he's been successful in opposing them, or a compromise has been reached with the network. Whatever's happened, Mad Men will return next year -- hopefully with Weiner still attached, despite the fact his contract expired after season 4, so AMC could replace him. But they'd be very foolish to continue making the show without Weiner, as he's written/co-written the vast majority of episodes. Mad Men is entirely Weiner's vision, so I doubt a Weiner-less version would sustain the quality. Kind of like when Aaron Sorkin left The West Wing.

AMC, on plans for the fifth season:

"AMC has officially authorised production of season five of Mad Men, triggering our option with Lionsgate. While we are getting a later start than in years past due to ongoing, key non-cast negotiations, Mad Men will be back for a fifth season in early 2012."
Personally, I don't think AMC's demands are too unreasonable. Mad Men may be a critical darling that wins prestigious awards, but it's never been a ratings winner on either side of the Atlantic. Would fans really care if episode were a few shorter, and some characters (like Harry Crane?) became semi-regular? Probably not. The intention to involve product placement just confuses me, because I thought Mad Men already contained product placement in the ad campaigns its characters tackled...

What do you make of this news? Would you watch Mad Men if Matthew Weiner wasn't the showrunner? If so, do you think it could work? And do you think AMC's demands are justified, or do you agree that Weiner should fight to keep the status quo?
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More than Rs. 100,000 salary Andhra Pradesh legislators Politicians increase their salaries and perks by 150%

Andhra Pradesh legislators Politicians increase their salaries and perks by 150% will earn more than 100,000 Rs.

More than Rs. 100,000 salary Andhra Pradesh legislators Politicians increase their salaries and perks by 150%

Andhra Pradesh assembly got 294 members and 90 members of the legislative council.

On the last day of the budget session Andhra Pradesh legislators Politicians passed a bill
Increasing their salaries and allowances by about 150 percent.

Old Basic Monthly pay was Rs.5000 and now the AP politicians will get basic monthly pay of Rs.12, 000.

Old allowances were amounted to Rs. 36.000 and now the AP politician’s legislators will get allowance of Rs. 95,000 per month.

In addition, every politician legislator will get railway coupons worth Rs. 70,000

Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC), Road Transport Corporation (RTC), Housing Corporation and Girijan Cooperatives will also present
Special gift vouchers to the legislators.

Every member of assembly will get a laptop, printer, scanner, i-Pad and a touch-screen smart phone

The pension of former legislators and legislative councilors has also been increased to Rs.15, 000. This will be Rs. 20,000 for legislators who served two terms and Rs. 25,000
for three terms

Thus now Andhra Pradesh legislators Politicians will monthly get more than Rs.100, 000 monthly.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Mar 29, 2011

'The Fades' taking shape for BBC3

Iain De Caestecker & Daniel Kaluuya

A BBC press release confirms that BBC3's new supernatural drama The Fades (previously known as Touch) has started filming. The six-part series, written by Jack Thorne (Skins, This Is England '86), concerns a young man called Paul (River City's Iain De Caestecker) who's haunted by apocalyptic dreams and starts seeing spirits (or "fades") in his everyday life; phenomena his best friend and therapist Mac (Psychoville's Daniel Kaluuya) struggles to help him cope with.

Jack Thorne, on show's origin:

"The Fades was born from a trip into executive producer, Sue Hogg's office -- she asked me what drama of the last ten years I wished I'd written -- I said the American cable show Freaks & Geeks -- I was wearing a Ghostbusters t-shirt, she said 'what about Freaks & Geeks meets Ghostbusters'. And I smiled and nodded enthusiastically. But the further we've gone along, and it's been five years since that meeting, the more seriously we've taken the fantasy and the mythology and so the comedy is subtler and a newer, fresher, hopefully more exciting show has emerged. I feel so lucky to be part of the team that's bringing it to the screen -- everyone from our location manager to our FX supervisor are so committed and we have such an amazing cast -- I'm quite literally in dreamland right now."
Kate Harwood, BBC Controller of Drama Series & Serials:

"The minute I read Jack Thorne's script I realised we were in exciting new territory. This is a vision of great imagination and I am thrilled that we have such a talented cast and that we have director Farren Blackburn and a brilliant team who can bring this vision to life... or half life!"
The Fades will co-star Miranda's Tom Ellis (a teacher suspected of killing his missing wife), This Is England '86's Johnny Harris (a mentor when it comes to tackling the forces of darkness), This Life's Daniel Nardini (a woman with an extraordinary ability), Skins' Lily Loveless (Paul's twin sister Anna), Ashes To Ashes' Claire Rushbrook (Paul and Anna's mum), Theo Barklem-Biggs (a policeman), Day Of The Triffids' Jenn Murray and Kick-Ass's Sophie Wu.

The Fades will arrive on BBC3 later this year, as a co-production with BBC America.
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'Primeval' series 5 to debut 24 May

The action-adventure sci-fi series Primeval is returning for a fifth series on 24 May. As part of ITV's co-financing deal with BBC America, ProSieben and UKTV, the digital channel Watch will get the world premiere, with ITV1 repeating series 5 as a terrestrial premiere in early-2012. Watch will also be showing series 4 from 3 April @7pm, just prior to premiering brand new episodes.

It's a rather unique situation, isn't it! Doctor Who will also be splitting its series in half this year (the first seven episode airing from 23 April, followed by the remaining 6 in the autumn), but viewers will always find it on BBC1. In Primeval's case, I wonder how many ITV1 fans will be unaware new episode of Primeval are being broadcast on Watch this summer. I guess it depends on how much marketing Watch give the show's return, but I assume they'll be pushing this quite strongly. It's almost definitely going to be a ratings winner for them.

There's no word on BBC America's schedule. Primeval premiered on the same day in America earlier this year, before slipping to being a few weeks behind the UK, so will they have a similar arrangement with Watch? Or, worst case scenario, will BBCA viewers stay tethered to ITV1's broadcast, and consequently have to wait until next year?
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Asif Balwa, Rajiv Agarwal of Kusegaon Fruits and Vegetables Pvt Ltd Arrested by CBI in 2G scam probe

Asif Balwa, Rajiv Agarwal of Kusegaon Fruits and Vegetables Pvt Ltd
Arrested by CBI in 2G scam probe

In relation with 2G spectrum scam Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested
Asif Balwa, the brother of DB Realty's promoter Shahid Usman Balwa, and Rajiv Agarwal

Asif Balwa and Rajiv Agarwal are associated with Kusegaon Fruits and Vegetables Pvt Ltd, which reportedly loaned Cineyug a sum of Rs 212 crore.

The Enforcement Directorate submitted its status report on the 2G scam case before the Supreme Court and told the court that telecom companies which were granted 2G licenses entered into benami transactions while bringing in foreign money.

The ED said Telestat had received Rs 106.95 crores as FDI and one share was allotted against this sum.
The directorate added that another company, Unitech, has control of over 353 sister firms of which 32 are based in India and that these need to be investigated.

DB Realty was owned by Shahid Balwa who has a stake in Swan Telecom which is one of the companies named in the 2G scam.

Kalaignar TV in this TV channel Karunanidhi's wife MK Dayalu owns 60 per cent and daughter Kanimozhi owns another 20 percent in the DMK Kalaignar TV channel.

DB Realty owned by Shahid Balwa gave loan to DMK's Kalaignar TV.

Kalaignar TV's balance sheet shows Rs 214.84 crore as an as an unsecured loan

It comes from Cineyug Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd and the exact amount is Rs 214.8654 crore.
It is given to Kalaignar TV as an unsecured loan in the company's balance sheet for the year 2009-2010.

Cineyug is owned by the Balwas and the Morani Brothers.

Now Cineyug balance sheet shows Rs.212 crore is loaned by Kusegaon Fruit and Vegetables Pvt Ltd.

Now again this Kusegaon Fruit and Vegetables Pvt Ltd shows an unsecured loan in its balance sheet of Rs 209 crore.

The Supreme Court had asked the government to set up a special court exclusively for dealing with the 2G spectrum case.

following directions of the Supreme Court Delhi Government issued a notification designating Om Prakash Saini as a special judge to "undertake the trial of cases in relation to all matters pertaining to 2G scam exclusively."

In a separate notification, Department of Revenue in the Finance Ministry designated the sessions court of Saini as special court to deal with offences under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002.

CBI had informed the court that it will file the first chargesheet in 2G spectrum scam against former Telecom Minister A Raja and other accused under the Prevention of Corruption Act for cheating and forgery by March 31.

The CBI has also sought time till April 2 to file the chargesheet in the 2G scam case.

Reality views by sm –
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keywords Tags - 2G scam, CBI, Shahid Usman Balwa, Asif Blawa, and Rajiv Agarwal arrested in 2G scam

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'BORED TO DEATH' SEASON 1; mildly noirish, not very moreish

Tail someone over to Obsessed With Film, where I've reviewed BORED TO DEATH's first season, which made its very belated UK debut on Sky Atlantic last night.

My expectations were perhaps too high for Bored To Death; based on its eclectic cast, an appealing premise, and the reputation of HBO. So my heart sank when the pilot, "Stockholm Syndrome" was shown to be such an uninteresting, humorless, lethargic chore that utterly failed to amuse... Continue reading...
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Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Pre Pageant Pictures and Videos

The Bb. Pilipinas 2011 candidates is currently having their Pre Pageant in preparation for the upcoming coronation night at Araneta Coliseum on April 10, 2011. Among the celebrities who were spotted in the event were Gloria Diaz, Sanso, Betsy Westendorp, Precious Lara Quigaman and Nina Ricci Alagao.

As reported, there will be no judges in the pre pageant, no elimination of candidates and no semi-finalists will be cast.

The pre pageant night video will be aired in ABS-CBN on Sunday, April 3, 2011 after Sharon's Special.

This post will be continuously updated for the additional videos and pictures of the Binibining Pilipinas 2011 pre pageant night.

Update: Shamcey, MJ and Diana in their Filipiniana costumes

Sneak Peak at Primer Rehearsals

Photo courtesy of Bb. Pilipinas fan page
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