Jul 31, 2011

[Pic] Kim Hyun Joong @ Fuji TV-Odaiba Open Show by asian HANA.com [11.07.29]

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¡Feliz cumpleaños Tiffany!

¡Nuestra Tiffany de SNSD, la chica de la perfecta y reluciente sonrisa, cumple añitos! esperamos que pase un día genial, se me da mal los números en Corea y aqui pero creo que es 22 aqui y 23 en Corea, si me equivoco me lo decís ^^ os dejo con un video de su foro internacion de fans, con un mensaje: ''today is my day'' que es lo que escribió Tiffany en un programa japonés cuando las dijeron que escribieran un mensaje que las caracterizaba o que les traía buena suerte :)

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[Info] Details of TFS Summer Party with Kim Hyun Joong in Singapore



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[Engsub] Kim Hyun Joong on KBS Secret [11.07.09]


READ MORE - [Engsub] Kim Hyun Joong on KBS Secret [11.07.09]

TeenTop - No More Perfume On You [MV Link]

Créditos: kordream.blogspot.com
READ MORE - TeenTop - No More Perfume On You [MV Link]

2NE1 - UGLY [MV Link]

Créditos: kordream.blogspot.com

F.T Island - Let It Go! [Single]

01.Let It Go!
02.Dream Sky
04.Let It Go! (inst.)

Créditos: kordream.blogspot.com
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Teen Top - Roman [Mini Album]

01 향수 뿌리지마
02 Beautiful Girl
03 First Kiss
04 손등이 스친다
05 Tell me why
06 향수 뿌리지마 (Inst.)

Créditos: kordream.blogspot.com
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The Boss invited to be part of MBC’s "Mokpo Festival" Concert

Boy group The Boss will be attending MBC’s "Mokpo Festival" Concert this year. The event will be held near the Ocean of Mokpo city in South Jeolla Province and was organized to help promote the beautiful and famous “city of lights” of South Jeolla province in South Korea.

This five day concert will be packed filled with exciting events such as MBC Ocean side concert, Korea B-boy Mokpo Festival and many more. The group will be performing on the 4th day, August 1st, from 7pm to 8:30 PM.

Seeing as The Boss just recently went back to Japan for the Love-1 event, they will be traveling back and forth between Japan and Korea for a while as they're busy with Korean comeback preparations as well as their next Japanese single release.

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2AM’s Jo Kwon poses with JYP Nation members

2AM’s leader Jo Kwon recently shared some photos featuring his fellow JYP Nation members, showing fans their close, family-like bonds.

On July 31st, Jo Kwon tweeted, “JYPNation Concert practice”, and attached four selca pictures withWonder Girls’ Sunye, miss A’s Min, and rapper San-E.

It’s been known for a while that Sunye and Min are two of his closest friends in the company, as they trained with him the longest. Even now, the three look so tight with one another that one could easily mistake them as siblings.

Meanwhile, the ‘JYP Nation Concert’ will be held in August, which will feature performances by 2PM,2AM, Wonder Girls, miss A, San-E, and Joo.


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2NE1 - 2nd Mini Album [Mini Album]

01. 내가 제일 잘 나가
02. Ugly
03. Lonely
04. Hate You
05. Don’t Cry
06. Don’t Stop The Music

Créditos: kordream.blogspot.com
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‘Infinity Challenge’ gains the most viewer ratings thanks to the “So Ji Sub” effect

This week’s episode of ‘Infinity Challenge‘ saw the results of the “So Ji Sub Effect” as it managed to clinch the #1 spot as the most viewed show of the night.

According to AGB-Nelson Media Research on July 31st, the viewership percentage for this week’s episode of ‘Infinity Challenge’ was 16.1%, which was 1.7% higher than last week’s broadcast.

The primary factor of the increased TV ratings was most likely So Ji Sub; an actor who is very rarely seen in the variety show industry. Viewers had an enjoyable time watching the Hallyu star interacting well with the cast members and were surprised by his unexpectedly good variety show skills.

Other shows that were broadcast in the same time slot include: SBS’s ‘Star King‘ and KBS 2TV’s ‘Declaration of Freedom Saturday‘, which received viewer ratings of 8.5% and 6.2% respectively.

On this week’s Summer Special episode, So Ji Sub and the cast of ‘Infinity Challenge’ headed to a public swimming pool where they competed against each other in various water games.


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INFINITE’s Woohyun catches attention for his abs

INFINITE have finally made their round of comebacks on music programs this week.

While there’s a lot of buzz surrounding their catchy music and choreography, netizens are zeroing in on member Woohyun’s unbelievable abs.

Though Woohyun’s abs were revealed for just a few seconds in each performance, savvy fans managed to grab screencaps each time.

Impressed netizens have brought up search terms like ‘Woohyun abs’, ‘Woohyun 11 abs’, ‘Woohyun luxury abs’ to the top of search rankings, marking Wooyun as the next ‘abs-idol’.

A representative said, “Although they were revealed for just a few short seconds, his abs are receiving quite a lot of attention, as they demonstrate his growth from a boy into a man.”

Netizens commented, “Woohyun’s abs are the best!”, and “Woohyun oppa’s luxurious abs no matter which way you look.”


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SNSD Members Receive Special Gifts from Intel

SNSD and Intel collaborated not long ago and in order to commemorate the success of the campaign Intel gave the girls a jewelry set made of Intel chips.

The members of the group were models for the new 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ and promoted it with the "Visual Dreams" MV that reached more that 3.5 million views in just one month.

Each girl received a set of earnings and a necklace made by the American jewelry boutique Shreve Co. made with Intel chips adding the names of each member at the back of the necklace.

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Seung Ah reveals Rainbow’s adorable sticker photos

Oh Seung Ah of girl group Rainbow delighted fans after she shared this adorable sticker photo set featuring her fellow members!

On July 31st, Seung Ah tweeted, “Our members’ memorable sticker photo!“. Seung Ah is consistently updating her Twitter with notes of Rainbow’s visit to Japan, allowing fans to feel close with the group.

Netizens commented, ”It’s good to see that Rainbow’s doing well in Japan“, and ”I feel like I’m getting closer with Rainbow because of Seung Ah’s status updates.”

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2NE1 Will Answer 21 Questions Made by Fans

2NE1 and Mnet have prepared a special event where fans will not only be able to ask questions to the group but will also receive a special gift.

The members will answer 21 questions through a video and the winners will receive a kit which includes a Galaxy Tap Samsung tablet PC, 2NE1 members' Q&A video, 2NE1 CD, 2NE1tv exclusive packaging and 1st Look Magazine.

To join the event you can visit
For the event, plz visit http://www.facebook.com/MnetKR orhttp://www.facebook.com/Mnet2NE1tv


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Yoo Seungho quickly recovers from his car accident

Despite the minor injuries Yoo Seungho sustained due to a recent car accident, he managed to return to filming within a day after the crash.

On July 29th, the day of his accident, Yoo Seungho received a checkup and fortunately received no bad news other than a small cheekbone injury. Although the injury would not have caused great harm to him, the doctor advised Yoo Seungho to undergo surgery. However, Yoo Seungho discussed the matter further with his mother, reaching the conclusion that he would proceed with his current filming activies and not undergo the surgery. Luckily, he has not been shocked due to the accident, and his face has not been wet or bloated since.

Throughout the breaks in filming, Yoo Seungho will wear safety gear. He will act out the action scenes to a minimum, and the script is being revised so that it will contain more words than fists.

The production crew, while very grateful that Yoo Seungho has made such a decision, are surprised at his dedication to the drama. Meanwhile, he has expressed his gratitude to the production crew, stating that his recovery is due to them.

As Yoo Seungho returned to the "Warrior Baek Dong Soo" set, the production crew celebrated his birthday with a cake. His second animation movie, "The Chicken That Came Out of the Yard" (also featuring Choi Minsik), has also recently opened in theaters, and his summer thriller "Blind", co-starring Kim Haneul, is set to come out within the next few weeks.

Yoo Seungho has also shared the features of his dream girl in his latest interview with "Section TV Entertainment"while being awarded as a celebrity who will succeed in his acting and studying.

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Was BEAST "Bad Girl" Plagerized by UGLY in CLARITY

I has been said that a Japanese group under the name of UGLY in CLARITY has plagiarized BEAST's "Bad Girl".

The name of the song is "Naked Sun" and was released last month on the debut album of the group.

Both tracks sound pretty similar, and BEAST released it first that is why Cube Entertainment has mentioned that will investigate the case.


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Japanese actress Ayumi Ito gains interest in Korea thanks to CHI-CHI’s “Longer” MV

It was recently revealed that Japanese actress Ayumi Ito played the main woman in CHI-CHI’s new music video for “Longer“, and she’s been garnering interest from netizens due to her similar looks to Korean actress, Lee Mi Yeon.

After the music video was released on July 21st, fans and netizens posted screenshots of the Japanese actress on various blog sites and community pages, writing comments like, “Is she really a Japanese actress? I thought she was Lee Mi Yeon”, “Mao Asada vs Ayumi Ito… The winner of the Lee Mi Yeon lookalike is?”, and “Similarities are 100%, I thought it was Lee Mi Yeon in the MV.”

Born in 1980, Ayumi Ito got her first big break as an actress in 1996 when she was cast in Shunji Iwai’s hit film, “Swallowtail Butterfly”. Her impressive acting in the movie earned her first Japanese Academy Award for “Rookie of the year” in 1997, as well as successive roles in various other hit movies thereafter.

Click the URL below for the video:


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T-ara reveals their first impressions of "Roly Poly"

We previously reported that girl group T-ara has seen a lot of success with their retro concept since the release of their latest title track "Roly Poly". Solidified by wins on M! Countdown andInkigayo, the song's immense popularity has led to the group also releasing a dance choreography video, as well as a part two andpart three to their "Roly Poly" music video. It was recently revealed that T-ara will release a new European dance version of the music video.

With all the success that the song has seen so far, it may be assumed that T-ara has enjoyed the retro concept of "Roly Poly" from the beginning. However, it was recently revealed that this is not so.

T-ara revealed their thoughts on their first impressions of the "Roly Poly" concept, saying, "When we first saw our costumes, we were even more embarrassed than when we first had to wear our 'Bo Peep Bo Peep' gloves. It looked like something our mothers bought at a cheap flea market. There were big disco pants, shirts with spacious collars, colorful buttons and even handkerchiefs for our neck."

The members of T-ara revealed that, prior to their promotions for "Roly Poly", none of them had had any knowledge of the retro area. As girl groups like Kara and SNSD had seen much success with their promotions with cute concepts like "Oh!" and "Jumping", the girls of T-ara expressed their discontent with the new concept to the president of Core Contents Media. Unfortunately for them at the time, he did not yield.

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Radio rip of SHINee’s Japanese single, “JULIETTE”, revealed

Idol group SHINee recently released a MV teaser for their upcoming single, “JULIETTE“, and now, a full radio rip of the song has been revealed!

The Japanese version of “JULIETTE” is SHINee’s second single, and is scheduled to be released on August 29th.

Check out the track below, and don’t forget to support the artists by grabbing their single here.

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The Week in Review

We began the week with a, “So what else is new,” story. No, it wasn’t about the federal debt ceiling fight. It was a story of the how the oil and gas industry in New Mexico continues to pay a large portion of our bills for us. Amazingly, certain segments of our political system continue to use oil and gas for their cars and trucks, cash oil and gas checks, spend oil and gas revenues, and brand oil and gas as evil. Biting the hand that feeds seems to be a favorite state and national past time.
The news spotlight continues to shine on two district court judges who find themselves under scrutiny in the state. Facing charges of rape in Albuquerque, Judge Pat Murdoch announced his retirement. And facing multiple felony counts in Las Cruces, Judge Michael Murphy was arrested on yet another bribery related charge late in the week. It has not been a good year for the news flow on district judges in the state.
Jan Goodwin
Speaking of bad news flow, the Education Retirement Board (ERB) has crammed twenty years worth of bad news into 2011. Earlier in the year, ERB head Jan Goodwin allowed as to how the ERB had issued a bunch of monthly checks for incorrect amounts all the way back in August of 2010, including one for about a quarter of a million dollars. She conceded she has not recovered all of those funds yet. This week, Goodwin allowed as how the ERB had cost itself over $700,000 when it prematurely terminated the contract of an asset management firm based in New York.
Goodwin said originally the ERB thought the early cancellation would “only” cost the ERB about $88,000. Later she said it was discovered that the ERB would have to pay the terminated firm over $700,000. Nobody, including Goodwin, stepped forward to take the blame for the latest “miscalculation.” In the wake of the latest revelation, many New Mexico-based asset management firms were left to lament how much they don't get paid to NOT manage a portion of the state’s ERB funds. And the state’s revenue coffers were left to lament how much the total cost is of outsourcing asset management services to non-New Mexico firms. It is also good to know UNM and NMSU are training finance students to find jobs in the asset management business.... somewhere else. (Full disclosure requires me to say I work, hire people, and pay all sorts of taxes in New Mexico through my owenership interest in an in-state asset management business.)
The Tea Party AKA the "Boogie Man"
We noticed a change in blame game tactics this week in Washington. It seems the so-called “Tea Party” has become the new boogie man of Democrats. We are told the Dems haven’t passed a budget in more than two years mainly because the “rich” need to be taxed more to save our country. Dems also say the Tea Party is ruining everything. Fortunately for NM House members Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Lujan, the leader they voted for to guide them in the House in the wake of last November’s electoral wipe out, is still Nancy Pelosi. And former Speaker Pelosi is once again taking her powerful message to the New Mexico people, as well as the rest of the nation. Apparently Nancy, Ben Ray, and Martin want everyone to know they are fighting as hard as they can to keep us on the same path........even if the damn Tea Parties try to get the nation to change directions. Good to know.
Environmentalist radicals seem to have unfettered access to lawyers. And they had another good week in New Mexico. Once again the New Mexico Supreme Court provided the mercenary alarmists with “standing” in an action that will enable them to drive up the price of electricity and save the planet at the same time.
In another item of interest on the planet saving front this week, the City of Las Vegas, NM learned it cannot fix leaks in its water supply because it might disturb the habitat of the creatures that love the muddy mess below Peterson Dam. According to creature sensitive federal officials in the Obama administration, once Peterson Dam started leaking the city’s precious water supply, ownership of the water and control of the way the dam performs somehow magically transferred. Now the water needs of the human beings living in Las Vegas are secondary. The lawyers representing toads, tadpoles, and salamanders claimed the critters are now "owed" the water coming from the leaks. They are entitled to them because……get this…..they are "wetlands."
There was some very bad news for one planet saving “scientist.” This one had decided a few years back that his data proved that polar bears were facing extinction. Turns out he was placed on administrative leave this week in the wake of what looks like serious evidence that he “fudged” his data. Who’d have thought with billions of dollars in climate change research grants on the line that somebody would fudge data?
News late in the week told us what we already knew about the difference between Susana Martinez and Bill Richardson. State government is getting smaller under the leadership of Martinez. Observers believe that the lack of presidential ambition has made it unnecessary for Martinez to hire state employees to help with a huge out-of-state national campaign. The headcount in Santa Fe for those serving the governor’s office as “exempt” employees has already dropped 40% and figures to fall farther. How will she possibly manage?
And finally, the state is providing Medicaid benefits to those in New Mexico living as much as 235% ABOVE the poverty level. Now it looks like the federal government’s matching Medicaid dollars are sure to be reduced. Naturally, an “angry” crowd showed up at an Albuquerque meeting. They demanded New Mexico taxpayers be charged with making up the difference. Unfortunately, according to observers at the meeting, there weren’t many taxpayers at the gathering to argue for more self-reliance and fewer handouts. Most of them were at work pulling the economic wagon that those yelling at the meeting were sitting in.
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Park Jungmin attends "August Romance" press conference and begins filming in Taiwan

SS501's Park Jungmin had a fan meeting in Shanghai last month, singing all of the songs from his solo album as well as a special song for fans in Chinese. In recent months, he has performed at the K-pop Wave Concert in Thailand as well as at the KIMCHI concert in Indonesia. From his debut as a solo singer with "Not Alone" to his first mini-album, Park Jungmin has seen much success in Korea as well as overseas.

In particular, his Japanese mobile drama "August Romance" has attracted much attention. On July 18, the press conference for "August Romance" attracted not just the director for the drama, Park Jungmin, and co-star Miki Sakai, but approximately 4,000 fans as well. His agency expressed that the "August Romance" production team "included officials affiliated with the movie and TV drama industry. They are all brilliant and talented, and people can expect Park Jungmin's excellent performance in both his Japanese language skills and his acting in the drama."

Later that day, Park Jungmin performed at the "UN Concert - Friend's Whistle! Act for Tomorrow! Vol. 2", a charity concert event. On July 21, he flew to Taiwan to begin filming for a Taiwanese drama, in which he is reported to be taking on a lead role.

On his upcoming drama, he was quoted to have said, "To prepare for the Taiwanese drama, I’ve been studying Chinese really hard; I hope to speak fluent Chinese for the drama." Not only will he participate in the drama as a main character, but he will be involved in the OST as well.

Park Jungmin will later return to Korea for his TV promotions.

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Key poses with Luffy of ‘One Piece'

SHINee’s Key recently surprised fans with a photo update from Japan.

On July 31st, Key posted, “I’m going to ride the ‘Thousand Sunny’ when I return to Korea. Because I saw ‘Luffy’, it might take awhile [for me to return],” and attached a selca of himself with the anime character.

In the photo, Key is seen posing next to a statue of ‘Luffy’, a fictional character in the popular Japanese manga series, ‘One Piece‘. In another photo, Key is posing in front of the ‘Thousand Sunny’, which is the ship Luffy uses to get travel the world.

Fans said, “Even in Japan, you are cute” and “When are you returning? I want to see you soon!”

Meanwhile, SHINee is currently in Japan for their nationwide concert tour called, ‘SHINee JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION TOUR’, which began on July 22nd in Fukuoka.

The tour will end on August 11th in Nagoya.


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Seo In Young proudly declares that she will always be a singer

On July 30th, Seo In Young shared her feelings on taking home the winning trophy from the female vocalist special of KBS’s ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

Through her Twitter, she wrote, “I can only say this now, but spanning from my debut up until now, I felt the most nervous singing that song ㅠ A side of me is also happy because of that ^_^; I am always a singer! Yahoo~.”

Seo In Young has always been known as a ’style icon’ and ‘fashionista’. Because of the diverted focus, she wasn’t able to show off her talented vocals as much as she’d like. Fortunately, the program gave her an opportunity to fix the spotlight onto her musical talent.

Netizens commented, “I was expecting a lot after seeing her in the line-up, and she definitely exceeded my anticipations”, “I only remember Seo In Young’s stage”, “Seo In Young’s charisma definitely commanded the stage!”, and “It was a new look at Seo In Young.”


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