Aug 7, 2011

Earn Money With Your Blog

Earn money directly to the Internet was never easy, neither in the times of the bubble. Place banner ads on websites was also seen as amateur, generally put up a banner for a company of a friend for free, dreaming attract advertisers. When they came, nobody knew how much to charge.

Google (when they) changed that. With AdSense all the work was taken from the hand of the website owner, we only have to produce content and see the money trickle. Of course, if your site has a huge audience and quality content (not the case here) will be surprised. See the rest of the matter and join the AdSense and earn money...


First of all: If you have a site with eight visits / month talking about the reproductive habits of mycobacterium on medicine bottles, forget it. The relationship click / visit a web ad is low. Let's face it, no one clicks on ads. Only if the content is very important, phase of the moon to help, the third eye of the user is aligned with us.

You will not get rich with it here, unless the folks at Gizmodo, the Fark, Slashdot. Other than that, can we live.

A friend has a fairly popular blog. I urged her to put the AdSense link. She put a banner modest. Result? In 20 days has already covered the cost of hosting. So simple. Got it? The blog already paid! And she does not invest much in content update. The secret?

Web ads are not Field of Dreams, is not "build it and they will come." You need two things to win some money with Google:

1. Specialized Content
2. Relevant ads

Let's study them:

Specialized Content

That's it. Simple, right? No. It is not simple. A generic blog like this one attracts people of all kinds, but has little return. No one around to see what's new, one story can be very interesting to someone, but if it's just one of 15 uninteresting, there is no reason to save the link site.

Choose a theme, work on it, create content instead of getting third-party news passing the time. Build a qualified audience. This ensures return.

On the topic, remember that you can aspire to Fortune and Glory (tm Indiana Jones) but will only have the two if your audience has a bit of Dim-Dim, otherwise one is left only with the Glory, which does not help when His belly is collect the rent at the end of the month. Sites like techcrunch and with very high visitation cannot make big things in advertising, just for speaking to an audience of living allowance.

Review of private jets is not a good subject. While it is a qualified audience and with bullet in the needle, is not exactly a stadium or place where audience get together.

Find a middle ground, handcuff him and to not deviate by more than tempting. This will greatly increase the ratio click / visit.

Relevant Ads

At the time that the banners were manual, not matter what was on the page, where you came, even the language used. One guy in Northern Miserábia using a TCP / IP link via carrier pigeons would see the same banners of Madonna visiting New York. This meant that for 90% of the public, their banner was just garbage.

Google changed that. AdSense not only analyzes the content of your page (dynamically) but also analyzes the origin of the visitor. Palms talking about a page will show ads related to a PDA, and, if possible, a related announcement geographically with the visitor.

Another day was in Campinas, got in my micro site of a friend. Not only relevant ads appeared, as several ads for companies in the region. That is differentiation.

Modus Operandi

The concept is to make the Adsense ad not an outstanding part of your site. Text ads (my favorites) are small, do not take hours to download and are not intrusive. Google has made an excellent choice for not using Flash and other swineherd that only serve to distract your attention. Those horrible POP-UP are also not acceptable to Google. MUCH LESS DHTMLs opening images in your face, top the content and require clicks.

In the AdSense site is a lot of examples of ad placement. You can change details such as color, border, background and match the ad with your site. You can filter competitors, choose language, everything.

The steps to join the AdSense and put it running are simple:

1 - Fill in the Registry, indicating your site
2 - Wait for approval of the site (some content is not allowed)
3 - Set colors, choose formats and copy the provided HTML
4 - Put the code in your site, in the desired
5 - Monitor near real-time reporting of clicks

Google sends checks to the money in the world. The initial volume is $ 100, but you can ask that money be withheld until it reaches higher amount. This is useful in many places, as cashing checks in U.S. dollars is very expensive there.

Your only obligation is to avoid the media as objectionable content, prohibited or low level. Otherwise you will only see institutional ads that do not yield anything. If you want an example, click on my pages of questionable content, prohibited or low level.


Registration is free; AdSense can be done through a banner display. To learn more, sign up and begin to earn money, I recommend you to read the following topics as it would be very beneficial for you.

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