Aug 6, 2011

Boy Friend Minwoo's role model is a member of SHINee

On August 3rd, Boy Friend's Minwoo mentioned SHINee's Taemin in his UFO reply. A fan asked, "Who is Minwoo's role model?" He responded, "Minwoo’s role model is senior SHINee's Taemin. >< I like him a lot!"

Born July 31st, 1995, Minwoo is also the maknae of his group like Taemin. The 16-year-old rapper from Boy Friend is just two years younger than 18-year-old Taemin.

Fans of both groups have responded enthusiastically to Minwoo's confession. Comments include, "Taemin is a good choice!" and "I hope Minwoo and his group does as well as SHINee!"

What do you think of Minwoo's answer?

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