Aug 6, 2011

Kim Byungman put on a water show on "Kiss and Cry"

On last week's episode of "Kiss and Cry", Kim Byungman put on a hot fire show, but this week, he was reported to have put on a cool water show.

To the track "It's Raining Men," Kim Byungman and his partner, armed with umbrellas, put on a hilarious performance.

During the performance, real water poured down to create a "raining" scene. Even after the performance, water continued to drip down on Kim Byungman, causing him to ad-lib by pretending he was in a shower.

Kim Yuna, who saw his performance stated, "I saw his Charlie Chaplin performance and again, his confidence showed in this performance, making it a very good show." Kim Byungman stated, "Next time, I will use a dirt concept," when asked the question, "You had a strong performance with you fire concept and you water concept. If you keep using even better concepts with each performance, what concept will you choose to do next?"

In this "Kiss and Cry" episode, one person will be eliminated as always, and the last four remaining people will move on to the Grand Prix competition.

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