Aug 7, 2011

What is Going Wrong? Here's Fifteen Things

Jim Spence
There are fifteen unaddressed problems in the U.S. that continue to plague the economy. Here they are:
1) Despite the fact that al-Queada has been scattered, the Taliban removed from power, and Osama bin Laden killed, we have seen an expansion of U.S. taxpayer resources spent in Afghanistan with dubious value in return. We have also witnessed a tortuously slow unwinding of the costs of Iraq instead of a speedy withdrawal. And amazingly, President Obama has initiated yet another expensive and seemingly open-ended military conflict, this one in Libya.
2) The U.S. taxpayer continues to pay to maintain military bases all around the world for purposes that are out of date. There are tens of thousands of American troops in Germany and Japan left over in great part from WW II.
3) Obamacare contains nearly three thousand pages of law governing U.S. employers (not global employers). Compliance with Obamacare will drive up the costs for every paycheck signer in the nation. The mandate has changed the thinking patterns regarding the hiring a full time employees. Despite the uninformed denial of its supporters, the overhang of Obamacare is keeping us stuck in the economic mud.
4) The EPA, bolstered by a virtual army of radical environmental lawyers, continues to destroy efforts to make the U.S. independent of foreign energy. The EPA bars oil exploration in ANWR while we encourage offshore drilling in Brazil. Everywhere taxpayers turn, our court systems and our uninformed bureaucrats in Washington are assisting the process of job killing by employing relentless efforts to deny America access to reasonably priced oil.
5) Public policy is trying to make it impossible to maintain and enhance the productive capabilities of coal fired electric plants that produce electricity at a reasonable price. The fiasco involving the Four Corners power plants are a perfect example.
6) Those who are insisting on replacing efficient power plants with unreliable solar and wind at 7 times the cost are in control of policy. New Mexicans are going to pay more for electricity and face more rolling blackouts.
7) The Dodd-Frank law contains two thousand pages of financial system regulations and rules that place government in charge of virtually all lending and credit operations. The result has been a slower and more sluggish credit approval process that is slowing job creation. Read full column here: News New Mexico

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