Aug 9, 2011

Open World reveals third "Indonesia Story" video featuring The Boss and X-5

In the beginning of June, Open World Entertainment revealed a teaser video of rookie group X-5 and label mate The Boss and their trip to the KIMCHI event in Jakarta, Indonesia.

After having put up another video in June, Open World Entertainment surprised their fans by putting up yet another video about the boys and their trip. The new footage includes scenes of the press conference as well as the boys in their hotel room.

This isn't the first series that Open World posted on their channel. A few months after The Boss's debut, they got their own Youtube series "Ready, Steady, Go" in which they were followed behind the scenes for their performances and their trips to other countries. Every now and then, a special episode would get uploaded when the boys visit new countries. Labelmate and rookie group X-5 just recently got their own version of that same show, "X-5 Story".

An interview with XinMSN, which was released earlier this week, shows that the boys of both groups are good friends and are used to being in each other's presence.

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