Aug 9, 2011

Big Bang's TOP originally casted for the drama "Singing in the Rain"?

Just yesterday, it was confirmed that Korean actor Jang Geunsuk will embark on a drama project tentatively named as "Singing in the Rain" or "Love Rain". However, a staff from the production team reveals in an interview today that Jang Geunsuk was not the first actor tapped for the role.

Apparently, Director Yoon Sukho originally wanted Big Bang's TOP to star in the drama but due to delays and schedule conflicts, was offered to Jang Geunsuk instead. The staff was then quoted saying, " 'Love Rain' is the 2-year project of PD Yoon Suk Ho. At the beginning of our casting, we were interested in inviting TOP to take up the role. However, as there is a delay in the progress of making the drama, we then switched to asking Jang Geunsuk to star in it."

Earlier this May, speculations grew when TOP was seen shaking hands with the director in a theater where the first casting was held. Further discussing that was very likely that he would take the role. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the role was turned down and was offered to Jang Geunsuk instead.

Producer and Director Yoon Sukho is one of the famous director known for his Season dramas such as "Autumn Fairy Tale", "Winter Sonata", "Summer Scent" and "Spring Waltz".

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