Aug 17, 2011

[NEWS] Zico’s interview with 10asia “I’m Block B’s big-shot leader!” (110817)

My stage is Zico, and my real name is Woo Jiho. I’m Block B’s big-shot leader. I was born on September 14th, 1992 and studied music and the arts until my third year of high school in Japan. One year in Japan, and one year in Korea, I went through my third year of high school twice.

My older brother of two years is Co-Ed’s Wisdom Taewoon. I once trained with my hyung, but I didn’t want to debut in the same group as him. My resemblance to him? (Jaehyo: Taewoon is nice and you’re not!) Hyung has an easy-going personality whereas I’m a bit more tight with myself. I don’t leave myself alone so people get nervous when I’m being still.

I’ve been friends with Kyungie since elementary school. When we were little, I had no idea that we would be pursuing music together. He was a nerd that only ever studied while I was one of the cool kids, haha! (Kyung: He was just a kid that did art, I was just a kid that studied.)

It was actually because of me that Kyungie was able to debut, too. I was one of the starting members of this company so Kyungie would always try to sweet talk me through messenger. (Kyung: Well, there’s the saying that a guy will hit it big if he’s meant to. Even if not through you, I would’ve debuted no mater what, haha.)

At the time of writing ‘Halo’, I thought Block B would be this elite group, a minority in the masses. I wrote the lyrics in this desperate mindset of becoming the best, of being different, of ending it all once we debut… but once we debuted, we were just idols in yellow outfits.

Like it was revealed in the first episode of MTV Match Up, our dorm is really dirty.(Kyung: Jiho and I are always yelling at them to clean up.) Well, I guess it’s more right to say that Jaehyo hyung and Kyung are the ones that mess it up. (Jaehyo: I don’t really mess up the dorm.) Yes, you really do mess up the dorm, hyung.

I think our fans treat us like normal people, not celebrities. (U-Kwon: Like neighborhood friends? Kyung: As church oppas. Jaehyo: As people that you can see anywhere? Haha)

On tracks like ‘Tell Them’ where I participated in the production of it, I direct the members during recordings. I make all of the members try out all of the parts and distribute the parts to the member that fits best with it. Because I give each of them an equal opportunity, there aren’t any problems with the members. (U-Kwon: Because if we get cut from a part, it’s because we weren’t good enough for it.)

It’s harder to produce music for Block B than it is for myself underground. For underground music, I can just transfer my thoughts and stories into my music, whereas mainstream music is for the mainstream audience. It has to be something that everyone can connect to. There are a lot of factors that you can’t miss when writing lyrics for mainstream music, so I think it requires a lot more talent and skill than initially thought.

I’m really thankful for my fans. Even though we’re not often in the media or on TV, I’m just so thankful that they recognize our efforts in trying to break that barrier to make it through. They even come to my underground performances and take pictures and whatnot. It’s because of our fans’ efforts that help more and more people to recognize us.



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