Aug 17, 2011

[NEWS] Block B’s interview with 10asia “There’s no such thing as managing our image with us.” (110817)

They fill the studio in an instant moment. There are seven of them, but it’s not the fact that the studio is too small. It’s the energy they emit that makes the studio brim with their presence. After they greet everyone in a booming tone, they stand before mirrors, fixing their clothes and conversing with one another as they prepare for their filming. They don’t have that rookie shyness. In place of it is a free-spirited energy that seems to be reaching its height until leader Zico calls them all in front of the camera to get rolling. This is how Block B moves.

- Block B has already transcended the limits of an idol

It’s a market that’s so saturated, the number seven, the genre of hip hop, and the identity of idols themselves no longer have any merit. It was amidst such a market that these boys emerged in April with their rough voices making a daring claim: “Rap, dance, performance, I’ll show you what exceeds your expectations so believe in me. We don’t need rehearsals.”

Rapper Zico, who’s had his skills acknowledged in the underground hip hop scene since his young teens, was asked about his thoughts on a career change that confused many. He replied, “I like being a rap artist, but I also wanted to try producing and being a producer. I wanted to make more people in the mainstream hum along to songs that I made. I’m still young so I still have a lot of time to pursue music that I want. In the meantime, however, I want to do everything that I possibly can.”

Park Kyung as well promoted underground and is also the best friend of Zico since elementary school. With a bright smile, he replied, “I began music to hit on girls. The effect of it was amazing. Although since we’ve debuted now, I’ve put a restraint on that.”

Like the words of smile representative U-Kwon, “We don’t have anything like managing our image”, the boys showed a stronger character than any idols we’ve seen before through their MTV reality program, “Match Up”. Appearing before the camera in his underwear and putting their lives on the line to trick each other at a mud flat is just some of what makes Block B who they are.

Although he’s got a baby face, main vocalist Taeil is actually the team’s oldest. He began pursuing music at an earlier age than most and went through six years of training. Even next to dongsengs who are all louder and bigger than him, it’s this foundation that helps him hold his ground.

Maknae P.O., who’s the owner of a low, deep voice, has a strong sense of determination, which can be felt through his story of losing 10 kg to join the group.

B-Bomb, who’s only interested in dancing and the stage, has a bizarre side to him that can be seen in the way he reveals that he wants to ‘raise a little sister’ in their dorm.

Anyone can tell that pretty boy Jaehyo is the group’s visual upon first sight. Surprisingly enough, he’s actually quite loose compared to his looks, a fact that’s shown once he opens his mouth. He’ll freak out in fear over a moth that’s come in their dorm, but still reveal his strong affections for the group every chance he gets.

- Magma at its hottest point

But no matter how hot their passion is, the minute they stop on their path, it only takes a moment for their hard work to turn into ash. Their latest album, , was produced by Zico and Park Kyung and adequately showcases Block B’s unique color. Unfortunately, on top of being rookies, they’re also from a smaller scale label, making music programs their biggest obstacle.

“If we’re ever given 10 minutes, we’re going to split it into three minutes and share those with other rookies. It’s okay if we only have three minutes to perform, because there are definitely others that are in our situation.”

It’s words like these that show their desperation for the stage. When asked what they would like to give to others, without hesitation, they replied, “Us.”

Like magma that’s slowly beginning to heat up, we feel that their explosion will come at a date earlier than most.


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