Aug 8, 2011

[NEWS] Seungri’s confession about sneaking into a nightclub

The fact that many celebrities enjoy their nightclub life has done no harm to their reputation but rather, when the scenes are revealed, people find them very interesting. Some people who saw the stars at the nightclubs said some of them have nightclub mania on the stage and like inviting people to dance with them. It is really surprising to know it. They went to the clubs and do not mind being followed by others.

You can see beautiful stars there. What happened at the night club? What happned at night?

Big Bang’s Seungri (21) was caught sneaking into a nightclub before he had started his solo activities of promoting ‘Strong Baby’. His reason of going was he wanted to enhance his attractiveness by seeing what he longed for there. He confessed, ‘with the help of a club owner, I was able to sneak into the club.’ Moreover, the revenue of the club had been increased after the visit of Seungri. He said, ‘ after this, the company has made an emergent call for all the members of Big Bang and I have never returned to the nightclub again’ He recalled his experience to the ones who believe it.

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