Aug 6, 2011

[NEWS] 2NE1’s Dara kicks off her special ‘NOT UGLY’ campaign

On August 6th, 2NE1’s Dara began a ‘NOT UGLY‘ campaign through her Me2day to give strength to those who are lacking confidence.

Dara wrote, “Ssan-teacher’s ‘Not Ugly’ campaign! Shazam! I think I’m ugly? NO! You’re not ugly! Everyone, there will come a time at least once in your life where you think you’re ugly! No matter what you do, you’ll feel that you’re just so ugly and weak. But no, no, no, no to those thoughts!”

She continued, “To those who think they’re ugly! Please comment on my Me2day with your reason and an explanation! I~! This Ssan-teacher will show you exactly why you aren’t ugly. Starting today until August 14th, anyone, male or female, can apply! Everyone has something pretty! Come on to Ssan-teacher ^.^.”

Through YG Entertainment, Dara also revealed, “There are moments where people think that they’re ugly or lacking something, but people need to realize that there’s a unique beauty within all of us that other people don’t have. I hope that a lot of people listen to our song, ‘Ugly’, and find strength.”

Ten special fans who apply to the ‘NOT UGLY’ campaign will be presented with a special event to help boost their self esteem.

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