Aug 7, 2011

KARA holds fan meeting at Yokohama Arena, promises to hold a concert in Japan next year

KARA has seen much success in Japan since their Japanese debut, topping the Recochoku monthly chart and placing high on other Japanese music charts. On August 6, girl group KARA saw the results of their popularity when they held a fan meeting at Yokohama Arena, a venue that can accommodate up to 17,000 people.

At the beginning of the fan meeting, KARA's Nicole said, "Everyone's hot! Don't you think? Today, let's have fun together!" The girl group then performed 10 songs for their fans, including hit songs like "Mister" and "Go Go Summer".

A game corner was also held during the fan meeting, allowing those who attended to interact with the girls. Later, Nicole promised, "Next year, KARA will have a concert!"

At the Yokohama Arena fan meeting, KARA saw about 10,000 of their fans, making the event the largest they've ever done. An excited Seungyeon began tearing up, saying, "Kamilias are wonders!"

Later this month, KARA will perform at "K-POP ALL STAR Live in Niigata" at the Tohoku Electric Big Swan Stadium in Niigata. They will make their Korean comeback in September.

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