Aug 5, 2011

KARA discusses September comeback title track issues

Already there has been much discussion on the explosive fall comebacks of highly popular girl groups such as Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls, SNSD, and KARA. Speculation on the showdown among such popular groups has only grown with the two groupsSNSD and KARA appearing in the top 10 Yahoo searches in Japan, which caused comparison of the two groups. However, until now, all the groups have kept silent on the exact progress of their upcoming comebacks. Some groups are still overseas, such as the Wonder Girls, and some are on vacation, such as SNSD's Jessica (who is rumored to be in New York or New Hampshire). However, KARA has stepped up to the plate to discuss their pending return to the K-pop scene.

Despite being rocked by a lawsuit between three members of KARA against DSP Media and the large concerns of disbandment,KARA has overcome their disbandment crisis and has not only resolved their management issues, but have become largely successful in their overseas promotions, topping the Recochoku monthly charts for most downloaded song. After overcoming one of the largest scandals the group has ever had, the girls of KARA are ready to show their fans that they are back. KARA recently announced that they will return in mid-September, and that they are currently "embarking on the title track selection task."

KARA released a statement to OSEN five days ago via a phone call to reveal that it is not a matter of having a title track, but on which title track to choose. A representative from KARA stated, "There are two songs up for final consideration as the title track." The party also stated that the title track will be decided soon, and fans can look forward to a satisfying and speedy comeback from the five girls.

Fans are particularly excited about KARA's September comeback since Korean fans have not met KARA for the past few months, as the girls have mainly focused on Japan. Korean fans worried that KARA's youthful, charismatic image may have been altered. The official representing KARA has stated that KARA is determined to "meet the expectations of all the fans that have been so committed" to the group through their trials.

As their comeback draws closer, fans will be able to see how KARA has matured despite obstacles to combat other top girl groups. Regardless of whichever group comes out on top in the fall, KARA's comeback will remain a testament to their dedication.



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