Aug 9, 2011

JYJ to hold exhibition with self-taken photos

JYJ will hold a 10-day photograph exhibition entitled "Mine" in order to communicate with the fans starting August 12th for Jongro Gu’s Insa Gallery. Through the JYJ Photograph Exhibition, fans can enjoy photographs from the 2010-2011 JYJ World Tour across the world. The gallery also features photos that the JYJ members took themselves in daily life and that convey their stories.

JYJ, who is unfortunately restrained in broadcast activities, have met the fans through dramas and live performances, but their movements for the benefit of the fans are more active (than that of many other artists without such restrictions). Last January they released the book of their essays and self-composed songs, "Their Rooms." They also held a fan meeting commemorating White Day with fans with the title of Sweet White Date in Jamshil Indoors Gymnasium in March. This time, the members decided to communicate with the fans through the photographs they took themselves. For this photograph exhibition, the members took a camera everywhere they went for two weeks and snapped snippets of life through the lenses.

At their sincere will to communicate, the responses of the fans are also heated. JYJ's music essay "Their Rooms" became a best seller as soon as it was released and created a hurricane in the publishing industry. The fan meeting filled the indoors gymnasium and proved JYJ’s popularity. Upon the announcement of this photo exhibition, the fans showed explosive responses through emails to the C-JeS’s official home page stating, "I am so excited because I think it will be a special memory," "I am thankful to the hearts of the members who are always thinking of the fans," and "I am overwhelmed to think that we will see the world tour itinerary of the two months."

Director Paek Changjoo of C-JeS Entertainment explained, "We came to organize a photo exhibition because we have restrictions on broadcast appearances." JYJ revealed their thoughts through their promotional agency Prain, stating, "We made electrifying memories by communicating with countless fans while we toured the US, Canada, and Asia for two months. We hope that this will serve as impetus to share the sincere passion for music unique to JYJ and the thankful heart toward the fans. Also, the place of Insa Dong makes us feel a special emotion, and so we are even more excited for the photo exhibition."

On the other hand, member Park Yoochun is resting after the completion of his drama "Miss Ripley." Kim Jaejoong is acting passionately as Cha Muwon in the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama "Protect the Boss." Member Kim Junsu is creating a hurricane on the music charts through the release of "You Are So Beautiful," the OST to the SBS drama "Scent of a Woman." The tickets to the photo exhibition will be sold through the C-JeS Store within the C-JeS Homepage starting now.

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