Aug 8, 2011

Jay Park and Kwon Ri Sae become a campus couple for ‘Denizen’

A couple of weeks ago, Jay Park and Kwon Ri Sae participated in a photoshoot for denim brand, ‘Denizen from Levi’s‘, which was featured on MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment News‘.

The photoshoot for Denizen’s 2011 Fall campaign took place on July 5th at a studio in Kangnam, Seoul, where the two models portrayed the look of a cute college campus couple. Although this was Jay Park and Kwon Ri Sae’s first meeting, they successfully completed the shoot with natural poses and expressions similar to those of a real couple.

A representative from the brand stated, “We chose Jay Park and Kwon Ri Sae as our brand’s models because we felt that the two would be able to express the active image of college students very well. We wish to display the image of a college campus couple, and have many events planned that will focus on college campuses.

Check out their adorable photos and making-of clip from the shoot below!

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