Aug 15, 2011

Han Ye Seul asks for ‘Spy Myung Wol’ PD to be switched out

With the controversy between actress Han Ye Seul and her KBS drama ‘Spy Myung Wolescalating by the minute, the problem has been revealed to be not her health condition, but conflicts with the drama’s PD, Hwang In Hyuk.

Han Ye Seul reportedly had problems with the PD since the beginning of the drama. With her condition worsening due to the tight filming schedules, tensions were on the rise, leading to more conflicts. In the end, Han Ye Seul requested for the PD to be changed out.

KBS responded by adding an additional PD, Kim Young Kyun, but did not change out PD Hwang In Hyuk. Frustrated with the decision, the conflict escalated until she failed to show up altogether.

A representative revealed, “Han Ye Seul asked that the PD be changed out, and then did not show up for the recording on August 14th.” Han Ye Seul had been making continuous requests for the PD to improve the conditions she was working under. The PD responded by asking for her to work just a little bit harder for the drama in return.

With legal action already looming in the distance, ‘Spy Myung Wol’ will be broadcasting a highlight reel on the 15th due to inadequate footage. Should she fail to show up today again, the episode on the 16th will be canceled altogether.



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