Aug 15, 2011

Eric has been on standby for over 16 hours waiting for filming to resume

Spy Myung Wol’s male lead, Eric, has reportedly been on standby for over 16 hours.

Eric is currently confined at home and has been waiting for over 16 hours for his drama shoot to resume. He has not been able to sleep well, as he’s been anxiously waiting for a call to return to the set. On August 14th and 15th, ‘Spy Myung Wol’s female lead Han Ye Seul failed to show up for filming, causing the other actors’ schedules to be cancelled. Because the drama airs in a live-broadcast fashion, they will have to rush into filming immediately once Han Ye Seul returns.

Eric is in a situation where he has been waiting for filming to restart since 7PM on August 14th. Because he is unsure of when filming will continue, he was unable to change out of his costume and makeup.

One source stated on August 15th, “Eric has been waiting for filming for over 16 hours now. I don’t understand what kind of unbelievable situation this is. Eric has been having a hard time mentally due to Han Ye Seul’s conflict with a PD. He didn’t know what to do in the middle and was filled with heavy concerns“.

The source also added, “This drama was Eric’s comeback work into the entertainment world, so it holds a very important meaning to him. It is not that I do not understand Han Ye Seul or the PD’s position, but I hope they can make a compromise as soon as possible and resume filming.



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