Aug 6, 2011

Dal Shabet’s Subin busts out her cover of Beyonce to show an “American-style dance”

Dal Shabet’s Subin caused a sensation on ‘Happy Together 3‘ when she showed off her version of an ‘American-style dance’.

On August 4th, Subin danced to Beyonce’s ‘Run the World’ to show everyone this sexy style of dance. Right from the get-go, she channeled Beyonce’s fierce charisma with her strut, and continued to shine when she busted out her dance moves. The cast practically roared with admiration when Subin went down on her hands and knees to pull off a certain point in the ‘Run The World’ choreography.

Netizens commented, “Because she has such long limbs, her dance stood out a lot” and “The moves could have been cute, but because Subin did it, it’s very charismatic”.

Check out her dance below:

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