Aug 10, 2011

Block a No-Show at PRC Meeting

Newsnm Note - For a look at the New Mexico PRC Commision District Map click here:

Jerome Block Jr.
KOB TV - On Tuesday Commissioner Jerome Block Jr. failed to show up at a scheduled PRC meeting. Public Regulation Commission Chairman Pat Lyons said Block has missed a lot of meetings in the past and PRC is used to operating with a four-man commission. But eventually, regulators want a commissioner who comes to work and helps vote on state regulation and rate cases. During Tuesday's meeting, some motions were deadlocked in a two-to-two vote. The PRC was expected to vote no confidence in Jerome Block Jr. but instead the commissioners signed a joint statement calling on Block to resign. "Given the allegations and recent evidence that has surfaced, we encourage and urge Commissioner Block to immediately resign his position as soon as possible," Lyons read aloud to those who attended the meeting.

Pat Lyons
The vote of "no confidence" was put off until Thursday because the commission had not placed the action on the agenda and did not want to violate the states open meetings act. The PRC does not have the power to vote out a member and the no confidence vote would have been mostly symbolic. However the PRC does have the authority to replace Block as a vice chairman. A vote on replacing Block as vice-chair will not happen until at least Thursday. Read full story here: News New Mexico

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