Aug 6, 2011

After School's Lizzy gets dumped in one day by ex-boyfriend

In the world of idols, there appears to be one topic that all idols are trained and conditioned to answer with the same answer when prompted. That question is the matter of "if the idol is involved in a relationship." The answer to that question is almost always a form of "No." Of course, with KARA's Hara and BEAST's Junhyung dating being publicly acknowledged and the past news of SHINee's Jonghyun dating Shin Sekyung, there are exceptions to idols mentioning they are not involved in a relationship. Some relationships come to light after they are discovered by netizens, without being formally announced yet.

Therefore, idols treasure their memories of when they were not idols and dated people before, often reminiscing in a positive, happy, but dismissive way on who they dated before debut. On the show "Happy Together 3," however, a popular female idol revealed a story about her past relationships that was memorable for a less positive reason.

On the most recent episode of "Happy Together 3," After School's Lizzy revealed that she views her love life "like a game of soccer. I have been kicked to the side many times in relationships with guys." Lizzy went on to explain that she had been involved in a relationship when she was in her third year of junior high. In this relationship, Lizzy revealed that who she had dated went to a different school than she did, and that the guy looked like the star Joo Jihoon.

"I expressed my interest to him pretty obviously," Lizzy admitted. She added, "During my second period class, I was asked out by him to be his girlfriend. However, by the time the bell rang, I was already dumped by him! Even now, I still don't understand what happened."

With such an interesting end to her relationship, Lizzy sheepishly finished off her story with a smile, displaying that although she was over her relationship with the guy in mention, his actions still puzzle her. Although Lizzy may have been dumped back then, fans have commented that, "it is his loss now." With all of the fans her group and she herself have, there is no doubt that Lizzy will not have any problems picking a suitor even if she was dumped in a single day before.

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