Aug 5, 2011

U-Kiss's Eli confesses his love for Big Bang's TOP

After surprising fans yesterday by announcing that he had set up his own Tumblr account, Eli continues to gain attention after a number of tweets on Twitter. Earlier today, Eli replied to a number of his international fans in English, revealing that he is a big fan of a certain idol group member.

When asked by a fan which Big Bang member was his favorite, Eli confessed that he is a big TOP fan. He added, "if you can see this hyoung [sic], I love you^^" at the end of his tweet.

Fans who saw his public confession immediately left replies saying, "Lol so cute! another BigBang fanboy!", "Awwwe He is so cute <3 I love that he made a Tumblr. So awesome", and "Eli is enjoying his conversation with his fans lately.. hahaha…You are a VIP too, oppa? Come and join with us! LOL!!!"

What do you think of Eli's confession?

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