Aug 4, 2011

How to write name/text/computer name in system tray on the taskbar of Windows XP

If you have a network of computers or a single PC and want to display a text/your name/your computer’s name on the task bar near the clock so this tutorial will help you a lot. Yes you can display your name beside the system clock on the task bar. You can display any name of about 12 characters there, as shown below picture.

To do so follow the given step by step procedure:

Step 1: Click Start -> Control Panel -> Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options -> Regional and Language Options.

Step 2: Regional and Language Options dialogue box will be appeared on the screen. Then click Customize button.

Step 3: Then Click Time tab.

Step 4: Type in your desired name in Am symbol and PM symbol drop down box. Then click Ok button to close this window.

Step 5: Then again click Ok to close Regional and Language Options window and you are done.

If you are using a computer that is on a network so displaying name of the PC in the taskbar will help you to easily recognised computer on a network by just seeing the name.

Hope you have enjoyed this trick.

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