Aug 4, 2011

Chocolat’s Tia takes a photo with actor Ji Hyun Woo

Member Tia of the upcoming bi-racial girl group Chocolat is already earning her own headlines, thanks to a picture she took with actor Ji Hyun Woo.

On August 4th, an affectionate picture of the two was released on internet community sites, drawing much envy and jealousy amongst Ji Hyun Woo’s fans. Although some went as far as to speculate her to be his girlfriend, she was actually revealed to be his labelmate.

It’s hard to believe from the picture above, but she’s one of the members born in 1997. Her label confirmed, “The girl in the picture is indeed Chocolat’s Tia. Her labelmate senior, Ji Hyun Woo, recently had a magazine photoshoot, which they took together.”

According to the representative, Tia visited the set to watch but was called in by the photographer, who insisted on taking a couple photo on the spot.


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