Aug 12, 2011

First Two Weeks of GMA-7 Danserye "Time of My Life" to Be Aired on Sunday Before Party Pilipinas

Before Party Pilipinas on Sunday, August 14, GMA-7 airs a marathon of the first two weeks of the very first Kapuso danserye, Time of My Life.

Once again, viewers will witness the explosive and overwhelming opening dance sequence of the show's cast led by Kris Bernal, Rocco Nacino and Mark Herras with Jean Garcia.

Recall the intense scenes when Fred (Raymond Bagatsing) falls out of love for Martha (Cherie Gil) and falls for Lisa (Jean).

Look back at how Shane (Kris) grows up to be a woman who impresses everyone with her superb dancing skills, including her friend Jason (Rocco) and the perfectionist-performer Patrick (Mark).

Viewers will definitely enjoy watching all the groove and emotions fused in the production numbers in the very first danserye of GMA.

Catch the recap of the first two weeks of Time of My Life on Sunday, August 14, before Party Pilipinas on GMA-7.

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