Aug 5, 2011

YoonA writes a message for SNSD’s fourth anniversary

Four years ago, SNSD made their official debut on August 5th, 2007. In celebration of this milestone, member YoonA left a message on SNSD’s official website.

She wrote:

“S♥NE~~ It’s already been four years since we met!! ^^
Time flies so fast
We’ve been spending busy days performing at concerts and traveling to Japan
We’re so happy that there are still so many people that love and wait for us.
We’ve made a lot of memories in these past four years, crying and laughing together.
Let’s continue to make more happy memories together ^^
Let’s never foget the moment we first met! hehe
Everything that SNSD achieved was only possible because of our SONES..
So we’re always thankful and apologetic..
Like always, we promise to pay you back by working hard and showing a better image!!

Thank you so much for always waiting for us and giving us your love ♥
I love you too~~~ ^^”


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