Aug 5, 2011

Wonder Girls’ Sohee becomes a vision of beauty for Lancome

Lancome Korea have revealed an official video for their “Vision of Beauties” campaign, starringWonder GirlsSohee.

This advertisement campaign focuses on their new anti-aging line, ‘Visionnaire‘. The campaign will highlight different and individual types of beauty by enlisting celebrities of varying images, such as Sohee, Choi Hwa Jung, Jaurim’s Kim Yoona, and 2NE1’s CL.

When asked by a Lancome representative about her ‘vision of beauty’, Sohee responded, “My vision of beauty is the beauty that’s there when I’m with the people around me.”

When asked when she felt most beautiful, the singer replied, “I think I’m most beautiful when I’m in a comfortable space appropriate for my age.”

After seeing the ad, fans commented, “So beautiful!”, “Sohee has appeared with a more mature look~ you’re getting prettier and prettier!”, and “Your skin shines.”

Check out the video ad below:

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