Aug 1, 2011

While Congress Negotiates, Obama Takes Some Time Off to Raise Costs and Kill Automobile Manufacturing Jobs

President Obama's plan to double fuel efficiency standards for cars and light-duty trucks by 2025 received applause from environmentalists who have been pushing against the demands of consumer choice for decades. And why wouldn't they cheer?
During the two-year U.S. borrowing binge, normally "conservation oriented" radical environmentalists have cheered the accumulation of trillions in debt. They have cheered the way the new Obama-led EPA has set about the task of killing the coal industry and driving up the cost of electricity. And along with these job-killing efforts they also cheer the increasing prospects for more rolling blackouts. Blackouts kill jobs too.
Radical environmentalists have also cheered the stonewalling of domestic oil drilling everywhere. And with the blood of dead oil independence still wet on their hands, they call for America to reduce its foreign energy dependence. They have also cheered on wasteful taxpayer subsidies for ethanol, a policy that drives up corn prices and results in absolutely no reduction in net CO-2 emissions. There is so much more. They cheered when hundreds of jets landed in Denmark for a climate change conference to talk about how evil..... jet airplanes are. And they cheered again when every gas guzzling limousine within a hundred miles of Copenhagen had been leased by the most eminent "planet savers" so they could ride back and forth between their five star hotels and the meeting place, and pontificate on the evils of.....well.....of those damned gas guzzlers.
And so it was on Friday when President Barack Obama announced new fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks at the Washington Convention Center that nearly everyone in attendance cheered. Hapless automakers, clearly under threats of additional regulatory harassment, had been strong-armed into agreeing to hike the average fuel economy standard to 54.5 miles per gallon over fourteen years. No doubt Obama's limo will get a waiver while all the little people are forced to ride in little cars. Still, there the president stood, in all his glory, having ignored all common sense calls to reign in his base. Since 2009 radicals with his ear have been successful in blocking efforts to produce nearly everything, everything except the most heavily subsidized and inefficient forms of energy known to man. The president smiled and congratulated himself for engineering what he called the, "Single most important step we've ever taken as a nation to reduce our dependence on foreign oil."
With a couple trillion dollars of "stimulus dollars" all but down the drain Obama remains undeterred. With all of that taxpayer money that was central to Obama's big plan to hold unemployment at 8% and then lower it, Obama continued his to assert his historic obliviousness. As he spoke first quarter GDP reports were released that showed growth estimates for the first quarter of 2010 had fallen from a pathetic 1.9%, to an astonishingly sickening reality of .4%. Then later in the day White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had the gall to treat everyone in attendance to some economic tutoring. He did so while he explained why we had to borrow more money because we couldn't afford to have interest rates go up. Never mind the fact that rates were falling like a rock that day right under his ever longer nose.
The White House is right. The U.S. is running out of time. We are running out of the time we Americans and New Mexicans have to put some real authentic BUSINESS PEOPLE in charge of our nation. How many more job-killing policies can we afford? How long do we have to vote to completely discontinue this process of allowing inexperienced and naive social experimenters to destroy the living standards of 300 million-plus Americans in the name of "saving the planet" and "social justice." Not long.

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