Aug 11, 2011

[Trans+pics] 110805 Mir’s letter to a fan

To. Fan’s nickname
Hello Fan’s name, I’m Mir Oppa~+_+!! I saw your letter~♡You are reading a book too, nowadays.Oppa has realized now with reading that it is the best to read the book at each moment of school life~ kekePlease read many books and recommend to me~+_+!!I’ll read for sure~And, recently, I can’t play the game..ㅠ_ㅠI’m so busy..ㅠ_ㅠ I want to play the black..keke That version seems to be fun~!!Oppa will buy and play it later, and let’s do battle at that time, surely~+_+!!Fan’s name, please study hard, take care of your health and watch out for cars!!You can make MBLAQ the rank of the 1st place with your health~^^Oppa will do my best for much improvement, also~!!Fighting!!- From Mir Oppa -


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