Aug 1, 2011

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong @ Danny Ahn’s KBS FM 89.1 Radio Show

Trans by CHEERKO @

June 14th Danny Music Show:

Lots of fluff in the beginning~~

While KHJ was working on Mischievous Kiss, he had been reviewing songs for his album. He heard about 200 songs. He chose 10 songs from them. He thought about what songs would be good and also fitting for him. He practiced for a month and a half just for the stage performance which was very difficult for him.

He introduced his album songs in the show for the clips 1,2,3.

Re doing solo album–the positive aspect is that he can do the kind of music that he wants. The negative aspect is that he has to fill up what he used to do with 4 other members by himself.
He felt that he had to put in 5 times the effort.

He often felt the slump as he prepared each song for the album. But he was also able to take with him a realization that if one tries, one can do it.

Comparing life when he was in SS group to now his solo life: He actually slept lot more while functioning as a group—even if the group is noisy, he still slept through it. Now, he finds that he sleeps less and he is really taking good care of his voice. He does throat and voice exercises like humming and blowing and eating ?jip?. He also worries about catching cold so uses air conditionser less.

Danny gave 20 two choices and he has to choose one of them very quickly. I will put what he chose first then what he did not choose second.

ddeukbboki vs soondae

long hair vs short hair

ocean fishing vs hiking

motocycle vs car

private home vs apartment

couple ring vs couple necklace

telephone vs texting

fruit juice vs coffee

low heel vs high heels

travel vs ?something play?

horror movie vs action movie

sports vs computer game

pants vs skirt

Japanese vs English

?holder phone vs smartphone

daughter vs son

Sharon Stone vs Olivia ?

left side face vs right side face

sleep vs bhap (rice)

playing with others vs playing alone

instant food vs well-being food

Lee hyori vs Uee

underwear is size 3 and not 4

girl vs friend (he believes that friend would support no matter what)

He does not get hiking–why go up and come back down again?

He doesnot really enjoy computer games.

He finds it difficult to use smartphone as it needs lots of downloading for apps and the buttons

keep on pressing down even if he does not wnat it. etc. So he prefers the land phone.

He brought Huh Young Seng’s Let It Go to play on air.

Acting maybe next year.

He remembers few lines from BOF–Make me GeumJandi’s honorable fireman–I can go anywhere with white sale and wind. He feels strange that those lines came out so comfortably.

He says that he researched so much about autism to prepare for JiHoo role that he could not act well. But he realizes that acting should be more comfortable and relate to everyday life.

KHJ is given several situations and he is to answer what he would do:

situation 1: a person is waitint in front of a ex-gf’s house and sees the girl walking hand in hand with the new guy—KHJ says that he would tell her he will wait for her until 12 so please come back after ending it. Then, he says that he has to make sure she comes to him by beating up the new bf after the exgf and new bf say goodbye so that he is in no condition to influence the gf and then he would go and take a shower and wait for her to come to him. (laughter)

situation2: a friend calls at dawn aksing for KHJ’s help. He bought a brand name bag for the gf as she kept on asking for it. But now his credit card is over 3bekmanwon. So, KHJ would say to his friend to break his investment and use it. (laughter)

If a friend really needs money? I think what KHJ is saying is that if you reach out to a friend to borrow money, your relationshipo with that friend is not deep enough. He says that when he was haiving realy tough time, he never asked friend for money as he could not bear the burden he is putting on the freind.

If your girlfriend says you are no bf as he has very little time to spend with the gf…he says he would tell her..that is right I am not your bf….(the radio show is saying that the answer does not seem right) so KHJ says ..right I am not your bf but I will be your husband someday. (laughter)

MC asks if KHJ is really like that to a gf if he has one. KHJ says that he does not really express sentiments. He tends to love alone and show more fighting words to gf. He prefers gf who is more like a friend so that he can say anything even not so nice words (ie get lost) to her.

last situation: your gf tells you she is busy and goes off to a club with her friends but you find out because your other friend sees her there. gf beggs for your forgiveness. KHJ says that he will tell her not to be so sorry as he has gone to clubs many times without her. Same same. Mc asks him if he goes to club often. KHJ says he rarely goes ot clubs. He has gone 2 oe 3 times with few “hyungs” but he feels it does not suit him. Many strange women would approach him and the fact that he would have to spend so much money on expensive alcohol and share with others does not seem right to him. Not too long ago, he went to a club called Mombi in GhangNam for a dancer hyung’s bday and he liked that one as it is more a dancing club. He felt more comfortable talking with male DJ’s.

(perhaps both the mc and KHJ being idols, there was no direct questions about KHJ and his cureent situations at all…perhpas to help KHJ to maintain privacy??? I felt that it was hard to get the real KHJ from those situatons–I wonder if he would even go out with girlfriends like described in the situations.

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