Aug 12, 2011

[TRANS] 110809 Actress Yoon Yeo Jung Says To U-Know Yunho, “You’ll Do Better Next Time”

The Jaechun International Music and Film Festival, which has never had much public acknowledgement, is becoming a ‘hot issue’ these days. This is because actress Yoon Yeo Jung(64) was chosen as a member of the judging panel. Yoon Yeo Jung’s ‘outing’ has become a hot topic in the movie industry with representatives stating, “How could they choose such a fussy and hard to please actress for the judging panel?”

We met with Yoon Yeo Jung on the 8th.


-You’re famous for giving your junior actors harsh advice.

“I don’t anymore. When I told my juniors ‘I thought this part that you did was strange,’ I meant it in a good way but they would let it go in one ear and out the other. When I said, ‘You look so cheap,’ they understood what I was trying to say immediately. But the more I did it, the more I started hearing certain things from people… It’s not like I receive lesson fees for my advice so I don’t do it anymore, even if it’s in my personality to do it.”

-Lee Soon Jae recently criticized the acting talents of actor-turned-idols.

“Those kids (who can’t act) get more money (than we do). So would I really want to keep acting? (laughter) He didn’t say anything before he turned 70 so I told him ‘Say something about it’, and I guess his personality has changed.”

-In an interview, you said, “When I meet someone I don’t like, my true colors subconsciously start to show.” What kind of people do you not like?

“People who don’t work hard, people who don’t listen to what the director says, people who aren’t on time. We’re all professionals who earn money through acting, so I really hate people who act like babies and whine to the director.”

-Most elderly actresses say, ‘Performing with a young male actor makes my heart race’…

“Not me. Do you think I’d see those kids as men? (laughter)”

-But we heard that you’re friends with TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho.

“We worked together in a drama once, but the viewer ratings weren’t that good. He worked really hard though. What I feel bad about is that when he asked me, ‘How am I doing?’, I said to him, ‘You’ll do better next time. (laughter) I couldn’t tell him that he was doing well when he wasn’t, could I?”


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