Aug 17, 2011


I vaguely remember posting a news article about this show's development a long time ago, but now it's finally here: Death Valley. This is a horror comedy-drama that's essentially a supernatural COPS, set in a universe where the Undead Task Force (UTF) clean up the San Fernando Valley from nasties like vampires, werewolves and zombies. Tania Raymonde (Lost) and Bryan Callen (The Hangover) head up the cast, and you can watch MTV's trailer above. (Skip to the 30-second mark to avoid a commercial.)

What do you make of Death Valley? It looks like fun, but I'm not sure it's the kind of show that's going to last. Once the novelty wears off that you're watching a group of cops arrest supernatural creatures and throw them into jail, what else is there to see? Still, I'd never write something off before I've seen it. Maybe the cops themselves will be an entertaining bunch and the story will offer more than weekly scenarios for the cops to throw werewolves into jail.

Still, the TV spots are pretty funny:

DEATH VALLEY premieres 29 August @1030PM on MTV.

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