Aug 16, 2011

Three amusing posters revealed for Choi Ji Woo, Yoon Sang Hyun’s new drama ‘Can’t Live With Losing’

MBC’s upcoming drama, ‘Can’t Live With Losing‘, has revealed a set of three amusing posters!

The posters revealed on August 16th immediately caused much laughter due to Choi Ji Woo and Yoon Sang Hyun’s comical poses and expressions.

The main poster sees the two actors fencing on top of a balance beam, with Yoon Sang Hyun’s ‘Crane Leg’ stance being challenged nonchalantly by Choi Ji Woo. The second poster perfectly manifests a couple who refuses to lose to each other with a judge (played by Song Dong Il) trying to stop their quabble. Meanwhile in the third post, supporting actors Kim Jung Tae and Jo Mi Ryung also delivered animated expressions that left fans curious about their on-screen relationship.

These posters were shot on August 14th at the MBC Dream Center, and it was revealed that Choi Ji Woo herself prepared the costumes for each concept.

The general atmosphere on set was lively and full of laughter; Sung Dong Il provided the main joke of the day with ”The subtitle to our drama is ‘Can’t Live With Losing Viewership!“.

Choi Ji Woo had stated, “I was really worried because it’s my first time shooting a drama in a long time, but because this is a romantic comedy, I’m having fun while filming.

‘Can’t Live With Losing’ is romantic comedy about a married couple who are lawyers; the series follows their shenanigans as they try to get a divorce.

‘Can’t Live With Losing’ will be airing its first episode on August 24th.



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