Aug 5, 2011

Sunny Hill's "Pray" MV banned on MBC and KBS

A little over 12 hours ago, Sunny Hill released the MV for their latest track "Pray". However, it seems to have run into some difficulties less than a day after its release.

Sunny Hill's agency LOEN Entertainment commented on the fact that "Pray" had been banned on both MBC and KBS due to the MV's graphic nature. In the "Pray" MV, a male with a deformed face is featured, accompanied by Sunny Hill's haunting vocals. According to LOEN, MBC and KBS believed that a scene during which the man was tranquilized with a shot was harmful to viewers.

Some other scenes from the MV, like one during which the person's death is predicted, also received concern from the TV stations. The "Pray" MV fits the nature of the song with its sad content. However, LOEN Entertainment stated that rather than picking out little scenes that may make some uncomfortable, they hoped viewers would pay more attention to the story as a whole.

Sunny Hill's agency LOEN Entertainment stated that they are currently in the midst of asking for a reevaluation of the "Pray" MV.
Check out the "Pray" MV below. Do you think KBS and MBC's censorship was warranted?


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