Aug 16, 2011

[SPOILER] "Warrior Baek Dongsoo" adds a twist to history

Spoiler Warning: The following recap of "Warrior Baek Dongsoo" contains spoilers. Please do not read on if you do not wish to be spoiled.

In SBS’s drama "Warrior Baek Dongsoo", Baek Dongsoo and Yeowoon started to go their own ways after the death of Crown Prince Sado. In the 12th episode which aired on August 9th, Crown Prince Sado was confined by Youngcho’s command, and Prince Sado’s loyal followers tried their best to save him.

Unlike other historical dramas, this drama has a fictional aspect because of the fact that Crown Prince Sado does not actually die in a rice bin, as was shown in the drama.

Sado’s loyal follower Im Suong helped Sado escape from the rice bin, but was confronted with assassins that ambushed them. Im Suong loses his life in the hands of Cheonjoo, the head of the assassins, and Yeowoon’s secret identify is revealed.

The production crew explained, “After the death of Crown Prince Sado, Baek Dongjoo decides to become the best warrior there is.”

In the 13th episode that airs today, Crown Prince Sado, who is left all by himself, loses his life without achieving his dream of conquering the north. Baek Dongsoo, who arrived late, becomes enraged because of Sado’s death and Yeowoon’s betrayal.



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