Aug 4, 2011

Richardson Pay-to-Play Allegations Surface in Baltimore

Bill Richardson
Baltimore Sun - The State Lottery Agency says it wants to return $3 million in fees submitted by backers of a failed bid for the Baltimore slots license. But with so many lawyers, former business partners and vendors claiming the cash, officials have turned to a court to figure out who should get it. Now a new group is demanding the money: the people of New Mexico. Lawyers working for the New Mexico attorney general's office say the money paid in support of Canadian developer Michael Moldenhauer's bid came from proceeds of an alleged pay-to-play scheme involving the son of a friend of former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. In papers filed last week in Baltimore Circuit Court, New Mexico says it wants the money back and will use it "to fund public education and government programs for the benefit of the citizens of New Mexico." Dana P. Moore, an attorney who represents Moldenhauer, disputes New Mexico's claim and says the $3 million should be returned to the Toronto homebuilder. "They say they can prove the money came from ill-gotten means," Moore said. "I don't think they can prove that. I don't think they can substantiate that." Read full story here: News New Mexico

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