Aug 16, 2011

Record Cold in 2011 Shifts to Southern Hemisphere

NZ Herald - Climate scientist Georgina Griffiths of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research said yesterday was the coldest day ever recorded in Auckland. The temperature got up to only 8.2C - compared with the previous lowest high of 8.7C, on July 4, 1996. The last time snow settled on the ground in the city was 1939. It fell to ground level at the airport in 1976. The snow caused waves of excitement in Auckland. Kevin Prohl saw a snow flurry as he was driving around Western Springs and described it as a fairy tale. "Looking at oncoming drivers and seeing their smiles as we were fascinated by this unusual occurrence - it was truly delightful to see, yet all too short." Richard Brown, 53, has lived in Auckland his entire life and had never seen snow in the city. Read entire story here: News New Mexico 

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