Aug 17, 2011

Rain tweets on "Busan Woman" making first place

On August 16th, singer Rain tweeted, “Wow, 'Busan Woman' ranked at the top of the charts, thanks to you guys. It has been a while since I ranked number 1 with 'Love Song'. I’ll treat you when I receive royalties on the song. Hmmm. What should I treat you?”

“Busan Woman”, written by Rain himself, was originally supposed to be on the album, but was removed to be performed as a surprise for his last domestic tour concert.

Netizens replied to Rain’s tweet, “Let’s go one more time with ‘Busan Woman!’”, “You can treat me to some meat!”, and “Can you give the performance in every single region?”

Rain began The Best Show on August 13th and revealed “Busan Woman” during the concert. He is planning on performing “Busan Woman” and changing its lyrics according to the region he is performing in.



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