Aug 5, 2011

Park Hanbyul joins the cast of upcoming drama "Jinhwang's Love"

Park Hanbyul, whose most recent role was Hyeji in March 2011's"My Black Mini Dress", is known for her innocent appearance and perfect body. Her exceptional fashion sense is well-known in Korea.

Park Hanbyul made her debut in the TV drama industry in 2003 with "My Fair Lady". Since then, she has had a handful of TV and drama roles, including SBS's 2010 rom-com "Oh! My Lady" and even playing her real-life role as Se7en's girlfriend in his "I'm Going Crazy" MV.

It has recently been revealed that Park Hanbyul will play a lead role in an upcoming drama. "Jinyoung's Love", a drama that is expected to make a huge impact on the direction of the Hallyu Wave, has been in its planning stages for 4 years now. Backed by a Chinese company as well as a Korean production company and wielding a strong plotline, fantasy melodrama "Jinyoung's Love" is intended to be a 20-episode drama.

"Jinyoung's Love" will begin filming in September 2011.

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